How To Be Anonymous On The Internet

Jun 7, 2011

Recently my friend has been telling me about all the information websites get from you. I knew they did, but the way he made it seem was that it's a very serious thing. I don't really want people to know what I do. I don't like them knowing where I live, ect. Is there anything I can run so that it reroutes me somewhere else and makes it seem like I am a different person so that the information they gather on me will make it seem like I am a person in Hawaii. or somewhere.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Wrt600N / Filter Anonymous Internet Requests

Jul 23, 2012

I am using a linksys wrt600N with easylink advisor version 1.6.0042. I am trying to install a video camera and the instruction manual says under "known issues": LinkSys routers have a factory default setting in the firewall menu called "filter anonymous internet requests". If you want to access your camera from the internet you have to uncheck this option."I see this option in the WRT600N manual, but it references a software choice that I don't have.I have gone to the website and downloaded the latest compatible software version, and I still don't have the choice to uncheck this option.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT120N Disable SPI Firewall Protection And Anonymous Internet Request

Oct 14, 2009

I'm about fed up with with having this issue that no one can seem to solve. It dates back to when I owned a WRT54G router. I started experiencing random disconnects with the router, both wired and wireless. I only owned the router a year and figured it was going bad.
So I purchased this WRT120N router late August. Soon after I set the router up, low and behold the same problem started. I've called my ISP a couple occasions and they tell me that everything is fine from their end. I've spoken with Linksys tech support on 3 seperate occasions. I have changed the MTU to 3 different values and upgraded the firmware. The 2nd support tech suggested that I do those two things. To my surprise this worked for 2 or 3 weeks with no problem. The same problem started again just last night disconnecting intermittingly. I spoke with another support tech and they suggested that disable the SPI Firewall protection and Anonymous internet request. That did not work for the brief time I had this disabled.
More into the problem, when it disconnects the modem seems fine but the activity light on it stops as it should. The router itself appears to reboot, then when it comes back up the connection restores. What could possibly cause this? I currently have version 1.0.02.This is getting very frustrating and I am getting very near not using Linksys/Cisco products any longer.

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Tethering Through A Mobile Phone Keeps Me Anonymous

Apr 26, 2011

If I tether my computer to my phone and use the 3G networks IP address, trace the IP to my phone number if they really wanted to? Or am I completely anonymous because whatever tower I'm connected to, thats the designated IP for that tower and there could be dozens of people on that tower's IP as well?

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Home Network :: Staying Anonymous Online

Feb 23, 2011

Is it possible for someone to know the physical computer you use to surf the internet, send e-mails, and post on forums like this?

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Cisco Routers :: RV220w Can't Send Anonymous SMTP

Nov 7, 2012

I sold a rv220w to a customer. I've configured it but it seems that the router doesn't allow anonymous smtp. I've configured outlook on a computer with authentification request and it's working fine.
There is a software on a computer that I'm unable to change the authentification and it's not working ( Not able to send message ) I've search in the router and I've disabled these rule : "Block Anonymous ICMP Messages".

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Cisco Wireless :: 1041 Access Point Converted Into Anonymous?

Apr 3, 2012

I have a wireless network using the cisco ap 1041 converted into the anonymous. however it seems like every morning or evening I have to attached it back to the SSID all over again. it will not give me an ip address. I also would have to put the encryption key in again. I am using WEP 40 bit.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Set E4200 To Support Anonymous Access To Ftp Server In Read / Write Mode?

Jul 17, 2011

Is there any possibility to set linksys E4200 for support anonymous acces to ftp server in read and write mode ?

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Cisco Routers :: RV120W - Implement Security To Keep Internet And Non-internet Vlan Computers?

Sep 4, 2011

I have a RV120W Firewall and I've created 3 Vlans.  One for Internet Access Computers, One for non-Internet access, one for printers.  How can I implement security to keep Internet and non-internet vlan computers from communicating with one anothers?  Both computer vlans will need to communicate with printer

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Internet Router (2901) Is Not Pinging The Internet

Jan 20, 2013

Everything in my network works as a charm. Every host in my vlans can access and ping the internet with no problems. But, my main router does not ping the internet (Pinging either ip "" or domain "" do not work). I don't know how is that possible since my hosts can ping the internet. Below is my main router confiurations
hostname Internet_Router


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Cisco WAN :: 815 / Connect To Internet Small Office Where Docsis (internet Over Tv Cable) Is Used As WAN

Aug 12, 2011

I want to connect to the Internet small office where docsis (internet over tv cable) is used as WAN.For similar tasks but other WANs (adsl, dial-up) I used 800 series. But now I can't find anything in this series to solve my issue. There is 815 but it has no wi-fi.
I can use cable modem that my ISP gave to me: this modem acts as bridge so I can use router with FE-based WAN but it is better to have one device instead of two.

