Connect 1 Laptop And 2 PCs To Switch Via Wired Ports

Mar 16, 2012

I want to connect 1 laptop and 2 pc,s to a switch via wired ports. Laptop has WiFi Internet. I DO NOT want internet going to the PC's. Question is will this set-up work for me. all 3 are windows 7

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Can A Router Connect To A Switch To Gain Additional Ports

Aug 9, 2012

Can a router connect to a switch to gain additional ports (to both access the internet AND to maintain an internal / home network)?IP line to house, connected to modem, connected to 4-port router, connected to 8-port switch. Now, each of six rooms in my house has one Cat-5e (RJ-45) jack whose run terminates to the switch. In some of these rooms, I need two wired devices (wireless isn't an option for the devices). Can I use the LAN port of a spare, wireless router (to also use as an access point for cell phones, etc) to plug into the jack and increase the number of ports in that room to have a functional LAN and WAN? I have read tons of info on plugging switches into routers to increase the number of ports, but not the other way around. Plus, ripping open walls to expand the network isn't feasible either. My other thought, would be to replace the switch with another (2nd) router, by connecting the 1st and 2nd routers together, and have the runs terminate to the open LAN ports of both routers --= and then expand the ports in those rooms by also using additional, spare wireless routers.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Connect 24 Ports Switch With E3000?

Aug 23, 2011

I just bought a e3000 and I have a 24 ports switch. I would like to plug more than 8 do I proced ? I used to have a dlink router and just plug a cat5e from the dlint to the switch ... but it doesn't work with the e3000

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Laptop Cannot Connect To Wireless But Can Connect As Wired?

Nov 19, 2011

Recently I installed connectify because my uni flat only had one wired outlet, and I wanted to use my xbox at the same time. It worked perfectly, but when I returned home I found my laptop could no longer connect to the home network, it just says it cannot connect, but all the over devices in the house work. My laptop can still connect to the internet via an ethernet cable but this isnt practical at home. I've uninstalled the connectify program, and tried my best to make sure I got rid of all the stuff it's done, but still my problem persists

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Laptop Cannot Connect To Wired Or Wireless Internet

Nov 8, 2012

if I have my HP netbook connected to a wired or wireless connection I'm stuck on the "Acquiring network" prompt. I've followed along in previous threads up until a certain point. In the services page DHCP cannot start due to error 1075.

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Laptop Can't Connect To Internet Neither Wired Or Wireless

Jun 3, 2011

my laptop, as well as my moms laptop, were working perfectly fine on wedensday. Yesterday however, i was randomly getting kicked off the internet, and i came to realize that whenever both of our laptops were on, only one could connect to the internet. the other one couldn't find the DNS server or, after some frustration windows finally told me (on my laptop) that two computers were sharing the same ip address on my network. made sense i guess. so i went to CMD, typed ipconfig /release on my laptop, but it said media was disconnected so it didn't work. i then went onto my moms laptop, typed the same thing in CMD, and it released it fine. but then her battery died so i plugged it in to renew her ip.

once her computer got enough of a charge to turn on i went to cmd and typed ipconfig /renew, but it wouldn't renew it, saying media was disconnected. so, now her laptop and my laptop will not connect to wireless.on my laptop, i transfered my documents to another HDD and did a fresh install of windows. but even since, my laptop will not connect to the internet. when i trouble shoot it it says something about no networking drivers are installed, but i can't even install drivers because i have no internet im on her laptop right now, it will connect via ethernet cable.

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Routers / Switches :: Connect A Wired Pc To A Wifi Laptop?

Jan 31, 2011

I've got a PC(windows 7) connected to a wired router(not wifi), and I also have a laptop that shares the internet with the PC using wifi. A wired printer is connected to the PC. Is it possible for me to share files and print using laptop? (Wifi Connected to a Wired Internet connection)

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TP-Link ADSL2+ Wireless :: TD-W8151N - Can't Connect Between Wired LAN And Laptop Wirelessly

Mar 29, 2013

Region : Indonesia
Model : TD-W8151N
Hardware Version : V3
Firmware Version :

Recently I bought TD-W8151N wireless adsl router, I have one desktop computer that connected to TD-W8151N via ethernet and wirelessly to one laptop, IP Addr:, Subnet and Gateway: : desktop (LAN connection IP Addr:, Subnet and Gateway: : laptop (wireless connection) but I can't ping each other and also can't access the share folders between them., both computers can access internet. Is there anything I missed the configuration setting of the router? Before I use wireless, I connected this 2 computers using cross-type utp cable, and working good.

