D-Link DCS-930L :: Firmware Upgrade Crash Solid Green Light

Oct 28, 2012

I've not found any topic related to what happened to me. Bought two cameras and upgraded the firmware on both as asked, but one of them just stopped. The light is solid green and not red like other posts.Tried the recovery procedure, but the browser won't find my camera. Changed computer IP and everything else that was told to be done. Nothing works!!  I also can't find any posts relaled to my problem all over the internet.

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D-Link DIR-615 :: Power Light Is Off But WAN-L1-L2-L3-L4 Are Solid Green

Dec 23, 2012

I have a DIR-615 v e3 router

Did a bad dd-wrt flash and now all it does:

-no power light
-solid green lights: WAN-L1-L2-L3-L4

tried to go to recovery mode (power on while holding reset switch).....does not work.my search on the internet revealed, that after bad flash, power light still comes on, maybe as orange, maybe blinking, or just blinks once

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT300N Power Light Dim And All Other Ports Solid Green

Nov 20, 2011

I have a WRT300N and the power light is dim and all 4 ports are solid green along with the internet light being solid green.. Nothing else is plugged in.. Just the power.. I have tried to hard reset and nothing happens.

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D-Link DCS-930L :: Turn Off Front Green LED?

Apr 19, 2011

Is there any way to turn off the front green LED on the DCS-930L or do I just cover it with a piece of opaque tape?

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D-Link DCS-930L :: Green LED Irregularly Blinking

Mar 17, 2011

The DCS-930L setup information refers to a steady green LED, but mine is irregularly blinking. Is this the normal, indicating connection working?

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D-link Dcs-930l :: Wifi Connection Drops - Camera Led Green

Jul 20, 2012

I'm having trouble with one of my DCS-930L cameras. I have successfully installed it and it's connected wirelessly to a Dovado router. However, after some 2 weeks the wireless connection drops and I can't connect to the camera anymore. As the camera is 350 km away I can't restart it. This happens everytime and the last time I was around the camera and indeed the camera LED was green. I restarted it by pulling the powercord and after that the camera worked for som 2-3 weeks and then the same problem again.I have 4 cameras, and it's always the same one that drops the connection and the router is only some 5 meters away from the camera. No walls between the router and the camera. I have the ability to restart the router with an sms, but that doesn't make the camera reconnect.

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TP-Link 300Mbps Wireless :: WR1042ND System Light Turns Solid Overnight While There Is No Activity

Feb 18, 2013

Region : Canada
Model : TL-WR1042ND
Hardware Version : V1
Firmware Version : 3.14.4

Recently in the morning the router will have lost ability to connect to internet <internet light is on> and I cannot access the router page <sys light solid> from either wired or wireless connections. Why is this and will it be solved if I upgrade firmware?

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D-Link DIR-615 :: 5-6 Times A Day Router's Green Internet Light Turn Red

May 31, 2012

For the past year or so, 5-6 times a day my router's green internet light will turn red, needing a reset... 99% of its usage is through wired connections and this is the only router in my home.

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DCM425 Don't Turn Off Also Has 4 Solid Green Lights?

Mar 7, 2013

dcm425 dont turn off also has 4 solid green lights...it happen after a power outage my router works fine but my dmc425 cable modem just has the 4 green solid lights when it's plugged in when i push the power button nothing happens at all

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Cisco Wireless :: Can't Console Into 1252 AP And All 3 Lights Solid Green

Jan 18, 2011

Recently we had a situation where our users were unplugging one of our un-mounted 1252 LAPs. They would do this so they could borrow the wire to direct connect any one of their devices not realizing they were disconnecting a wireless access point. After discovering that the AP was unplugged once again, our admin plugged the AP back to the network but noticed that it no longer would connect to the controller. We can no longer console into the AP but can console into all other APs we have. All 3 lights are now green. Radio and Ethernet are solid and Status is blinking. I found the Cisco doc explaining the meaning of the front panel lights but have not found this particular configuration. What these lights mean and why not being able to use the console port?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 2960 No Post / Solid Green Syst / Dead Switch?

Feb 16, 2013

I have 2 - WS-C2960-24TT-L switches. Both are experiencing the same issue. Upon booting them up, all lights flash on the mode indicator panel, then it goes directly to a solid green "SYST" light. Nothing registers across the console cable. I have tried different baud rates, cables and computers. None of the ports come up regardless of how long either switch is powered on. Holding the Mode button during boot up produces the same result, nothing. Sounds like they are dead, however, I thought this would be the place to go for ideas. Can I revive these switches?