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Two Home Routers To Access Internet From Work / Internet Cafes

Feb 22, 2012

I have a laptop that I take to work, and would like to set things up to use my home internet connection from elsewhere. I don't have another computer to function as a server for me at home, so would like to do it so that my router alone provides this access (log into it from the internet anywhere and use my internet as if I am using it from home). How would I go about doing this? Would it require installing new firmware?

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No Internet Access Via Cat5 Cable Wireless Or Internet Dongle?

Aug 24, 2012

I have a Sony Vaio running Windows 7 Home Premium. Yesterday I accessed the Internet at the office over a Cat5 cable. Last night I accessed the Internet at home via my USB Internet dongle (actually an O2 mobile phone). Today neither works. I have also tried to connect to the Internet via Wireless and that does not work either.Needless to say my desktop (using the same Cat5 cable) works. My mobile phone can access the Internet on it own. And others can get the wireless to work.My Vaio can connect to all three; however, all three say "No Internet access".I changed nothing between last night and this morning. I have scanned through the list of Windows Updates and nothing has been downloaded in the past week. I have turned off my firewalls (in both McAfee and Symantec Endpoint Protection). I have run the three NETSH reset commands with Administrator privileges. I have rebooted my machine numerous times. Nothing works.

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Laptop Connected To Internet But Internet Explorer Cannot Display Webpages

Oct 2, 2012

Laptop connected to internet but internet explorer cannot display webpages

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Vista - Connected To Network And Have Internet Access But Internet Not Working?

Feb 18, 2012

I am connected to my network wirelessly and I have Internet acces (according to the symbol at the bottom right) bu the Internet doesn't work. At the moment it keeps fluctuating between giving me interne and not I am using Skype to tell me if I have Internet ( when it's green I do when it's grey I don't) I have tried many things on forums like obtaining ip automatically or obtaining a fixed ip. I've tried renewing the ip and all this doesnt work.

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Toshiba Laptop Says Connected To Internet But Will Not Load Any Page On Internet

Feb 21, 2013

I use my android as a mobile hotspot to connect to the internet on my laptop. My laptop says it is connected to the internets.d has a strong connection but will not load any page on internet. I use my mobile hotspot to connect to the internet on other devices and it works great. I am using windows 7 operating system and internet explorer for my browser.

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Can't Connect To Internet - Internet Explorer Cannot Display Webpage

Feb 27, 2011

I suddenly can't connect to the internet using IE or Firefox every time I try I get the message "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". My connection on my wireless picks up great and shows signal strength as excellent. I took it to a place that was offering free check ups and they said that I caught a virus which I never seen any sign of catching a virus when it worked and that it had wiped out one of my hard drives and they could fix it for $229.00. I don't have that kind of money so I don't know what to do.

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IPv4 Connected To Internet But IPv6 No Internet Access?

Apr 22, 2011

well a couple days of go it was working fine until i updated windows 7 now it says im connected to the internet but when i go on it dosnt load anything, and when i go check it says that "IPv6 connectivity: No Internet access" how ever the IPv4 is connected to the internet, should i restore settings to osmetimes earlier this week

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Can't Connect Vaio (VGN-TX750P) To Internet Through Internet Cable

Oct 12, 2011

After i reinstall my PC, i can't connect my vaio (VGN-TX750P) to internet through internet cable nothing appears in Control PanelNetwork and InternetNetwork Connections wifi is working fine but I can't connect using ethernet

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Wireless Internet Connection Connected No Internet Access

Jan 16, 2012

wireless internet connection connected no bit it says no internet access what is the problem

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Internet Connectivity IPv4 Internet - Ipv6 - Local

May 21, 2011

My laptop is not connecting to the internet, I know that it is not a router problem as my mine PC and Notebook are connecting with no issues.I have removed all router devices as had an new once once it was last working.I tried this morning to set it up again without success. I have compared to setting with my pc and have found the difference is with the IPV6 connectivity.

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LAN Connection But No Internet - Internet Gateway Disabled?

Nov 6, 2011

I have a desktop computer that I have used for years and it has always worked just fine. We have AT&T (DSL, not cable) and it used to connect just fine but then I moved out, left everything plugged in exactly as it was and when I came back it wouldn't connect.It connects to the LAN but not to the internet. When I go in cmd to type ipconfig the DNS suffix is blank on that computer but says on my wireless laptop. I eventually disabled UPnP on it because that's what alot of people were saying fixed the problem but it didn't fix anything. All it did was make the Internet Gateway Connection box disappear.Originally it was plugged in like so: Cable from wall > Cable Box > PC Now it is hooked up like this: Data cable from wall > DSL > Router > PC It stopped working BEFORE it was switched to DSL so that isn't the problem The DSL we have is "AT&T 2701HG-B 2Wire Wireless Gateway DSL Router Modem" and the Router it is plugged into that goes to my PC is a Linksys Wireless Router Model WRT54GS The PC is Windows XP Home, SP2?

