Did Not Receive IP Address

Feb 21, 2013

For the past 2 days I have been having a problem with my laptop taht, actually a bit old. I also have another pc, a desktop, with a d-link modem and wireless router (DIR-615). The problem is that I can't go on the internet with my laptop, because of a certrain error on the Intel PROSet Troubleshoot: "Did not receive IP addresss", in fact the IP address was written as, and when I open the internet browser I can't go on to any page. IO have tried everything, believe me, from switching off every thing, to reinstalling the router, but nothing seems to resolve the error.

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Did Not Receive IP Address From DHCP Server

Nov 17, 2011

i did just had a rogue anti-virus infection i did a removal of it AV Security 2012

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Cisco Switches :: SF300 Does Not Receive IP Address

May 21, 2013

cisco 2811 - DHCP server..If IP Phone 3905 installed in SF 300 he does not receive an ip address. [code] If IP Phone 3905 installed in the Catalyst 2960 - all OK.

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Cisco WAN :: 881 3G Won't Work - Doesn't Receive IP Address

Jan 26, 2011

I'm trying to configure Cisco CISCO881G-K9 3G router to connect to mobile network without success. The cellular interface gets up but it doesn't receive IP address. It seems that profile isn't activated and it should've been.
I've attached running config and some other information gathered from router.

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Cisco Routers :: RV042 Doesn't Receive IP Address From ISP On WAN Port

Jan 23, 2012

I have a problem with my WAN ports. I can´t obtain a ip adress from my ISP. I´ve tried factory reset. Upgrade to lateset firmware. Clone MAC adress from my PC. Nothing is working.
But when I plug the WAN port into my Old router it receives an adress directly. When I plug the ISP connection directly into my pc or the old router it´s working as well.
I am using the latest firmware: RV0XX-v4.1.0.02-tm.bin
And My ISP has an interface with an ADSL modem SmartAX with DHCP.

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Nortel 5520 - Specific MAC Address Doesn't Receive ARP Reply From Switch

May 26, 2013

Switch is a Nortel 5520

PC is Windows 7, with Intel 82579LM adapter

When PC was first attached to network, it could not ping gateway(switch). Turns out it was broadcasting for the gateway's MAC address, but never got a response. Tonnes of testing later, if I just change one number on the MAC address of the adapter, it receives a reply from the switch and can ping the gateway.

Why doesn't the native MAC address work?

Update: Just the vendor portion is the determining factor. As long as it starts with 2C-59-E5, it will not work. 2C-58-E5 will.

Update 2: Pinging anything in the same subnet works, just pinging the gateway interface of the switch doesn't happen. Tried on multiple drops, and there are other devices on those drops.

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How To Receive A Call From Modem

Aug 3, 2011

i use my sim card in modem connected to pc to surf. is it possible to receive calls as i surf through this sim card?

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LAN Connect / Can Receive But Not Transmit

Jan 10, 2011

I've got an ASUS G50V that I normally connect to the net through a wireless router but I recently bought a router so I can make a physical connection and increase speed. However I cant get it to connect to the router no matter what I do (i had it working for a few hours at one point but it dropped off again).I confirmed it wasnt the router but running a crossover cable from the laptop to my desktop, setting static ips on both. Now I can ping the laptop from my desktop but for some reason I cannot ping the desktop from the lappy. I've tried everything I can think of but no dice.

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Can't Receive Http Pack

Oct 10, 2011

I'm a beginner on networking, and now i've found a problem while i do an exercise.i have one pc connected at one allied telesys but the last one is a trasparent bridge...the AT is connected whit a fortigate the fortigate does nat..and is connected whit the modem.i can go on server, modem receive ping from pc..is everything right..settings.

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How To Receive Internet Through A LAN Port

Jan 20, 2011

I have an old Buffalo router which im trying to connect to a virgin media modemProblem is the router doesn't have a direct Ethernet port for internet, only ADSL.What I thought I could do was connect using one of the LAN ports and make my router think it was receiving internet through a network? Is this possible and how can I do it?

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Can Receive Email But Cannot Send It

Oct 19, 2012

ican receive e-mail, but I cannot send it.

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Computer Does Not Receive Packets

Jun 6, 2011

I have connected the computer to the internet a multitude of ways, and no matter how i do it, it always can not receive packets. It is sending packets though.I have tried connecting it directly to the modem, with different wires, through a router, through a network card... I'm pretty much at a loss, im not an expert by any means but im not computer illiterate either. Chances are this is a simple fix... My other computer (the one im on) works fine with both cords, connected directly, and through the router to the modem.

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How To Receive A Fax Via Mobile Phone

Mar 14, 2011

is it possible to receive a fax via moblie phone?

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Can Receive But Not Send Faxes

Apr 20, 2011

I can receive but not send faxes. When I try to send an operator comes on and says please enter the number you are trying to reach. I plugged in another machine and it does the same thing.

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Cisco WAN :: 877 Cannot Receive Signal From Isp

Jun 6, 2012

I doubted my internet ADSL is very weak. I used Cisco 877 router to gateway internet.I faced the problem my cisco 877 can't receive signal from ISP but I replaced to use Linksys Cisco. It worked.So I remoted to router and issued command show dsl interface atm 0 it can't generate DMT bit per bin it showed error.

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Broadband :: Can't Receive Emails From Specific IDs

Jan 13, 2012

Can't receive emails from specific emails. This happened after a Windows update in December ,A and did not correct after the update on Jan .B, 2012

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Can Receive Email But Not Send In Yahoo

Jul 12, 2011

Mail in yahoo alwaysworked until recent Sunday . Now can receive email but not send in yahoo Yet a sent copy is saved in my sent box. but my recepients do not get the mail

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Wireless :: Cannot Read And Receive Emails

Apr 9, 2011

cannot read and receive emails

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Can Receive Email But Cannot Connect To The Internet?

