Can Ping But Can't Connect To Server

Apr 7, 2011

The server is on a different network and the desktop is on a another network.I can ping the server but i can't access any drive on the server.

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Can Ping From Server But Can't Ping To Work Stations

Jan 26, 2012

I installed window server 2003 in a old Pentium III server as a standalone test server. Now I want to use it as a print server and connected it to the domain. I can ping workstations and other servers from that test svr. But i cannot ping that test server from the work stations.

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Windows 2003 Server - Dhcp Server Cannot Ping Client

Sep 29, 2011

i am facing the same problem now but am using windows 2003 server

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Wireless :: Cannot Ping DNS Server On PC

Jan 6, 2011

Able to establish wireless connection to broadband router but cannot browse internet as it seems unable to resolve site names.Unable to ping DNS server from the pc, get request timed out message

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Can't Ping Primary DNS Server

Jun 9, 2012

Recently i changed internet service provider and i went up to a 24 Mbps line, though i can only reach a 8 Mbps service due to my location.

The problem is that surfing the internet has gone all kinds of wrong. Every page takes at least 20 secs to open and the response to online games has the same, or even more, delay. Checking my emails also takes quite some time.I tried connecting through the ethernet cable & the wireless connection(not at the same time). I even tried making a static ip. Same results, i can't seem to browse.

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Server Can't Ping Anywhere Outside Its Vlan 30

Sep 5, 2012

I have built two servers,a cacti server and a syslog server.They are both in vlan 30.Both servers can ping each other and can ping the gateway.Now the problem is the cacti server can ping hosts in vlan 100 but the syslog server cant.I am using a subnet mask of

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Client Can't Ping To Server?

May 7, 2012

I insert data from two clients.(1 window server 2003,2 XP clients ) the two client print paper and the printer is shared printer. At the same time two clients print paper and the printer stop working. So I restart my two clients and server. After restart the clients cannot ping to server.

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Cannot Ping From Or To Server 2003 Sp2

Jul 23, 2011

i have server 2003 sp2 with "AD " , every thing was working just fine until yesterday the server goes down i cannot ping the "server"or its ip from any PC and i cannot ping any thing from the server only it can ping itself "localhost ,server,, " when the problem happens it checked the server and the ipconfig was chenged to :

the DNs server was changed ! now my server is clean and i reconfig my dns server but no dns is working in my network the AD server or the DSL router/

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Cisco :: Can't Ping New Firewall From Server

Jul 8, 2011

I've recently swapped out an old pix firewall for a new ASA5505 and have been trying to match the configs as best I can. However I still can't ping the new firewall from the server and it still won't let them serve out. The firewall exists on a separate VLAN (vlan30), but the previous pix never seemed to care about that. I'm wondering if that might be part of the problem.

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DHCP Server Cannot Ping Client

Aug 23, 2011

A Windows Server 2008 r2 with 2 internet ports. One (IP: connected to company intranet and one ( as DHCP server connect to several PCs (192.168.10.**) through a switch.The problem is the PCs (192.168.10.**) can ping the DHCP server ( , while DHCP server ( can not ping (192.168.10.**).How to configure the server so that all these PCs can access the intranet?

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How To Ping ISP Server With A Router In The Setup

Mar 15, 2013

About my internet setup, I receive internet from my ISP via the LAN cable. The IP is static, provided by the ISP. To use the internet, I have to login to their server using a username and password.Earlier, I did not have a router. So, to see if the ISP server was up, I could just ping the IP of the ISP server from my computer using the command prompt, and it would show whether it was up.However, since I got a router, I find that I cannot ping the ISP server from the computer directly as before. To ping the ISP server, I have to open the router administration page using the browser, then use its diagnostics feature to ping the ISP server. It shows only a few pings, and is not like the continuous ping that can be seen when you run ping from the command prompt. So, it's difficult to see the pings, and also diagnose. Also, sometimes the router pages do not open and get stuck, even after being refreshed.Is there any way, or any setting, by which I can ping the ISP server from the command prompt on the computer? Do I have to make changes in firewall settings of computer, or any settings in the router?Why can't I ping the ISP server directly from the computer?I am using Windows 8. The firewall of Windows 8 is on, and the hardware firewall on the router is off.

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Windows 2003 Cannot Ping Server?

