Cisco VPN :: ISRG2 2900 - How To Count Number Of Cumulative VPNs On 2900

Aug 25, 2011

If there is a router ISRG2 2900 with SEC license and without HSEC license, there is a limit in count of cumulative encrypted VPN tunnels of 225. Which commands can show us a number of current tunnels on the router, so we can see if we are near this limit of 225?

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Cisco WAN :: How Many VPNs Can Be Configured In 2900 Series Routers

Jun 15, 2011

what is the maximum number of Lan-to-Lan and user vpns supported in the ISR G2 2911 and 2921?

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Cisco WAN :: PBR On 2900 Series For Ip Through Put

Feb 11, 2011

I am looking for a Cisco document that gives me the,IP through-put on 2901, 2911 and 2921 routers with Policy based routing applied.,IOS version 15.1.3TOther processes, EIGRP Stub, VLAN routing, SRST,MGCP gateway (analog and PRI).

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Cisco WAN :: 2900 Nothing Appear For ACL Debug

Mar 22, 2012

i have 3 access-list configured IN | Out  on my Border router (MARTIAN) ,i have to look which one block some of  the traffic passing through ,for that matter i have enabled the below commands on my ISR 2900: with nothing output.

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Cisco WAN :: Update IOS 15.2.2T For 2900?

Feb 23, 2012

latest IOS version is from 18Nov11 and with little amount of traffic it keeps cpu usage sky-high until it starts losing packets (I've tried performance fine tuning according to cisco webpages and saw little difference)
Downgrading isn't an option as 15.2.1 version doesn't implement everything I need...

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Cisco VPN :: 2900 - How To Get VPN Design

Nov 24, 2011

Is GET VPN be a better  choice than DMVPN in order to support VoIP, Video over IP, Advanced QoS  and Multicast? I think it should be the better choice based on what is described as the benefits and how it works but I just want  an expert opinion.
Can separate groups be created using the same key serves? I need to protect two functionally separate WAN segments that terminate on the same DC core routers. However I want the separate WAN segments to have different encryption policies. Is this possible?
It is stated in the deployment guide for GET VPN that "Network Address  Translation (NAT) is not supported by GETVPN. NAT must be performed  before encryption or after decryption when GET is used." However the NAT  capability is required on all the routers.
The 2900 series routers has embedded hardware encryption but according to the router perfomance guide, with a mix of traffic such as NAT, QoS and IPSec VPN they are unable to provide 100 mbps of throughput. Does the new ISM VPN modules would allow the routers to achieve 100 mbps of throughput with the services mentioned above?

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Cisco WAN :: MBTF For 2900 And 3900?

Jun 20, 2012

provide my some (official) info regarding the MBTF for the C2900 and C3900 routers (2911 and 3945)? This info is currently not part of the data sheets.

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Cisco WAN :: Can 2900 Working As A UC Manager

Feb 15, 2012

I want to know if the Cisco 2900 series can do UC without having to buy any other hardware.I read through the 2900 series datasheet, and i can understand it does.But will want to clarify if i do not need any other hardware except the Unified Communications License for Cisco 2901-295.Does this mean all i need to activate UC is buying this license?My organisation wants to do UC, especially Voice and Wireless.It requires APs, IP Phones(both wired and wireless).To achieve this on a 2900 series, is all i need just the UC license to work, and then my IP Phones both wired and wireless once plugged to the switch connected to the 2900 series starts working?Or do i still need to buy another hardware for the Unified communication Manager Express ?

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Cisco Application :: Configuring IP SLA On 2900?

Jan 9, 2013

I am having two sites, at one site the ISP is terminated on 2900 Router and at one site ISP is terminated on 3500 L3 Switch. Now need to configure the IP SLA on this. In the current setup I am having two 2900 routers at one location and 3500 L3 switches which by point to point link.

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Cisco WAN :: QOS Not Supported On SVI Interface 2900

May 15, 2011

Service policy output command is not supporting on Vlan interface of Cisco 2900 Router.I am having one  HWic 4ESW Card and configured VLAN interface. But Service policy output command is not supporting.Same config is supporting in the Cisco 2800 Router.

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Cisco WAN :: 2900 - LAN Side Redundancy?

