Cisco :: LMS 3.2 Failed To Start Acquisition / Device Unreachable / Enter A Valid Device

Jan 3, 2013

We are using LMS 3.2.1 with SP1 and Campus Manager 5.2.2.Server runs Windows 2003 R2.Everything runs fine except for User Tracking on two Catalyst 6500 switches running CatOS. These devices are discovered, reachable, SNMP works fine, neighbors seen. But when we try to launch acquisition, the UT utility complains with this error message:"Failed to start acquisition: Device unreachable. Please enter a valid device."When we wanted to add ports via Device Trap Configuration, LMS has fired a different error message: "There are no ports to configure for the selected device(s).Check whether you have selected any router(s)." I have checked the portsData.xml file, which doesn't have any ports included for the two devices: [code] We have tried to exclude / include the switches in the data collection, but that didn't work.

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Cisco :: Catalyst 3750 - Failed To Start Acquisition / Device Unreachable

Jan 26, 2012

We are using Catalyst 3750 switch stacks with software 12.2(44)SE. We have two stacks, only one with IP routing enabled.When we try to run an Acquisition Action on this, from Admin> Collection Settings> User Tracking, the system replies with an error "Failed to start acquisition: Device unreachable. Please enter a valid device"device Center reports "success" on all collector status.Acquisition starts successfully when we try with the other stack.With LMS 4.1 demo, users acquisition runs successfully.

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Code 10 - This Device Cannot Start

Mar 30, 2011

I just got a new server for hosting, installed Windows Server 2008 R1, and it installed correctly with no errors. First time running it, everything is plugged in, and there ethernet would not pick up at all. Went to Device Manager and got: "This Device Cannot Start. Code 10"Tried different cables, I even swapped the network switches (clearly wasn't the problem). More information can be supplied if needed.

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Cisco :: LMS 4.1 Device Discovery Will Not Start When Launched Manually

Apr 19, 2012

I have problem in recently installed LMS 4.1 Device discovery will not start when launched manually. When i hit the button, it doesn't even give a popup window saying that the discovery is started and that email will be sent... If I schedule it is launched, runs and finishes correctly. All proceses are started and it seems that application is working ok. LMS is installed on Win 2008 R2.

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Cisco WAN :: 2800 - Message In ROMmon / Device Does Not Contain Valid File System

Jun 7, 2012

I have a router Cisco 2800, but always is in Rommon, the message show is:
device does not contain a valid file system
dir: cannot open device "bootflash:"
rommon 8 > dir usbflash0:
Checksum failed on c1840-usbfslib-m
Expected checksum: 91d6, calculated checksum: 4527
open: file "c1840-usbfslib-m" not found
open(): Open Error = -1
loadprog: error - on file open
cannot load the monitor library "bootflash:%c1840-usbfslib-m"
from device: usbflash0dir: cannot open device "usbflash0:"

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Dell :: Inspiron 1525 - Broadcom 802.11 Multiband Network Adapter / Device Cannot Start

Oct 29, 2011

I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 that suddenly has an issue with Wireless Networking.  When I try and troubleshoot it shows me that the Broadcom 802.11 Multiband Network Adapter has a Code 10 error and says the "device cannot start."  I have tried uninstalling and updating the driver, but it just continues to tell me that it has the best driver every-time I try and update it.If I plug the laptop in to the router with a wired connection it works just fine, so it is obviously an issue with the wireless adapter.what I should do in order to get this to take a new driver so it works again?

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Dell :: 1390 WLAN Card - Unable To Connect To Internet / Device Cannot Start

Mar 7, 2012

I'm unable to connect to the internet because my Dell Wireless 1390 WLAN Mini-Card says that "This device cannot start. (Code 10)"

I have an Dell Inspiron 1520.

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Cisco :: LMS 4 / Device Credential Verification Failed

Aug 16, 2011

i get for all devices telnet credential failed in my credential verification report. I exported the device from the Device Manager into a csv file to verify the correct passwords.The export shows the correct values in

<DEVATTRIB Name="primary_username">cwuser</DEVATTRIB>
<DEVATTRIB Name="primary_password">secretpassword</DEVATTRIB>

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Cisco Wireless :: AP1231G - Failed To Add Device To WCS Reason

May 10, 2012

I am trying to add an AP (1231G)  with autonomous code (Version 12.3(8)JEC2)  to WCS (v7.0.172.0).  I recieved the following error:
Failed to add device to WCS Reason: Unified AP with same MacAddress already exists in WCS. Remove Unified AP first.

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Cisco :: 7609 SP - Failed To Write To DS1338 RTC Device

Mar 15, 2011

Does any know the meaning of this log message in a 7609 router - "SP: FAILED to write to DS1338 RTC device"?

So far as I can tell DS1338 RTC is supposed to be a (linux-related?) clock but I don't see how that's related to the.

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Cisco :: 4510 / 4507 - Device Collection Failed On LMS 4.1

Apr 24, 2013

I add 4510 and 4507 in zhe  LMS ,but fault discovery failure.

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Dell :: 1720 - Bluetooth Peripheral Device Failed

Sep 14, 2012

I just reinstalled my Inspiron 1720 and everything works fine but the Bluetooth Peripheral Device which keeps reinstalling after every reboot. 

