Cisco Application :: 6500 / How To Display CSM Uptime

Sep 12, 2012

I have done this in the past but I cannot find it do you display the uptime of a CSM module in a 6500? The chassis has an uptime of over 2 years, but I believe the CSM module was power cycled at some point within that 2 years and I need to find out if we may be running in to the bug that occurs after 828days of uptime. We are running 4.2(6) on the CSM and 12.2(18)SXF1 IOS on the SUP.

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Cisco Application :: ACE 4710 - Internet Explorer Cannot Display Webpage Randomly

Mar 20, 2013

We have a ACE 4710 with a basic config, When clicking on a tab from a window within Interent explorer we occasionally get an issue with it returning: "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" The details show "Access is denied" accessing a particular line of a java script file.
We have put one web server out of service in the farm to make sure that this isn't a result of stickyness not quite working. We have tested extensively by going directly to the web server directly without the load balancer and cannot reproduce the problem but we can produce the issue within a few minutes when going to the load balanced address. [code]

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Cisco Application :: 6500 - ACE Compatibility With F5 GTM?

May 9, 2012

We have cisco ace 30 modules installed in cisco 6500 switches. For application availability purpose from the internet, we need to have some global site selector/3rd party devices with similar feature set that of cisco gss.
whether cisco ace is compatible to ge tintegrated with other 3rd party devices like F5 GTM?

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Cisco Application :: IOS Upgrade For ACE10-6500-K9

Oct 14, 2011

I have ACE10-6500-K9 installed in 6513 core switch with below mentioned sh version.
loader:    Version 12.2[121]
system:    Version A2(2.0) [build 3.0(0)A2(2.0)]
system image file: [LCP] disk0:c6ace-t1k9-mz.A2_2_0.bin

I want to know that can i upgrade ACE10-6500-K9 to c6ace-t1k9-mz.A5_1_0 i.e version5 ? I tried to search cisco website but could not get proper upgrade or user guide.

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Cisco Application :: 6500 Cannot Communicate To Device

Jul 9, 2012

I have installed ANM 5.2 virtual appliance.I have an issue importing a Catalyst 6500 device.When I try to import it, I get the following error: Device discovery failed: Cannot communicate to the device.Authentication failure while attempting to connect. Verify the device type and credentials. I double verified and the credentials are correct.I user SSH version 2.I use the following special carachters in the password: "!" and space.I don't use enable password to connect to the 6500 device. The 6500 device has a privilege 15 username.In ANM, the enable password is a requirement so I just fill in the regular password.I think the issue is appearing due to one of the following:
1.) The ANM does not support the special carachters I use in the 6500 password.

2.) Then ANM requires enable password, while I don't use enable password in the 6500 switch.
The 6500 runs SXI6 software version.I can't configure an enable password or configure a test username without special carachters beacause it's against the organization's policy.

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Cisco Application :: To Create A Static Bidirectional Nat On 6500

Jul 20, 2011

First of all, I want you to know that I do understand that it's not a good design at all, but I still need to implement it.My ACE20 in 6500 works in routed mode with VLAN 101 ( as the client-side VLAN. I therefore have Vlan101 SVI ( on 6500.I also have VLAN 200 ( on 6500 with SVI Vlan200 ( and I want to create a static bidirectional NAT so that clients, connecting to IP address in VLAN 200 ( would be NATed to VIP ('s say we have clients (10.0.500.0/24) connecting through gig1/0/1.Here is my current setup on 6500.

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Cisco Application :: Asymmetric Routing Seen In WAE When Using 6500 Switch?

May 23, 2011

When we do self diagnostic test for WAE connected to the 6500 switch i get warning as below. Due to this alert there is no major acceleration benfits by the WAAS
Test WARN  [tfo] WARN  ASYMMETRIC  Asymmetric routing is seen in the device Action:  Check router's network configuration and WCCP redirection on the router.usevwa1#
6509 switches has only L2 capability and does not do WCCP redirection. The WCCP re-direction is done by 2821 routers.Is there any command which needs to be given in 6500 switch to solve the issue

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Cisco Application :: ACE SM Indexing In A Catalyst 6500 VSS Environment

Mar 7, 2013

I was asked to mount ACESMs on each of the CAT6K switches of a VSS cluster (one ACESM on each individual switch).On a non-VSS environment, the "svclc module <slot> vlan-group <group>" command is used to bind the VLAN group to the module on a certain slot. But now I am facing a VSS scenario, I will need to combine switch and slot in order to reference each of the individual modules...
How do I "index" each of the ACESMs in a VSS cluster? ¿Is there an extension of the aforementioned command to be able to combine switch and slot information?