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Internet Crashes When Starts To Use 2 Internet Apps

Feb 16, 2011

My network has recently started acting very odd. Everything works fine as long as i use only 1 internet using application at the time but my whole wireless network brakes down when i start up 2 internet using applications at the same time. Let me elaborate.

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Unable To Connect To Internet Through Anything But Internet Explorer

Sep 30, 2012

I come here today with a problem that has been plaguing this laptop forever and a day. You see, about two or so years ago on this very laptop, it was just another day where I booted up my laptop and was going to get a good day of wasting time on the internet underway. I tried to open Firefox, and I got prompted to download an apparent update for the browser. Obviously I went along with it because it seemed pretty routine and identical to how Firefox had updated in the past.

After the update was all done and dusted, I found myself unable to connect to the internet through Firefox. I would just get a constant stream of "Unable to connect" messages. I thought it might have been a problem on my end since back then I had rather wishy washy internet. So I let it settle for a while. Later on that day I talked to a few of my buddies over Xbox Live and asked if they'd had any similar issues with the new Firefox update because at the time, we all used it and hadn't quite jumped ship to Chrome just yet. But no matter who I asked, I always got the same response "I didn't get any update." Which as you can imagine, confused me quite thoroughly.

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Have Internet But Can't Access Internet Or Play Games

Mar 15, 2012

My computer it connected to the internet wirelessly but i cant broswe the web or play video games online. I am an avid world of warcraft player but it tells me i cannot connect to the launcher. The laptops that connect to the same internet work just fine though. I have tried to connect through an ethernet cord with no luck.

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Internet Browser Won't Connect To Internet After Installing XP SP2

Aug 30, 2011

I have Windows xp professional 64 bit os and after installed sp 2 my internet browser don't connect to internet I can connect to skype..

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Computer Not Connecting To Internet But Internet Working?

Oct 27, 2012

when i try to log on to google states not connect to the thr bottom of the computer it say noy connected connection avaiable

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Internet Status Says Its Working But Computer Has No Internet

Jun 24, 2012

When I look at the "network and sharing" page it saying that I'm connected same goes for the "Wireless Network Connection Status" page (which says "internet" in the "IPv4 connectivity" and "no internet access" in the "IPv6 connectivity"). But when the computer has to update It'll say "no internet access" and when i go on Internet Explorer it won't say anything instead the green loading bar on the bottom of the page will be stuck in the middle.

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D-Link DIR-655 :: Lan Internet Is Laggy Due To Wireless Internet

Jun 17, 2012

Whenever my sister plays on the laptop. My ping goes up to 400+. Is there a way to make my ping less and she could still do w/e she wants on her laptop?

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D-Link DIR-655 :: Random Internet Disconnects From Internet

Feb 18, 2012

I am experiencing random disconnects from the internet -- they have been occurring about 1-3 times per day, although I've just had four in the last 20 minutes.

ISP: Wow! Cable - 15/1Mbps
Modem: Motorola SB6121 (new)
Router: D-Link DIR-655 (new) Firmware 2.00NA

When the internet disconnects:
- Both the LAN & the WAN are affected, but I do not lose any wireless connectivity with the router itself.
- I am able to log into the router wirelessly but cannot access the modem.
- If I plug my laptop directly into the modem, I can connect to the internet.
- When I reboot (using the on/off switch on the surge protector), everything comes back up.

There are a couple of other wireless routers nearby with fairly strong signals, but they appear to be running on different channels.

My phones are DECT 6.0, so there shouldn't be any interference problems with those.

I've been poking around this forum, and have already made some setting changes that seem to be consistently recommended:
- Ensured DNS IP addresses are being filled in under Setup/Internet/Manual
- Turned off ALL QoS (DIR only) GameFuel (DGL only and if ON.) options. Advanced/QoS or Gamefuel.
- Turned off Advanced DNS Services
- Turned on DNS Relay under Setup/Networking.
- Setup DHCP reserved IP addresses for all devices on the router.
- Ensured devices are set to auto obtain an IP address.
- Set Firewall settings to Endpoint Independent for TCP and UDP.
- Using mixed G and N signal mode
- My security setting is WPA-Personal. WPA2-PSK

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Cisco :: 861 - Allow Internet Traffic Through VPN Via Router To Internet?

Dec 5, 2011

I thought that the best option to do that in my Cisco 861 router, IOS v. 15.0 is to used NVI (Nat Virtual Interface)[url]...
I tried the solution given in this page, but is does not work.
I give you the running-config for my router before and after the modifications proposed in this page


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Internet Won't Give New Laptop Internet?

Apr 1, 2011

Bought a new latop from Got it yesterday. turned it on and found network and all was fine. but the network wich alreddy is giving other computers internet wont give my new laptop internet. checked with my old laptop and wireless network and internet works fine on that one, so i dont understand why my new laptop wont get it

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Home Network :: How To Stop Internet Access Through Network Complete Internet Access

Jan 26, 2012

i would like to know that how to stop internet access through network complete internet access

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