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Cisco WAN :: How Many Of 881 Switch Interface Ports Can Be Used As Router Ports

Aug 7, 2011

How many of the 881 switch interface ports can be used as router ports, have used the 877 etc where i can use 2 but need a low cost router that supports 3 for routing. (needs to be physical ports)

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Routers / Switches :: Add Wired Ports Via A Second Router?

Mar 21, 2011

uplink port is already being used for a wireless dlink router.....want to add wired ports via a second router

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D-link Dir-825 :: Connecting Wired To Get Wifi Via Wan And Lan Ports

Jan 12, 2013

1.) I don't have a wireless card in my PC, so I will be connecting wired to get WiFi via WAN and LAN ports, right? I have a Windows 7 32-bit desktop PC. We are working with a DSL modem residential line without phone line using a coaxial cable, and Ethernet cable from modem into the PC. provide step by step walk through instructions by connecting this D-link router to my modem and WiFi, and for me to use the WPA2 security?

2.) I have an iPhone 4 with Verizon. If I want to use my iPhone to get WiFi from the router, and turn off the Internet, and use WiFi only on my phone, how would this work?

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Linksys Wired Router :: RV082 One-To-One Nat Different Ports?

Feb 8, 2011

I am setting up One-To-One NAT to redirect traffic from the internet. We have 5 static public IP addresses, and I set up One-To-One Nat to redirect to local Win servers. One of the servers running Web server and FTP server. For some reason redirection works fine for the Web server, but does not work for FTP server when I try to access them from the internet. FTP server works locally, but my FTP client cannot connect from the Internet. I opened the ports in the firewall, and these ports show as opened when I test them from external servers. What am I missing?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E2500 - Use As Hub To Get More Wired Ports?

Jul 11, 2012

This is my first experience using a Cisco Linksys router. Up to now I've always used DLink. But when my newest Dlink router failed for the 3rd time I decided it was time to find a better make. The Linksys E2500 came highly recommended. The trouble I am having is that I've been using an old DLink DI-604 wired router as a hub to get 3 extra wired ports. But with the linksys router I can't get this to work.. Can this be done with this router and if so, how do I have to setup the routers?

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Linksys Wired Router :: BEFSR41 - Ports (2 And 4) Not Working

Nov 4, 2007

I have a linksys BEFSR41 V.2 router with four ports.  Ports #1 and #3 are working but the other two do not.  The diag. light just blinks rapidly.

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Routers / Switches :: Add Wired Ports To DSL Modem And Get Gigabit SubLAN

Jan 24, 2012

Adding ports to my Fairpoint provided Westell 7500 Rev D DLS modem router which has only 4 RJ45 ports. Bought a Linksys SE2500 gigabit smart switch but it doesn't assign IP or pass on router assigned IPs. Can't get ASSISTANCE from Fairpoint [successor to Verizon] configuring router or any advice on other ways to get more wired devices on LAN.For speed in backups I'd like 3 devices to be able to communicate at giabit speed Want to have an NAS and 2 Win7 Ultimate computers on smart switch, 3 other wired devices [WinXP, AT&T Cell tower, & DirectTV whole house SWM interface] and wireless on the router. 1. Are Fairpoint specs for DSL published so I could get another DSL modem router instead of the Westell or is it better to configure Westell as a router only and use a new to be acquired router with or without the existing or a new gigabit switch. I have a DI-624 from the pre-DSL Hughesnet satellite days.2. Are there less smart switches which would work better and let router assign the IPs?3. If this is too complex for me, can you recommend a remote access consultant to walk me through this for a fee?4. I'm 82, have been in computing since 1960, mainly in on-line end user environment mbut don't know the bridging, PPP PPoE differences, and implementation or configuration details of current hard and software except as a user.

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Linksys Wired Router :: AG10W - Forward Ports To Xbox?

Apr 13, 2013

I have a DSL modem, model AG10W. I can't seem to figure out how to forward ports to xbox. No one seems to have this router/modem. I got it from a company here in town. I don't know much about this type of stuff.

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Linksys Wired Router :: Befsr41v3 Cannot Open Ports Due To Internet Connection

Nov 16, 2011

i cant open my ports  because i have a internet connection that first goes to my router and then to my modem.

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Linksys Wired Router :: BEFSR81 V2 Ports Become Inactive - Upgraded To Latest Firmware?

Jan 5, 2012

I have the Linksys BEFSR V2 router and at least once a day some or one of the ports become inactive and have to unplug the router and plug it back in to reset. I have ungraded to the latest firmware but this is still happening on a daily basis.