Nov 14, 2011

We will be getting a circuit from the same ISP at two of our sites and will be doing eBGP.  Couple of notes. 1. We are fully aware of the risks associated with depending on a single ISP and have mitigated them as much as possible with the ISP. 2. We will be getting assistance on the eBGP setup from the ISP, so I’m not as concerned with that config at this point.
Site Summary
Site A:Cisco 2900 Series (RtrA) connected to single Ethernet based ISP circuit (ISP-1-A)eBGP will run between RtrA and ISP-1-A, default routes from provider onlyLayer 2 Switch (SwA) connected to LAN of RtrA and uplinks to SwB
Site B:Cisco 2900 Series (RtrB) connected to single Ethernet based ISP circuit (ISP-1-B)eBGP will run between RtrB and ISP-1-B, default routes from provider onlyLayer 2 Switch (SwB) connected to LAN of RtrB and uplinks to SwA
I need advise on the LAN side redundancy. Our goal is redundancy; load balancing is not a concern (If load balancing ever becomes a concern I will look at GLBP). We have several devices on the LAN side of the routers that can only use a single gateway. Given that I’ve surmised I need to use HSRP in some way for LAN gateway redundancy.

1. HSRP with Object Tracking, No IGP.HSRP handles LAN gateway failover if a router dies. Object tracking ensures LAN gateway failover if an interface fails or if an interface is up, but there is an upstream traffic issue. ie. track the physical WAN interface and use an IP SLA icmp to track a specific upstream IP incase of an upstream traffic issue.
2. HSRP with OSPFHSRP handles LAN gateway failover if a router dies. OSPF redistributes eBGP default routes to RtrA and RtrB so that each router should have a route to the ISP even if they loose their local ISP circuit.  i.e if ISP-1-A on Router A goes down, Router A knows to send traffic out ISP-1-B via RtrB. In other words, traffic enters RtrA LAN, but exits on RtrB WAN.
3. HSRP with iBGP HSRP handles LAN gateway failover if a router dies. I have no experience with BGP, but assuming this would work similar to the OSPF solution above except for the required iBGP config and possible route reflectors?

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Cisco VPN :: 2900 ISR / Change VPN Client To Over TCP?

Nov 13, 2011

I have a 2900 ISR that my VPN clients connect to using IPSEC over UDP.  I am having periodic problems, especially with clients connecting through DSL, where they connect and immediately drop.  Sometimes this is resolved by users updating their home router firmware.  I'd like to issue a new client PCF file using IPSEC over TCP to see if that resolves the problems.
Can I have both running at once, and what do I need to add to the 2900 to enable this connectivty without breaking the existing clients?  If the test is successful, I will migrate all users to the new configuration.  This ISR is also used to support L2L connectivity for a handful of sites.

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Cisco WAN :: QOS GTS Shaping Without Effect On ISR G2 2900

May 29, 2013

I try to setup a basic GTS shaping on a cisco ISR G2 2900
Cisco IOS Software, C2900 Software (C2900-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 15.2(4)M3, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc2)
Cisco CISCO2901/K9 (revision 1.0) with 1957856K/40960K bytes of memory.
ipbase        ipbasek9      Permanent      ipbasek9
the policy-map was applied to a svi interface (vlan interface)
And my problem is the shape isn't effective, in my attempt the max bw is 20Mb and I have gigabit interface
I know this kind of setup is classic and I see it working on older ios version 12.x
interface VlanX
ip address X X
no ip redirects


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Printer Drivers For Canon 2900?

Jan 18, 2012

Printer drivers for canon 2900?

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Pulling Configuration File From HP 2900-48G?

Jan 3, 2013

is there a way to pull the config file from this? I tried looking through console mode, but was not able to find an option for it. Or is it just not possible?

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Routers / Switches :: How To Setup Cisco 2900

Feb 17, 2011

We are in the process of switching to a new internet provider in our office and have run into some problems. Our old setup was with AT&T, where they provided a managed router which linked to our internal switch and also provided NAT to the internal IP of our email server.Our new setup right now is just the internet coming in through a cable connected to a switch, we were told we needed to provide our own router. Someone donated a Cisco 2900.What should our proper set-up be? Should the internet come in directly to the router and then to our switch, or should it go to the switch they provided, then the router, and then our switch?Also, there seems to be some confusion about whether or not we need anything else to get the internet to work. There are slots for network cards in the router. Does it come with at least one built in we can use, or do we need to provide one?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: IP SLA Between 2900 (15.0) And 2800 (12.4)?