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Cisco Application :: ACE10-6500-K9 Supporting C6500 IOS

Dec 7, 2011

It seem that ACE10 not support 12.2(33)SXJ1 IOS running on C6500. The box cannot detect the ACE module when power up. Currently the ACE10 running on system A2(30).
My challenge i have the ASA SM that compulsary to run on 12.2 (33) SXJ1 version. How to let these 2 module can running on the same C6500 box?

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Cisco Application :: Configure New ACE 30 Module On Top Of 6500 Core Switch

Jan 12, 2013

i have configure new ACE 30 module on top of 6500 core switch , the issues am facing whenver i want to access to https://ACE_IP and after i enter the user name and the password , it's forwared me to the follwoing page: is there anything should i configure to avoid this page ?

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Cisco Application :: Password Recovery For ACE Service Module 6500

Dec 27, 2011

I have an ACE10-6500-K9 (Application Control Engine service module for Catalyst 6500) but I can't access it because I lost the admin password.I would like to know how to perform a Password Recovery Procedure on this device.Is it similar to the password recovery procedure on an ACE 4700 appliance?

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Cisco Application :: ACE And FWSM Design And Configuration Guideline With 6500

Apr 8, 2013

I have Cisco 6500 with FWSM and ACE module which are in one central DC. Also we have four different Datacenter (Hub & spoke) and in our FWSM we have configured four contexts in central DC FWSM for each DC. Each DC servers are different VLAN and IP subnet. Now we have to configure ACE module for load balancing among those different subnet servers. What will be the design and configuration for this solution? Like routed or one-arm mode design.
Scenario Example:
1.  App Server01
FWSM Context: DC1
Physical Location:DC1

Now customer requirement is we have to load balance using ACE between these App Servers which are in different context s in FWSM and one Server is not FWSM. how to configure or design or placement of ACE and FWSM for above scenario.

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Cisco Application :: Failover ACE / Default Route Redundancy / 6500

Jun 20, 2011

Since the ACE supports only static routing, when pointing a default route from the ACE what is your preferred method when using multiple 6500s with an ACE in each in a failover scenario to prevent just pointing at one 6500? Static route to an HSRP address? Multiple static routes on the ACE, etc?

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Cisco Application :: ACE10-6500-K9 / How Static Entry Under Sticky Performs

Jul 26, 2011

how a static entry under a "sticky" performs Configuring Static IP Address Sticky Table Entries Cisco Documentation Says When you configure a static entry, the ACE enters it into the sticky table immediately. Configuring the ACE Action on Server Failure failaction purge # The purge keyword specifies that the ACE remove the  connections to a real server  if that real server in the server farm  fails after you enter the  command. The ACE sends a reset (RST) to both  the client and the server  that failed. Cisco Documentation Says If you do not configure this command, the ACE takes no action when a server fails
sample config
sticky ip-netmask address source STICKY1
timeout 180   replicate sticky   serverfarm SERVERFARM1   8 static client source rserver SERVER1
Question1 - What happens if SERVER1 fails?
a) Does the ACE let the connections to SERVER1 timeout(default behaviour) and then load-balance new connections coming in deom to another server in SERVERFARM1

ORb)  Does the ACE reset the connections to SERVER1  immediately and starts  load-balancing new conenction coming in from to other  servers in SERVERFARM1 ?

ORc) Does the ACE just drop the current and new connections from till SERVER1 comes back up ?

OR d) Is it dealt differently?
Question2 - Now what happens if the failed server(SERVER1) comes back up after some time?
e) Does the ACE reset any current connections from and starts sending them to SERVER1 ?

ORf)  Does the ACE leave the current connections from to other  servers in SERVERFARM1 as they are and send any new connections
from to SERVER1?

ORg) Is it dealt differently?
My guess is Question1 -> a) and Question2 -> e)
ACE model =  ACE10-6500-K9
Version =  A2(3.3) 

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Cisco Application :: Possible To Modify Configure With Snmp On Ace Module Like Others 6500 Catalyst

Apr 12, 2012

Is it possible to modify conf with snmp on ace module like others 6500 catalyst ?Is ace answer to snmpset cmds ?