In device manager Bluetooth Radios, "Dell Truemobile 355 Bluetooth + EDR" and "Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator" are installed properly but I have in "Other devices" a Bluetooth Peripheral Device which does not want to install.

I used Driver CD provided when I purchased my laptop but it does not find any drivers to solve the problem. I also went to drivers to fin the latest one and this neither does not work .

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Cisco :: RME 4.3.1 / Failed To Export Detailed Device Report To CSV File

Apr 15, 2010

I try to export a Detailed Device Report to a CSV. It failes:
<HTML><META HTTP-EQUIV="content-type" CONTENT="text/html;charset=utf-8">
<H1>HTTP Status 500 - </H1><HR SIZE=1 noShade>
<P><B>type</B> Exception report</P><P><B>message</B> <U></U></P><P><B>description</B> <U>The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request.</U></P><P><B>exception</B>


Exporting to PDF works OK.CW is running on Windows server. RME is 4.3.1

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Cisco Wireless :: 4402 - SNMP Operation To Device Failed

Mar 4, 2012

after upgrading the firmware on the wireless lan controller on my cisco 4402 wlc's and rebooted the devices, I am getting matches on the audit status between whats on the contoller and the wcs software. so i am trying to apply whats in the wcs templates created for the controller and i am getting this error.
SNMP operation to Device failed:                                  Attempt to set conflicting attribute value
I am thinking that i need to rebooted the wlc's again because from the error it sounds like the values that i am trying to write to the controllers are already present

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Cisco :: C3560 - SWIM1164 / Image Distribute To Device Failed

Apr 7, 2011

I am trying image distribution to a c3560 device but I always get the error message SWIM1164. In the documentation it says to copy the logs and open a TAC Case but I would like to do some troubleshooting myself before opening a case.
Some actions to be taken prior to opening a case?

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Cisco :: Cat 4500 - LMS4 Device Sensed But Collection Failed

May 9, 2012

This is a WS-C4510R+E with a Sup 7-E running 03.02.02.SG enterprise.
I increased SNMP timeout to 10 seconds to no avail.

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: WLC 5508 - ISE Alarm / Dynamic Authorization Failed For Device

May 30, 2013

I am using ISE and WLC and NAC agent version on Windows 7 Client machines.
About once a day i get the error "ISE Alarm (WARNING): Dynamic Authorization Failed for Device".
The device it is referring to is my NAD, a WLC 5508 running
I have looked at the logs and I cannot see anything in the logs which corresponds to this message so that I can troubleshoot further. Maybe I can if I am enabling the correct logging level on the correct ISE component.
What are the components and the logging level that I should set to get some more detail about this error?
At the moment, I have only set debug logging on Active Directory. I have TRACE logging set on Posture, Run time AAA & prrt-JNI.
I do not want to enable too much debug logs, so what is the specific element that I should be debugging.
I thought debugging the posture element would be enough but when I look at the logs there is nothing there that relates to this message.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5510 Device Manager Image Set But Not A Valid Image File

Feb 9, 2012

I'm have upgraded our ASA5510's from 7.0.8 to 8.4.3 and now I just need to do the ASDM, but get this error?  The bin file has been uploaded: [code] Device Manager image set, but not a valid image file disk0:/asdm-647.bin.

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Sony TV Internet Set Up - Wireless Device Found Local Access Failed

May 16, 2011

MGMcc solved my set up problem with my KDL-32ex713 which (i've swapped for a new model - its a long story). I used exactly the same ip addresses for the set up on this KDL-373x524 and got messages "wireless device found, local access failed, internet access failed". As my router and pc are the same as last time why the set up doesn't work this time and what I should do?

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Cisco Application :: ACE 4710 License Installation Failed With No Space Left On Device

Jan 15, 2012

The installation of an ACE-4710 throughput upgrade license licence (ACE-AP-02-UP1) failed with an error message :CH01AC03/Admin#  license install disk0:ACE20111213081741975.lic.Installing license... failed: No space left on device. [code]

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Cisco :: 5500 - SNMP Operation To Device Failed / Sparse Table Not Supported

May 29, 2013

I am currently running WCS 7.0.230 I have controllers that are 2500 that are running
My problem is that when I try to add my controller that is a Cisco 5500 running the same I am getting the error SNMP operation to Device failed: Sparse table not supported. Verify that the WCS and WLC versions are compatible and try again.
I have double checked SNMP strings, IP Addressing and everything else I can think of. It just doesn't make sense that I can add a Controller with the same image but different hardware and no the other to the WCS server.

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Dell :: Inspiron 1545 - Driver Installation Failed / Could Not Find Modem Device

Oct 20, 2012

I have an Inspiron 1545 and I reinstalled Vista  32-bit, but I having problems with the comms driver (Conexant D400, External USB 56k Modem Rev : a05) and having the following message appear when I install the driver?

where to show MODEM?

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Linksys Wired Router :: BEFSR81 / Add Device Names To DHCP Device Table?