Apr 11, 2013

I've problem with IP SLA probes between two different routers.2900 (c2900-universalk9_npe-mz.SPA.151-4.M4.bin) here is set "ip sla responder" only and 2800 (c2800nm-advipservicesk9-mz.124-24.T2.bin) here is set two type of tests "udp-jitter" and "icmp-jitter" - temporary, used to check for availability of 2900 router.As a result, I've what udp-jitter doesn't work at the same time icmp-jitter test is OK.Here are the settings of IP SLA tests
ip sla 281
icmp-jitter source-ip num-packets 100
tos 128
frequency 120
ip sla schedule 281 life forever start-time after 00:05:45


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Cisco Switching/Routing :: MEM-2900-2Gb For 2921

Nov 20, 2012

I have bought DRAM MEM-2900-2Gb for 2921, and received the following error...
Validation failed for DIMM0
*****System halted*****
%SPD info: DIMM0: Invalid DIMM type (only UDIMMs are supported)

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Cisco WAN :: BGP Setup With 2 2900 Routers And One Sonicwall

Apr 24, 2013

I am looking to setup for BGP with the following conditions:
Client has two 2900 routers, each connecting to a seperate ISP
Client has a Sonic Firewall with a link to each router
Client owns their own /24 block of public IPs and has their own AS Number.
Client has a public /24 and /25 from the corresponding ISPs
Client has supplied the following routing rules they would like to use:
-Anything from their own public subnet should advertize via the two ISP's with best path selection
-Anything from the respective ISP public subnets should use only their link (The ISP's are not auth'd to advertize the other's network)
The two routers are directly connected to eachother and each has a link going to the Sonicwall.

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Cisco WAN :: Configuring 2900 Router For PPPoE?

Sep 6, 2012

I have DSL 8Mbps DL and 768kbps UL The setup look like this:Internet -> Modem -> Cisco Router -> Firewall -> Switch Core - > Multiple switches like sfe2000p? CiscoRouter: i use port gig0/1 for PPPoE and i use port gig0/2 for LAN static Router port gig0/2 with connected directly to Firewall port13 with ?i want will my default gateway ? include no limit bandwidth,filter etc at router, Firewall will be DHCP Server and control the bandwidth, filtering etc and the client computer should get 8Mbps

Mode: Routing
Encapsulation: PPPoE
Username: xx
Password: xx
Service Name: ISP name


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Cisco WAN :: 2900 Network Performing Slow

Feb 7, 2012

I have this small network comprising of around 40 users complaining about the poor speed. And they have 2900 WAN router having 10M service. The interesting thing is that they are using proxy server for all the communication.I am very new to the server side of thing-and wanted to confirm if the proxy server is packed full to its capacity for serving to clients' requests making it slow or its something to do on the network like WAN link being overloaded or showing errors.I did "sh interface g0/1" (WAN interface) and to me it looks there is not much load as the tx and rxload values are fairly ok. (as shown below). Moreover the output drops is 7341. I am still guessing if thats not too bad??
The other thing I did was to test the "sh ip nat transalations" which is all coming from the PRoxy server and was wondering if that is the place of bottleneck. Currently there were showing around 570 entries. Below are the output from there as well. Also, I was keen to know what is the "----" indicates in some of th output? [code]

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Cisco VPN :: Configuring 2900 SSL VPN AnyConnect On Routers

Dec 13, 2012

I want to configurate Cisco SSL AnyConnect VPN on cisco router 2900 series.when i install  this license on router after that can i configurate ssl anyconnect vpn? Must I  be first enable EULA then install this license?

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Cisco WAN :: Disabling USB Console On 2900 Router

Apr 30, 2012

Any way to disable the usb console port on a 2900 series router?                  

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Cisco :: Quick Learn On NetFlow 2900

Mar 3, 2013

I have a hub / spoke configuration, with about 9 spokes. All connect ot the main office over a VPN, all native Cisco routers (2900 series)I want to use netflow to monitor traffic, and I started, but my results are not what I expected. I don't think I configured it properly.
Several interfaces have sub-interfaces, so if I'm reading correctly, I only export flow from the physical intyerface, not the sub-interfaces. Correct?I want both inbound and outbound traffic, so do I use the command twice with ingress and egress?What is the difference between V5 and V9?
Finally, how does NBAR fit in this? I want to see applications as well as just packets.

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Cisco Infrastructure :: CEoIP For 2900 Series?

Jan 10, 2012

is there any CEoIP modules (Such as  NM-CEM-4TE1) for the 2900/3900 series routers?