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Linksys Wired Router :: BEFSR81 V2 Ports Become Inactive / Upgrade File Pattern Error?

Jan 2, 2012

I have the BEFSR81 V2 and every day at least one of the ports become inactive and the router has to be unplugged and plugged back in to reset the ports. I was going to upgrade the firmware from version 2.44.2 to the one on the site 2.45.10 but when it is downloading I get a message at the end upgrade file pattern error. There is a problem with the router that the ports go out or will the firmware update hopefully correct that issue and how to I get the firmware to update

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E4200 Loose Ability To Use Internet On Wired / Wifi Ports

Sep 6, 2011

As soon as i modify my wireless to be unsecured, I looy ability to usse me the internet on all wired ports as well as all wireless.  From the routers point of view it still has a good solid internet connection.  Passes traceroute, but wont allow any wired or wireless connections on the internet.  I'm trying to get a Linksys WRE54G v1 to work with this so my parents can have internet once more.  If i manualy remove the security to allow the one touch Auto configuration button to work i loose my ability to surf until i run the Cisco Connection software to turn back on the passwords.

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Cisco :: How To Connect Laptop To Cisco 3550 Switch

Mar 30, 2011

I bought a new cisco 3550 switch to prepare for my Cisco certification prepration. Actually i dont know how to connect the cisco switch to a laptop with only usb ports....... earlier i used to do my practise using Cisco packet tracer but i think for CCNP switch that is not enough thats y i bought second hand switch. how can i connect that switch with my toshiba laptop which has only USB ports. do i need to buy some sort of convertor or other hardware. And if so what does u call it and how much does it cost?

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Using SFP+ Uplink Ports On A Switch?

Mar 19, 2013

I have a question regarding uplink ports on a switch. Specifically the SFP+ variety. Could these uplink ports be used to connect directly to a fileserver? To be more specific, would the uplink port on the HP 3800 Switches connect directly to a file server that has the SFP+ card installed?

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Components Under Routing Or Switch Ports?

May 23, 2011

Basically what is the difference. I'm looking at a breakdown of all the components connected to my switches I noticed half of them about are listing their port all the same as GI1/0/1 (routing port?). Then the rest are all different ports FA1/0/assigned# or FA2/0/assigned# (switch ports?).which are routing or switch ports and why certain ones are under each. It doesnt seem to matter which component it is (computer or printer) because some of each are under routing or switch ports.

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IP Addresses Bound To Switch Ports?

Mar 25, 2012

My university provides one Ethernet port per student in dorm rooms. They assign IP addresses based on which port you connect to and forbid multiple computers connected to the one port using a hub or switch.DHCP leases are 24 hours long, but you can switch out 10 different devices with different MAC addresses and keep getting the same IP. How does this work? Do they just figure that if you're using a hub connecting multiple stations to the one port that they don't care if there's a conflict?

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Dell D505 Laptop Not Responding With Ports?

Mar 3, 2013

my Dell D505 will not respond with either enternet or usb ports to install a modemive tried hard wireing a westell and a netgear modem,also tried both with a usb adapter and the hardware wizzard will not find the modem so it will not finish the firmware install

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Automatic Disable Bombarded Ports In Hp Switch?

May 15, 2012

im working in company that develop high speed networking equimpnet(Mellanox)we develop 4056GB network cards and switches.we have developer network on HP pro curve switchs, the engineering make tets on servers with the high speed network cards and sometimes the test "go out" from the 4056GB network cards and switches and "boombing" the regular network of 1G in hp swiches.i meen every server are connecting with RJ-45 cable for access to the server and the real work is on th Mellanox switches and network cards but sometimes the test "run away" to the ethernet network and 40G traffic are killing the network.function in HP switches that recognize over booking traffic and automatic disable the bombed port?now we have spening tree and brodcaste limit on every switch but its not enough, the big traffic kill the network until we disable the problematic port and igonre the bombing server.we have hp procurve 5610 layer3 switch and pro curve 2510 switches.

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Disabling Internet Access On Certain Switch Ports But Not Others?

Oct 12, 2011

I have a central cisco SG200 26P switch, with about 20 ports going off to other network switches, and individual computers around the building.I need to keep the LAN functionality of the network, but I need the majority of the computers to not have internet access. But I also need to be able quickly re-enable internet access for a particular computer connected to a particular port if required.