Jul 11, 2011

I have a windows 2003 server. It had been working and then a couple of days ago the computers on the network could no longer find the server. I cannot ping the server anymore. I have replaced and tested all cords and routers between the computers and the server

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Cisco VPN :: Cannot Ping DNS Server ASA 5510

Jan 30, 2013

I have recently got our Cisco engineer to create a VPN connection to our network through a ASA5510. I am able to ping all devices on the network bar two servers (2xW2K3, one configured with AD/DNS and the other is a AD/file server) using IP addresses ,However, I cannot ping any devices using host names. The engineer has entered in the correct IP address of our DNS server, but still we have this issue. As the VPN client cannot ping the DNS server, it is unable to resolve the host names, but I cannot seem to work out why we cannot ping the DNS server.

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Networking :: Sonicwall TZ 200 Cannot Ping The Server

Dec 17, 2012

Not sure what's going on with this thing. Unfortunately I'm 3 hours away from where it's installed. We put it in place about 3 months ago. It's set to use failover and load balancing. When I installed it I tested the failover and load balancing and everything worked as it should. The past 2 weeks the unit has not been failing over when one ISP drops. This requires a power cycle of unit to get the secondary on X2 to pick up. Data collection is turned off. Probing is turned on for both WAN ports. While both ISP's are up it load balances fine. I was there last week and pulled the patch cables going to the modems and it didn't skip a beat doing a constant ping. Just randomly it takes a shit when one ISP goes down. Takes out the network as well as no internal resources are reachable as well. Can't ping the server from any PC's and such.

It's running an older firmware. 5.5.6 from Nov 2011. 5.8 is currently available. I'm just leery about flashing a new firmware remotely.

Anything like this before with these units? We have plenty of 170's and 180's in place that are trouble free.

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Servers :: Ping Server But Cannot Browse On Client?

Mar 16, 2011

two of my workstation can not receive ip address from the server but can ping server. So i can not browse with them

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Ping Server But Can't View It On Any Laptop On Network

Feb 28, 2012

I use a Buffalo Nas LinkStation WXL server to back up my files and data. It has been working perfectly and we have saved some files and data in it.However, we turned it on one day and it had disappeared from the list of Computers on the network and for a while now we haven't been able to get in. It is not showing in the list of Computers in Network and its webpage keeps coming back as "Unable to Connect" or "Taking to Long to Respond".The server is visible on the router's webpage under DHCP Clients List and we can ping the server and get a reply. But none of the laptops on the network can view it neither can I (the administrator) get access to it via its webpage?

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Cisco Routers :: RV042 Can't Ping Ip Server

Feb 6, 2012

i have setup vpn connection (client-gateway) using quick vpn ( default cisco) and third party like thegreenbow. connection is ok (established) but why from outside I can only ping to IP LAN PC  , if   I ping ip server the result is request time out(failed). I have been trying do this to 3 server ( windows server 2003 as OS).four your information I have made firewall "OFF"  on all of those servers.  the result is same, failed.

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Cisco WAN :: 881 VPN Server Connected But Cannot Ping LAN Interface

Dec 11, 2010

I've configured a lot vpn server for 857/1800, etc. But this has never happened.I configured 881 as VPN server using CP.Shared key, local group and local user authetication with split route.Local pool I have acl for telnet which allows local pool IPs.I have acl to deny local network to local pool IPs for NAT.I've deleted the whole settings and re-run the wizard. It's still the same thing. I can connect from the VPN Client, but no traffic going through. The problem to me is isakmp with DPD. But why it is dead? Why no response from the server? If it is an error, why connection has no problem.

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Cisco :: 3750 Unable To Ping Server

Jun 5, 2012

im trying to connect a dell MD3000i to a Cisco 3750-s but i am not abel to ping the server.the status is up and Protocol is up. but still nothing.i configerd the port to be a acces port and also at trunk port but still nothing is happening.

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Cisco WAN :: 857 EZVPN - Cannot Ping Anything From Remote To Server

Mar 14, 2012

We have a VPN using 857 and 877 routers as remote connecting in to a 2800 EZVPN Server.