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Cisco Application :: Does 6500 SUP720 / 2T Support MAC Address-Table Move Update Feature

Apr 21, 2013

Does 6500 SUP720/2T support MAC Address-Table Move Update Feature?

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Cisco :: Uptime Report Using CWLMS 3.2

May 6, 2012

Is it possible to run an uptime report using CWLMS 3.2 ?

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Cisco :: Service Timestamps Log Uptime Or Datetime

Feb 3, 2012

In which case it's useful or needed to timestamp log or debug messages with time since the last reload("service timestamps log uptime")?

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D-Link DIR-655 :: How To Check Router Uptime

Jan 16, 2013

I get frequent internet disconnects.  Sometimes when I notice I can't get into the web gui; other time I can get in but I have to re-authenticate, and I see the wan port is re-initializing.  So of course, the "WAN uptime" starts again at zero.  I can then look at the "statistics" page and see that the LAN packets are really low (like low 4 digits).  SO, my guess is the router is randomly resetting.  But how can I check the router uptime??  I searched and I see plenty of folks reporting their uptimes, but I can't find it anywhere in the GUI.  I want to be able to prove that it's the router and not the cable modem or WAN connection....I was getting the logs emailed, but really can't decipher anything.  I have "system activity", "attacks", and "notices" enabled.  It's DIR-655, hardware B1, firmware 2.10NA.I already emailed DLINK support asking for a warranty replacement, as this one is only 10 months old.  If they don't come through, it's time to jump ship to a new vendor.  Will be my second dead one in under a year. 

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Routers / Switches :: Find The Uptime Of An ISP From A Remote Location?

Jan 26, 2012

My boss is asking me to write a batch file or use a utility to monitor the uptime of 16 different ISP accounts that we use across several stores. Most stores have several ISP accounts setup as failover, so they're not always active on our network but the ISP should still be up. He would like this to run from one of our servers. He is suggesting the 'gateway' for the ISP however I am not sure how to find this IP. The tracert utility returns IP addresses which are different than the gateway address in our router settings so I am wary to use those IPs.Which IPs would I ping to monitor the uptime and where would be the best place to find them?

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D-Link DIR-655 :: Connection Uptime Error DHCP Crash?

Feb 9, 2012

First of all i do not have that much know how within this field (Although i work for an ISP)

There seems to be a problem with my DIR-655.

#1. As we speak the router is taking down and setting up the connection about 1-2 times pr. minute! the connection uptime is stuck in a infinite loop: 1.12 sec, 1.13, 1.14 and back to 1.12 sec.   It comes back from time to time. but this is the second time this have happened.


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Can't Obtain IP Address From Wireless Access Point After Few Days Of Uptime?

Dec 12, 2012

My set up is a 2wire router that connects to the internet, with an ethernet power plug connected to it. Over the other side of the house, I have the other ethernet power plug connected, with a Netgear router in access point mode.The main router is on, and the access point is on The DCHP server is enabled on the main router with range 192.168.64 to The access point has the DCHP server turned off. The routers have the same APN and security (WPA2-PSK).Also, the wireless channels don't overlap, channel 1 and 11.Now to my problem:The internet always works fine for a few days when the routers are turned on. But at some point between 1 to 3 days later, every computer can't obtain an IP address while connected to the access point. But all computers can connect to the main router (i.e. when closer to the main router than the access point), and then go near the access point and it keeps the connection. If I reboot the access point, then everything works again for a few days.

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Cisco :: Command To Show Uptime Of A Router Interface In Days / Hours / Minutes?

Aug 22, 2012

I'm probably overlooking something very simple but is there a command to show the uptime of a router interface in days,hours,minutes?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Upgrade 6500 Non Modular IOS To Normal 6500?

Dec 21, 2011

how can we upgrade 6500 non modular ios to normal 6500 ios?

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Cisco Application :: ACE20 - Config Application In Progress Message

Dec 3, 2012

Everytime I make a config change to one of the contexts on our ACE20, I get this message: Config Application in Progress. This command is queued to the system
If I run show download info, I get:
context : context1
Interface                     Download-status
187                         In Progress
199                             Pending
Regex download optimization status : Couldn't get status[TNRPC Timed out]
It eventually seems to complete, but it takes a very, very long time. We are running Version A2(3.5) [build 3.0(0)A2(3.5)].