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Cisco WAN :: 2811 - Routing The Switch Ports

Mar 10, 2011

I have a 2811 router with a 9 port switch module and a four port ISDN module.  The ISDN Module is our connection to the outside world.  FE 0/0 and FE 0/1 are connected to separate networks and both route our the ISDN connections.We are getting a new satcom system that consists of a modem, antenna control unit (ACU), and an antenna.  The ACU and the modem communicate accross Ethernet and are generally hooked to a switch.  Anything computer hooked to the switch can simply use the modem IP as it's gateway and be surfing the Internet without much hassle (just need the correct DNS addresses).I'd like the networks behind FE 0/0 and FE 0/1 to be able to route out the satellite modem for their Internet connection -- when the satellite is available.  Is it possible to put two switch ports in a VLAN (one for the modem and one for the ACU), give the VLAN an IP in the same subnet as the modem and ACU, and then tell the router to route traffic out the modem IP address ?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: SG-300 - Switch With 24 SFP Ports

Nov 9, 2011

I like the SG-300 switches for SMB and I'd like use them in our network. Design is quite simple just 6 SG-300 switches connected to one central switch using SFP ports (using 2 port trunks) so I need 12 SFP ports and this is my question. Could you recomend me switch with more then 12 SFP ports from Cisco for this SMB network ? I don't know all the Cisco product lines and I can't find it.

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Cisco WAN :: Inactive Ports On 4507R-2 Switch?

Nov 14, 2012

I'm having issues getting the ports g3/5 and g4/5 from inactive to notconnect.
I have tried the hw-module uplink select all in the global configuratio, but it's not working, getting a : % Invalid input detected at '^' marker. Message every time.
This what I have:
Power consumed by backplane : 40 Watts
Mod Ports Card Type                              Model              Serial No.
1    48  10/100/1000BaseT (RJ45)                WS-X4548-GB-RJ45   JAE152101QK


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Cisco :: 3750 Switch - Connectivity Lost For Some Ports?

Mar 8, 2013

In my 3750 stack switch there are more than 10 L3 vlans currently in use.In that only one vlan for example vlan 11 (we given up link directly to the nodes connected to that ports which is in vlan 11)losing connectivity for sometime and again connectivity restored.Except Vlan 11 all other vlans are working fine. When we troubleshooted the issue some of the ip's able to ping and some not able to ping. checked the interface status of that ports (no crc and input errors) and port is in up status only.we also checked cpu utlilisation ,device uptime, all are no issues found. am sharing my sw basic config and one interface status at the time of issue.But only one port learning more than 50 Mac-Addresses dynamically.and am learning mac address violation in another port which is port security and storm control enabled on that port..Its seems to be any attack or something else????

interface GigabitEthernet1/0/20
--More-- description
switchport access vlan 11
switchport mode access
spanning-tree portfast
Mar 8 05:58:25.848 IST: %PORT_SECURITY-2-PSECURE_VIOLATION: Security violation occurred, caused by MAC address 0026.0a18.8218 on port GigabitEthernet1/0/16.
Mar 8 05:59:25.862 IST: %PORT_SECURITY-2-PSECURE_VIOLATION: Security violation occurred, caused by MAC address 0026.0a18.8218 on port GigabitEthernet1/0/16.

AT the time of issue interface status:

sh int gi2/0/14
GigabitEthernet2/0/14 is up, line protocol is up (connected)
Hardware is Gigabit Ethernet, address is 0026.ca46.5c8e (bia 0026.ca46.5c8e)
MTU 1500 bytes, BW 100000 Kbit, DLY 100 usec,[code]......

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: How To Segment The Ports On SF-300 Switch

Jul 13, 2012

The default Gateway and DHCP server is connected to port 1 of the switch.  I have various other devices on the network plugged into other ports on the switch.I want port 1 to communicate with every port on the switch, but don't want the other ports to be able to see eachother unless I specifically allow them to. For example, port 5 should see port 1, and 7, but nothing else.Everything needs to be in the same subnet.  With the older Dlink switches I am used to this feature is called "Port Segmentation" but I see no such option in this switch.   I have been playing with the VLAN settings but so far I have not been able to achieve this.

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Cisco WAN :: WRV210 Not Work With SMB Series SG 100 16 Ports Switch

Jan 19, 2011

I connect a WRV210 router with Small Business 100 Series Unmanaged Switch SG 100-16 Switch. But the switch is not work with the router.In the port of switch (connect with router), no light. In router, the port is disable.Do I need cross-over ethernet cable connect with them?I tried connect WRV210 directly to computer, that is work. I tried connect WRV210 to other (no name) switch and connect this switch with Cisco Switch 100-16 switch than they are work. why?

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