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Belkin Routers :: N600 Showing Solid Red Light

Dec 5, 2012

I was having problems connecting to one of my usb devices that was plugged into my router. I unplugged the router to reset it and whenever it starts up it flashes green and the green light goes solid for less then a minute before turning red. It's a solid red light. I've tried unplugging everything and restarting it and nothing. Ironically it still lets me connect to the internet but when I access the control panel on my computer it shows as disconnected. Is this means my router is busted. This is my second Belkin Router and the only reason I had to replace the last one is because it was a G+Mimi router and I upgraded to an N Router.

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Cisco Firewall :: Solid Amber Status Light On ASA 5505?

Apr 14, 2010

I have a Problem with a ASA 5505 when i power on the ASA  the Power LED change to green and the Status light to solid amber. There is no Console output or anything else.

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D-Link DCS-930L :: Firmware Update By Mac User?

Sep 2, 2011

The firmware update went smoothly The mydlink service quit accessing the camera,  until I download and ran the updated Mac version of the "mydlink Setup Utility v1.0.06_07272011"Seems as if the camera is more stable; ping times are more consistently low.

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D-Link DCS-930L :: Restart Our Firmware Wishlist

Aug 16, 2011

Now that the DCS-930 has a dedicated board, we can restart our firmware wishlist.

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Cisco Firewall :: Solid Amber Status Light On ASA 5505 Under SmartNet

Oct 14, 2011

I have an ASA 5505 with status light solid amber color. It is under SmartNet.I'd like to know Cisco will replaced this device with new ASA5505 or upgrade one?

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Cisco Wireless :: 1524SB - Have Root AP Whose Status Light Showing Solid Red

Jun 30, 2011

We have a root AP whose status light is showing solid red.  We power cycled it and it still shows solid red.  According to the Cisco documentation, this indicates a firmware failure.  Unfortunately, we did not get Smartnet with this access points and instead opted for the limited lifetime warranty.
My question is: is there any way to fix the firmware via console?  Whether it be through xmodem or what not.  I ran debugs on the controller and can confirm that the AP is not communcating with the controller.
It is also weird that the mesh APs that were previously connected to this root AP show a solid red on their status lights and green for their RF LEDs.  Shouldn't the status LED be flashing green-amber-red?

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D-Link DCS-930L :: Firmware Update Failed / Timed Out

Jul 1, 2011

I just downloaded and tried to apply the latest Firmware update to my dcs-930l.  It failed or timed out.  Now the camera is unusable.  I tried the hard reset, several times, holding it in for 10 seconds after 3 seconds did not work.  I held it in for 3 seconds, waited 1 minute, and just got a flashing red light.  I did the same thing after holding reset in for 10 seconds.  I have unplugged and replugged in the network cable on both ends several times and turned the power off and on on the router and camera several times.  The camera only blinks with a red flashing light.  Is it a brick now?  Is there any other magic tricks to try? 

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D-Link DCS-930L :: Firmware V1.05 Build 08 Comments And Observations?

Jun 28, 2012

D-Link released firmware version 1.05 build 08, located here: Firmware v1.05b08

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Cabling / Cards :: Belkin Connect N150 Router Has Solid Amber Light?

Oct 16, 2011

I have recently wiped my hdd and installed WinXp, I use to have vista but a crash occurred. I have WinXP SP3 with a Belkin Connect N150 connected to a Arris Telephony modem from Comcast. My setup use to work on vista. I've ran belkin setup from the disc multiple times and it gets to the part where it says connect and make sure cables are connected. All cables are connected, but my router has a solid amber light. I can access arris through wired internet, but I really want my wireless to work.

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D-Link DCS-930L :: Firmware Update Changed Language To French?

Sep 20, 2011

Received a replacement DCS-930L today; using WPS, did setup wirelessly; all OK. Then did firmware update wirelessly (with second, DCS-932L,  turned OFF). The v1.03 firmware file was the same one I previously used, I think. Amazingly, The camera menus are now in French, and I can't find a setting to change it to English.

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Green Ethernet Port Light Always On?

Jun 22, 2011

The green light on my Ethernet port is always on. Even when I unplug the Ethernet cable and shut down my computer. The only way it turns off is when I unplug my computer from the outlet. Also, my computer doesn't receive any internet when an Ethernet cable is plugged in and the yellow flashing light doesn't show either. I know the Ethernet cable is fine and the internet works fine on other computers

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Routers / Switches :: Green Light Blinking Continuously?

Apr 30, 2011

the router is functional, however the green light has never blinked like it is now.