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Cisco WAN :: 2900 - Traffic Not Passing From One Interface To Another

Jan 15, 2013

I am facing a very big problem with site to site vpn on cisco 2900 ios.
I configured the vpn and when i ping  from router itself to destination ip with source as lan interface , VPN works, no problem.
but when i connect any computer directly to router's lan interface to initiate traffic , it doesnot work at all. and on computer's lan i see yeloow sign.
mtu is 1500, speed is auto (I tried changing also) , duplex is auto ( i tried changing also) , through firewall on pc should not affect but still i disabled it.
since their is no problem with vpn config as vpn comes up when i initiate ping from router itself but i dont know why it is not working from lan.
do we need any inspect icmp on this router also ? or any policy modification to pass traffic across the interfac on router is required ?
I was useinf c2900k9-15.0(M4).bin and i upgraded it to 15.3 which is lated to get reed of any bug .
I connected two laptops directly to router's gi0/0, g0/1 interface to ping from one laptop to another but this also did not work.

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Cisco Infrastructure :: Can't Upload IOS To Flash Of Catalyst 2900 XL

Feb 15, 2012

We have a switch Cisco Catalyst 2900 Series XL Model WS-C2924-XL-EN. 8 MB DRAM 4 MB FLASH
I already tried the discussions regarding flash_init dir_flash: boot and the likes.
By the way, I already downloaded the IOS for our switch through Cisco Website. Settings are default through Hyper Terminal
Here's the thing: 
Whenever I transfer the .bin file using XMODEM, it prompted an error "Transfer cancelled by remote computer"

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Cisco Security :: How Many Tunes Does 2900 Series Made

May 5, 2011

any place I can find how many tunes does the cisco  2900 series made? site to site?

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Cisco :: Attempting To Use SNMP V3 Between 2900 Router And SpiceWorks

Jan 23, 2013

I am attempting to set up snmp v3 monitoring of my 2900 series routers from the third party Spiceworks utility.  My snmp config on the router looks like this:
SNMP-Server view Westv3View internet included
SNMP-Server group Westv3Group v3 priv Read Westv3View
SNMP-Server user Westv3User Westv3Group v3 auth MD5 <password1>  priv DES


I have set the logging level on the 2900 router to informational and see no errors of any kind popping up when I try to scan the router from SpiceWorks.  Spiceworks just returns a generic "unable to contact host" message.

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Cisco WAN :: 1 GigE WAN Module For 2900 / 3900 Router

May 28, 2013

I am in search of a 1 Gig Ethernet WAN module for 2900, 3900 series router.I want to terminate 230mbps link on this module.I found EHWIC-1GE-SFP-CU option but as per service provider it will not support to 230mbps link.

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Cisco Routers :: Remote VPN Access To RV082 From ISR 2900

Oct 23, 2012

I have a customer that has a Cisco 2900 Series ISR on his Headquarters, and has some branches with RV082s.We have VPN Client configured on the 2900 ISR Router and we can connect remotely using the VPN Client to the Headquarters (  however we can't reach the branches subnets (,, etc.)... we found out that in the RV082 you need to specify the secure traffic as a destination, but in only supports one network ( or Headquarters in this case), we can't specify the VPN Client pool defined on the ISR so it can reach the incoming VPN Clients.Is there any way to accomplish this? We need to access the branches subnets when connecting using VPN to the 2900 ISR.

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Cisco WAN :: Does Updating IOS 15x On 2900 Router Require License

Mar 25, 2011

I have a Cisco 2921 router running c2900-universalk9-mz.SPA.150-1.M4.bin.Its licensed for    ipbase, ipbasek9, Permanent and uc,uck9,Permanent   (I'm using the router as a voice gateway),I'm looking to update the IOS to c2900-universalk9-mz.SPA.150-1.M5.bin as I'm told it has a fix for some DSP problems.So the question is, do I need to obtain a new license key to apply this update or am I covered by the existing license on the router.

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Cisco WAN :: 2900 Bandwidth Segregation On Router Interface

Aug 27, 2012

I have a requirement where 3 Branch locations of an organization is connected to their hub location via MPLS.They have an internet connection only at HUB as shown in the diagram (Attached)Now all spoke locations should access internet via hub.At spoke locations is there a way that I can have Cisco 2900 router and dedicate only 30% of the WAN bandwidth for internet browsing traffic.Remaining 70% should be used for accessing applications at hub.
For example if i have 5 Mbps Mpls port at spoke I want to dedicate only 1 Mbps for internet browsing traffic remaining should be dedicated for accessing the application at hub.How can we acheive this? Can it be done by using PBR and rate limiting?

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