Nov 30, 2011

My BEFSR81 is my primary router and has DHCP turned on.  The router's DHCP range is set to accommodate 12 devices.  I have three computers wired to it and their Host names (as specified in the set-up of each computer) show up in the router's DHCP device table.  I also have two printers (one old Brother HL5250DN laser printer and one new HP Photosmart Premier C410a inkjet printer) connected and there are blanks where the Host name should go.  I would like to be able to tell which printer is which when I am looking at the DHCP device table.  How can I get a names associated with each printer's IP address in the router's DHCP device table?  (The real problem is that the router seems to have both printers at the same IP address ( and if I can get one of them to change I'd like to know which one it was!)

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E1000 / HNAP Call To Device Failed For Unknown Reasons

Jul 10, 2012

I am trying to install Cisco Connect for my E1000 but I get the following error each attempt "An HNAP Call to the device failed for unknown reasons" I've already updated the router to 2.1 version of the Firmware.
Full Details
Error code: 82BD0305Error description: An HNAP call to the device failed for an unknown reason.Model name: unknownModel number: E1000Serial number: unknownFirmware version: unknownOperating system: Windows 7 SP 1Software version: 1.3.11069.2Connection type (WAN): unknownIP address (LAN): unknownIP address (WAN): unknownComputer IP address:

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GPS Tracking Device / Gps Device Without Screen Or Applications?

Feb 11, 2013

The problem: I need to track a bus from city to city in real time.I'm thinking of a gps device without screen or apps, it only sends the current location to a server. Is this possible? What device can be useful?

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: ACS 5.3 - Application Failed To Start

Apr 28, 2012

Although, ACS states its installed, after going through the startup. However when I do show application nothing comes up. When I do a application start acs, %Application failed to start.

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: 3395 - Getting Error - Failed To Start DB

Oct 14, 2012

While installing ISE 3395 i am getting error failed to start DB!
Database is not available withintimeout of 240 seconds.this could be reason of incorrect network configuration or lack of resources on the appliance or VM, run the folloing CLI to re-prime database 'application reset-config ise'

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Windows 8 Pro - The Dependency Service Or Group Failed To Start

Feb 23, 2013

I've been working on my laptop recently, once finished i turned my computer off like most people do. After turning it back on hours later, i noticed that my laptop was connected to the internet router but had limited access which ment i could'nt get onto the internet ! So when I went onto Network and sharing center and nothing came up apart from ''the dependency service or group failed to start'' ...I don't want to use system restore or reset tools of windows

Current OS: Windows 8 PRO
Model: ASUS K43SV

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Dependency Service Or Group Failed To Start - Error 5

Jul 20, 2011

DHCP Client and Network Location Awareness aren't working. When I tried to start DHCP Client, I got Windows could not start the DHCP Client service on the Local Computer.Error 5: Access is denied. I checked the dependencies and all of them were on. For Network Location Awareness, I got the error Windows could not start the Network Location Awareness on Local Computer. For more information, review the System Event Log. If this is a non-Microsoft service, contact the service cendor, and refer to service-specific error code -1073741288. One of its dependencies is fine, but I don't know how to check the other two, Ancillary Function Driver for Winsock and NetIO Legacy TDI Support Driver. Also, how do I check the event log?Everything on the list that was said to check is running expect these two the lisie was having problems with. I have not had anything with memory recently and have not been able to successfully go through a system restore. I have tried many of the suggestions and just am not sure what to do anymore. The computer works perfectly fine, minus it cannot get on the internet.

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Cisco Wireless :: 3355 Mobility Service Engine Failed To Start

Nov 14, 2012

After I initial MSE with the wizard. MSE take so long to start the service (more than 1 hour) with "Starting MSE Platform, waiting to check the status"Then I decide to reboot the appliance, after that MSE shows the message "Traceback (most recent call last) File "/usr/sbin/yum-updatesd", line 40, in ?import gaminImportError: No module named gaming.

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Computer Won't Detect Ethernet Cable - Dependency Service Or Group Failed To Start

Mar 7, 2012

My roommate and I are trying to set up the internet, but my computer won't detect the Ethernet Cable. Whenever I go to Network and Sharing Center and try connecting to the internet, the computer simply says "Windows did not detect any networking hardware", even though the light is clearly on and should be working. The cable is also new so it should be fine. I've also been looking around on the internet a bit, and in trying to fix the problem it looks like some of my Services are turned off, which seems to be causing the problem. However, whenever I try and turn them on, I get an error message saying "The dependency service or group failed to start".

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Cisco :: 3750 - User Tracking Acquisition Error

Oct 25, 2011

We are using Catalyst 3750 with 12.2(44)SE. We have two stack configured, one with IP routing enabled. When we try to run an Acquisition Action on IP routing enabled stack, from Admin> Collection Settings> User Tracking, the system replies with an error "Failed to start acquisition: Device unreachable. Please enter a valid device". Acquisition starts successfully when we try with the other stack. We are going to investigate!

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Cisco :: Add Device To IPM On LMS 4.1?

Jan 4, 2012

I have accidentally deleted a device from IPM. How can I re-add it? Do the IPSLA Devices somehow get sync-ed with the devices in DCR.If I use the option "Add adhoc target" will the result be the same?

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