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Cisco Application :: Application Slowness Through ACE 4710

Mar 27, 2013

Report run via Individual Web server URL’sThe report takes less than 20 minutes (average 15 minutes) to fetch and return the data. This is observed 9 out of 10 times.Report run via ACE Load Balanced URLThe report keeps on running for more than 20 minutes and never completes. The front end keeps showing report is running.The data in general when tested directly by running queries against the database (bypassing the platform) completes in 15-18 minutesThe network connectivity for each and every ports involved (Loadbalancer/Servers) have been throulgly checked.

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IE Cannot Display Webpage

Jun 30, 2011

I have a network with a 2003 windows server and around 60 XP computers. I also have 2 different gateways. I am trying to access a webpage "". When I enter the address it comes up to the page that says "IE cannot display the webpage".I have treid and both gateways and same result. I am also not able to ping the address from the PC within my LAN.I then went to a different network "not within my LAN" and I am able to access the site without any problem. I have accessed it from my phone also without any problems.I have tried to get to this page from the server and also around 5 other computers within the LAN and the same problem each time.I have security settings very low and also the firewalls are off. I tried on a computer that is connected to my LAN with no luck. I then disconnected that same computer and connected it to a different modem not within the LAN and had no prob getting to the site with the same PC.So I know it must have something to do with my LAN but I have no idea what it could be. I have tried everything I can think of and same result each time.

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IE 9 Can't Display Any Pages

Jul 11, 2012

IE9 can't display any webpages. Troubleshooting shows that it can't detect my proxy settings. However, I don't have proxy settings/server checked anywhere. Moreover, Pale Moon is able to connect to the internet.I've tried these so far with no luck:

1. Resetting IE
2. Reinstalling IE
3. Removing idstore to see if it'd work -- nope
4. going to cmd and using dnsflush, ipv4/6 reset, winsock reset, ipconfig release
5. Reinstalling adapter
6. Removing firewalls
7. SFC scanner

Windows IP Configuration
Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : GLaDOS
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No


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Cisco :: WLC5508 / Display WPA Or WEP Encryption Key?

Sep 13, 2012

the guy who set the key for WPA-PSK and another one for WEP left... Anyway we can figure out what the key was?

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Cisco VPN :: ASA 5540 - Display Passwords

Jul 19, 2011

We have two ASA's 5540, running IOS 8.2(4).  Is there a command to find out the password that we setup for VPN Load balancing?  I recall there was a command that you type under CLI and it will display all passwords. 

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Error Saying Cannot Display Page

Dec 3, 2011

I can not connect to the internet, even though it says that Im connected. What happens is when I boot up I will get internet access for about 2-3 minutes or enough togo to about a couple web pages and then connectivity will drop and I'll get the yellow triangle with an exclamation point on my network icon. The error traingle will go away after a few minutesand say I have connection again but when I go to a site I'll get "Can not display page" error. Things Ive tried was restarting the modem and router(it cant be a problem with either of them because I have another computer hooked up to the router and I have internet access on my other computer). Ive tried resetting winsock and renewed ip, no luck. Ive tried reinstalling Windows 7 64bit then also 32 bit. Thought maybe it could be a problem with the 64 bit. Ive gotten rid of my Nortons(read that could be a problem) so I uninstalled it. Ive tried unchecking Ipv6(or whatever it is) didnt work. I looked for Bonjour file in my services, didnt have it. I even bought a new NIC and my computer recognizes it but it doesnt work either. Drivers are all up to date, so says my computer when I tried to update them.

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Internet Won't Display WebPages?

Jul 12, 2011

I recently deleted Speed Bit Video Accelerator manualy, because it couldn't uninstall itself. After deleting it, Windows 7 wouldn't display web pages in either Firefox or Internet Explorer. I'm currently posting this message in my old Windows Vista laptop, so it's not my internet connection

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Cisco VPN :: ASA5510 - SSL Login Page Does Not Display

Jan 21, 2010

I have an ASA5510 that I am trying to set up for remote access using SSL VPN & clientless SSL VPN. I have followed the config guides on the Cisco website as well as the config guides elsewhere on the internet to no avail. I have a TAC case opened and have spoken with 4 engineers thus far. I have tried several software versions on the device and they all give the same result.When going to https://(outside interface ip address), I receive the expected ssl certificate error, then I click to continue to the website, and the browser never loads a page. I can see the ssl negotiation in my debug, and it completes that portion. My http debug shows the get requests to https://(outside interface ip address)/+CSCOE+/index.html and/or logon.html, but the page never loads.

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