Apr 26, 2011

Can receive email but cannot connect to the Internet, my user can get to all shared files on the network and get emails through exchange but cannot browse the internetWe turned off the firewall and checked DNS and the IP. It says the local area connection is connected. We added IE to the exceptions tab in firewall.

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Wireless :: Can Send Emails But Not Receive Them?

May 5, 2011

I recently migrated keeping my original email address. All went well, except I am unable to receive emails from one of my contacts. I can send to this individual successfully, but when the contact tries to respond the reply kicks back to him telling him that there was a delivery notice failure. Email addresses have been verified by both of us and both are accurate

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Wireless Fail To Connect And Receive IP

Jan 12, 2012

I have problems in the following scenario. I attached an image with a summary diagram of the network in question. The problem is that on the 3rd floor of the site users connect via wireless fail to connect and receive an IP. But they can not navigate. The second and first floor itself. As you see in the diagram are 3 routers, one per floor. The first is the only router that provides DHCP the other two routers are as simple Access Points.

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Able To Send Packets But Not Receive Through Router

Apr 23, 2012

At random times, my internet will "drop" connection and will not download any packets, but I am still able to send packets. My Local Area Connection icon continues to say I am connected, my modem is fully functional, and my cables are good. I can get my internet back up and running for 10 minutes or so by disable and re-enabling my Network Connection. If I simply try the "repair", it gives me an error at the "Refreshing IP" step.I have done a full system scan for viruses and I am clean. My drivers are fully updated, I have disabled my firewalls, and still no luck. During the times when it is down, I can successfully ping my modem through CMD, but I get the time-out error if I ping a site, my default gateway, the DHCP Server, or the DMS Servers.I have made no changes to any major settings on my computer, nor has there been any recent additions/removals of any software.

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Computer Not Sending Packets But Receive Them

Sep 2, 2012

Alright, so we have about six computers on average all on at the same time, working just fine, last night one of the laptops just, stopped working, saying there is no internet access, With every attempt it doesn't send any information. When I disconnect it from the wireless, then reconnect it, it immediately receives packets but won't send any.

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D-Link DIR-825 :: Can't Receive Any Inbound Calls

Apr 8, 2011

I have the latest Firmware version 2.05NA on the DIR-825 and while I can make outbound SIP calls I can't receive any inbound calls. The phone will ring but I can't pick-up the call. [code] I am at a loss as to how to register my phone.  When I uncheck ALG SIP the phone will not register to my server.I have a Polycom 550 connected to a Trixbox server.  The prior router worked great.

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Hide Sent / Receive Packets From The TP-Link Router

May 19, 2012

I just want to know how or is it possible to hide sent/receive packets from the Router I cracked few days ago?I'm using wifi card airlive wl-1600 usb and the router is TP-Link.I mean how much is possible to hide my connectivity and everything from me with this router?

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Cannot Receive Signal In Farthest Corner Of Home

Oct 20, 2011

I have a Verizon Actiontec router without N band. I cannot receive the signal in the farthest corner of my home. Apparently using an N band router will solve this problem with the higher output. Verizon refuses to send me a new router with N band, stating that they will merely send me a replacement for the current router w/o N band. Therefore I want to change this router out. I don't know if the Actiontec has a built-in modem, and if so, how and what can I use as a replacement router.

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Can Belkin F7d6301 N Router Be Used To Receive Wifi

Mar 17, 2011

Can I use a belkin F7D6301 N wireless router to receive wifi? Are there any known firmwares for this model?

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Cannot Receive Wifi Signal In Family Room

Dec 31, 2011

I received three things for Christmas: 1. Linksys WiFi E1200, 2. Pandigital Planet tablet, 3. Roku.My family room is on the same level as my Wifi router but about 70 feet apart, but I cannot get a wifi signal in the family room on the Pandigital tablet, however, the Roku seems to be receiving the wifi signal because the Roku works.Is my tablet not working correctly? Can and should my son increase the signal strength of the Linksys

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Unable To Receive Files From Phone Via Bluetooth?

Jan 21, 2012

I am unable to receive files from my phone via Bluetooth.Never had a problem before on vista,but my hp pavilion g6 will not receive files.I used to rgt clk on bluetooth symbol + receive file.Don't have this option on 7.

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How To Convert A Rj45 Port To Receive Wifi

Jan 19, 2011

is there an adapter ( wifi reciver ) that plug into RJ45 port so RJ45 can receive wifi signal ?

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Cisco :: LMS 3.1 Cannot Receive Scheduled Reports On Email

Sep 3, 2011

Though other logs are being received through the email.

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Cisco WAN :: Receive Full BGP In 6506 Switch?

Mar 13, 2013

I want to receive full BGP in my switch 6506 with the follow characteristics: cisco WS-C6506-E (R7000) processor (revision 1.2) with 458720K/65536K bytes of memory and Supervisor Engine 720.When I configure the session BGP in my router with me peer the switch begins to work slow and restarts.

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Cisco WAN :: EIGRP In ASR 1001 Does Not Receive All Route

Aug 8, 2012

We have problem con EIGRP and two ASR 1001 in High Availability. ASR2 have received all route (100 route) from PE, but in ASR1 doesnt received all route (75 route) from PE or from other ASR02. All PE have all route. The ASR1 when modify or lost some route dont update to the ASA. see diagram.

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