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NIC Shows Green Light But Does Not Connect With Other Computer On Network?

Aug 14, 2012

My computer's NIC shows green light but it does not connect with other computer over the network.

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Linksys Access Point :: WAP54G Green ACT LED Does Not Light Up

Jun 22, 2011

after several years of proper functioning my WAP started to make trouble and recently stopped working. I've tried a lot of options to get it back online but I failed doing so.The green ACT LED won't light up anymore so my laptop cannot find the WAP anymore. When connecting the WAP directly to the laptop the Network Center shows that Windows is trying to identify the WAP but this messages disappears and re-appears on and on but there is no succes in identification (ofcourse this is caused the the green ACT LED which won't light-up).

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Billion 7800n Internet - Light Drops From Green To Orange?

Jul 24, 2012

my family kept having a problem with our Billion 6800n router. (or something like that).Basically we pinned the problem down to it not having the strength to keep several connections running through it. So we upgraded to a Billion 7800n and found it is much more stable and much faster.However it has been having a similar problem to our previous router.

Occasionally the internet light drops from green to orange, and we can't load any more pages until it has gone back to green.Here is a picture of what it looks like when in that status.But the weird thing is the connection bars on the windows toolbar at the bottom of the screen still show full strength.As shown here.Now I thought it might be because it was sharing a power board with other connections going through it,so I transferred it to a smaller two-plug one instead.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: RPS Light Green On 3750 Switch?

Nov 17, 2012

i have standalone 3750 switch. RPS light is green and system light is off.
 3750TS#sh env all

i have another switch with same model and ios its RPS light is off and system light is green

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Cisco Wireless :: AP 1260 Configuration / 0 Clients Connected And Light Always Green

Feb 5, 2013

Recently I have installed and configurated an AP 1260, it has already IP, SSID, and ping to the router, but after install the antenna I open the web configuration and see that it has 0 clients connected and the light is always green, indicated as only is configurated with nobody connected.
Tha radio setting is up, 2,4 Ghz and 5 Ghz any issue with the antenna? or i need to configure anything else?

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Cisco Wireless :: 3602I Constantly Shows A Fast Blinking Green Light

May 20, 2013

3602I constantly shows a fast blinking green light, watching the boot up I see the following:
Loading "flash:/ap3g2-k9w8-mx.152-2.JA/ap3g2-k9w8-xx.152-2.JA"...uncompress: Unknown mzip segment type: 2
Error loading "flash:/ap3g2-k9w8-mx.152-2.JA/ap3g2-k9w8-xx.152-2.JA"

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Linksys Wireless Router :: BEFW11S4 Reflash Firmware With Solid Red Diag

May 14, 2013

Is it possible to reflash the firmware on a BEFW11S4 (I believe v1, there is no v# after the model number) with a solid red Diag LED? I cannot access the HTML control panel since the router never fully boots. I git this used and didn't know it was **bleep**..

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D-Link DCS-930L :: Can't Setup New 930L With Mac OS X Beta Utility

Mar 29, 2011

I'm using a Verizon DSL router, Mac D-Link Camera Setup Utility (BETA), and Mac OS X 10.6.7.  Configuration of camera is as recommended in manual with CAT-5 cable.  Green light blinks irregularly in a communicating-with-router manner.  The setup utility won't recognize the camera

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D-Link DIR-655 :: A3 Cannot Upgrade Firmware

Feb 5, 2011

I have a Dir-655 A3 with the firmware 1.32NA. I cannot get the new firmware 1.35NA to take. The router seems to go through the motions of the upgrade, but at the end, when I log back on, the firmware still says 1.32NA & all custom settings remain.I have upgraded the firmware on this router before and I know that when its upgraded, the router is basically reset to factory settings. All the settings have been backed up and I am attempting this upgrade via a wired connection.

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D-Link DIR-655 :: Upgrade Firmware To 1.35 NA From 1.21?

Mar 28, 2012

I have a DIR-655 Rev A4.I followed this forum in the past when there were many problems with firmware upgrades beyon 1.21. Because of this I never upgraded and was told to be satisfied that I can still stay with 1.21 as upgrades caused problems for a number of people.Everything still seems fine with 1.21 except the Shareport utility often does not pickup the printer connection upon booting to Windows Vista. I can always work around this by Disable and then Enable. It will then always find the printer. It is a minor annoyance however.Should I still stay with 1.21 or is upgrading to 1.35 NA recommended ? If I upgrade to 1.35 NA is there a downgrade path back to 1.21 if the upgrade does not work well ?

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