The VPN is working fine. However, the VPN connections sometimes (after a few hours/days) seem to "freeze". A "show crypt sess" shows the connections as Up/Active, but you can not ping antyhing from remote to server, or visa versa, nor does any traffic flow. I then added a "isakmp keep-alive" on the 2800, which improved the situation a bit, but not as much as I hoped.
On the 877 I then implemented a IP SLA, with Object Tracking and then use a Event Manager to just issue a "clear crypto session" . This solved the problem.
However, what do I do on the 857 ? It does not support Object Tracking or the Event Manager. Is there any other mechanism to monitor and reset these frozen/stale VPN connections automatically ?

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Servers :: Unable To Ping DNS Server Or Other Site / No Connection

Jun 1, 2012

The DNS comes request timed out while pinging and i am unable to browse. But the Same LAN cable is working fine in another pc. I can ping the Gate way. But not able to ping DNS.Local Network is working fine.

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Cisco :: Could Not Ping My Laptop Or The Printers From The Print Server?

Jun 19, 2012

We have a new building coming online. It is a layer 3 connection (OSPF) between our core and this building. I have a handful of VLANs configured at this building (using VTP) and I'm having a problem with only 1 of them (the printer VLAN).From the print server (a virtual machine who's host is directly attached to our core switch - a Cisco 6509), I can NOT ping any of the printers at the remote building. But I can ping the gateway for that vlan (which is on the L3 switch/router for the building - a Cisco 3750X).However, if I put a laptop on that vlan at the building, I can ping the print server as well as the other printers.

I ran a traceroute from the print server to the printer's IP address and after hitting the building's router, the requests just started timing out.

I double, triple, and quadruple checked the laptop and printer configurations. In my troubleshooting,I even created a DHCP scope and added the ip helper-address to the interface vlan. My laptop, connected to a switchport on that vlan received the IP address, DNS server info, etc. from the DHCP server (which is on the same vlan as the print server). From my laptop, I could get to all of our internal web servers. I configured the firewall to allow that IP range internet access, and had full internet access on my laptop.But still, I could not ping my laptop or the printers from the print server.

No change in the traceroute.

I then created a vlan interface on the access layer switch (a stack of Cisco 2690Ss) that the printers and my laptop were connected to.From the print server I *could* successfully ping that vlan interface.Traceroute went right to it (3 hops from print server - core switch, router at building, vlan interface on distribution switch).But I could still not ping the laptop or any printers from the print server.

I even wiped out all config related to this vlan - the vlan interfaces on the distribution switch and the L3 switch, deleted the vlan itself, the router network statement, etc. Then rebuilt it all over again.Same results. I've compared every line of config for this vlan to other vlans where this problem is NOT occurring and can find no difference.

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Ping Could Not Find Host / DNS And Key-port / Server Not Found

Apr 30, 2011

recently I had some malware on my Windows XP Professional (version 2002), so I followed a guide at Bleeping Computer [URL] to get rid of it. Problem is, for some reason, after I finished, I could no longer access the internet!When I try, FIrefox gives me their "could not connect" message: "Server not found. Firefox can't find the server at [site]." Check the address for typing errors such as instead of [URL]"When I try to log into MSN, the troubleshoot says I have a problem with my DNS and Key Ports.I'm not good with computers so I Google'd and found some ping-ing instructions. When I tried to ping [site], I get: "Ping request could not find host [site]. check the name and try again." This happens regardless of the site I use.Lastly, I tried "ping" from a troubleshooting site. It gives me: "Pinging with 32 bytes of data:

Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=128
Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=128
Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=128


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Ping Test Failed / DHCP Server But No Response

Jan 28, 2013

I connects to the wireless box and has full signal but an exclamation mark is present.I have run some tests and the IPv4 and IPv6 say they have no internet access.I also run a full test and everything passed except the ping test which failed and it said: no response:default gateway response: dhcp server it suggested disabling security firewall but i'm not sure if that's the correct thing to do or even how to do that!

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Using LAN Connection Can't Ping Client On Windows Server 2003

Nov 20, 2011

Why i can't ping client to server using LAN connection. but i can ping server to client. i use windows server 2003 as a server.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E2500 Cannot Ping To Server Outside LAN

Mar 15, 2012

I have a client offsite with some of our automated equipment. This system is ran by an operator interface. The HMI has a built in web server. I have configured an E2500 to port forward for access to the HMI from outside the local network. It works perfectly.However, what I cant figure out is why I cannot ping the panel on the same public ip address i use to access the built in web server to view the panel remotely.The HMI has a USB pen drive in it which stores data files. This needs to be accessed (via port 21-ftp) remotely as well. Therefore in the port fowarding list 21 has been added with the ip address of the HMI. I type in the public ip just as I would to access the panel remotely (except I use url...) and it will not connect. I even try adding 21 to the end of the ip.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 871 VPN Server Unable To Ping LAN

Nov 12, 2012

I have 2 routers, one is an Apple AirPort Extreme with a static outside IP address, I also have a Cisco 871 with a static outside IP address.  The Airport Extreme connects to a switch on the private network and has an IP address ending in .1.  The Cisco 871 connects to the same Private network and it ends in .2.  The 871 is setup as a VPN Server.  now when clients connect to the VPN they can ping the VLan IP Address on the 871, but they can t ping any other hosts on the smae network.  The hosts on the private network can ping the vlan on the 871.

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Cisco VPN :: ASA 5520 Client VPN Can Gets Connected But Can't Ping LAN Server

Apr 21, 2013

CISCO ASA 5520 -K9 .Client can connects ASA server and get ip address(172.168.31.X),but can't ping ASA inside interface ip address and other servers in lan .

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Cisco Application :: C6500 CSM Real Server Cannot Ping Its VIP

Oct 25, 2011

I've been running into an issue with Cisco CSM for a number of years, but always found a way around it.  Im attempting to get to the bottom of this to find out once and for all, if this is infact a limitation of the device, or a config issue/work around is possible.
Here is my situation.  My CSM's are configured in bridging mode.  Traffic works great, traffic bridges across vlans correctly.  Everything works and have many instances of smilar configurations running in production.  Every once and a while, a client requests that a "real" server (ie LWCMW-021)
cannot ping its VIP address (  I am assuming this is related to the NAT Server, but not 100% sure.  Clients have requested this functionality for some type of application based purpose, but Im unaware if CSM in bridging mode can provide this or not. 
real LWCMW-021
real LWCMW-022

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 3560x / VPC Peer Not Able To Ping Server

May 28, 2013

The setup I currently have is a server attached via an etherchannel to a 3560x switch, which is connected to a pair of 5548UP's that are connected via vpc. The 5548's both have a single connection to 6500 series switch that does the layer 3 routing, the ports that connect the 5548 to the 6504 are trunk ports. The problem that I am having is that one of the 5548's can ping the server that is connected down stream while the other 5548 can't. While the local switch can ping the server, and other servers on the same switch in the same vlan can ping it as well. The vlan interface I am pinging from on each switch is on the same subnet as the server I am trying to ping. One other thing, Nexus #1 which can ping the sever has the mac address in its mac address table, while Nexus #2 doesn't. However I added the static mac entry to Nexus #2 and that did not allow me ping either.

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Cisco VPN :: 3825 - Easy VPN Server / Ping Default Gateway Of

Nov 23, 2012

I used the Cisco Configuration Professional to add an Easy VPN Server to my 3825. I'm able to connect when remote but I can't ping the default gateway of which is in the same network as the VPN DHCP pool. I can access every single other device on the VLAN segments but not the default gateway which means when i connect I can't look at my router. And there's more,  I cannot ping anything offnet (ie

Attached are some images which show some details from the client during the VPN connect and a few from the router (i had to use the lan switch as a jump host). If you can figure this out before I go back to the coffee shop to test this tomorrow I will send you a cake.


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Home Network :: Remote Ip Address Is Updating DNS Server But Unable To Ping It?

Apr 20, 2011

i have a new smc router and my local ip address and remote ip addresses are very similar. The remote ip address is updating my dns server but i am unable to ping it. Its something like ?

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Cisco VPN :: RVS4000 Connection Doesn't Establish / Cannot Ping Remote Server

Sep 6, 2012

I have a RVS4000 with client VPNs setup and have created all 5 users......trouble I run into is that when one of the users attempts to connect to the VPN from a second device (ie the sixth device to connect to the VPN), the connection does not establish....cannot ping remote server (using QuickVPN).  In looking at the logs, the device that isn't working is getting a different IP (172.16 vs 192.168).  I know I'm limited to 5 users, but am I limited to 5 devices as well?

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