Linksys Cable / DSL :: WAG325N Failed When Upgrading Firmware

Aug 15, 2011

I've just attempted to uprade the firmware on my WAG325N from 1.0.6 to 1.0.12 the latest, over wireless. It will not work with Ethernet. It started to upgrade and failed with a garbled screen in my browser. No message to reset. Tried a complete reset several times. Pressing reset, power off for 30 secs. When I attempt to connect wirelessly with browser, just get a garbled screen, with no menus.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT54G-TM / Upgrading To New Firmware Failed?

Jan 23, 2012

I'm attempting to upgrade to firmware 5.00.38 for my WRT54G-TM router, but it keeps telling me "upgrade failed" after like 3-4 seconds of trying. It says I currently have firmware: DD-WRT v24-sp2 (06/13/09) mega - build 12288. I've tried restetting to factory defaults before upgrading, but doesn't work.

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Linksys Cable / DSL :: WAG160N Firmware Update Failed

Jan 19, 2011

My 1 day old WAG160N doesn't seem to want to work after upgrading the firmware. Its the V2 Annex A so I made sure I had the right file, followed the instructions on the site and all went fine, router updated and rebooted. After the reboot I held the reset button for the 30 seconds as suggested, plugged in the ethernet to my laptop and popped in the CD to set it up again.Going through the setup it got to the point of detecting the router and could not find it, checked the lights on the router and the only one lit is the ethernet that the laptop was plugged into, none of the others were. I switched off the router and turned it back on, the power light and the ethernet lights all lit up, then the power light went red and a few seconds later went off. Ethernet light was still on.

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Linksys Cable / DSL :: Cannot Access Server Through WAG325N

Sep 13, 2011

I cannot access my server through my WAG 325N Router from any of my office computers but all still have wireless internet access.

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Linksys Cable / DSL :: WAG325N Cannot Connect With LAN Port

Mar 5, 2011

I have a lynksys Router WAG325N Wireless+ADSL2 .... It was working fine till last week.. Now its not working, When I reset I can connect through wireless on IP But I cannot connect with lan port(checked with all the ports).. Even its not pinging...My system firewall is turned OFF... I am using a straight Cable.. I Updated the firmware.. but same result.. I dont know more about configurations.. Is it hardware issue or configurations?..

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Linksys Cable / DSL :: WAG325N QoS GUI Does Not Accept A Valid MAC Address?

Jun 9, 2011

Yes, latest firmware : Firmware Version:V1.00.12 
I have a D-link wireless-N USB adapter whos MAC address starts with 1C:xx:xx:etc. Unfortunately the QOS GUI does not allow me to enter a MAC address that starts with anything but a zero (0). This is a javascript verification so I guess it would be fairly simple to modify this. Is it possible to have the firmware updated so these MAC addresses are accepted?

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Linksys Cable / DSL :: Best Xbox Live Settings For WAG325N?

Jul 10, 2011

Basically sometimes I suffer from serious lag! I want to best setting to get the most out of my modem. What are the reccomended setting for this modem?

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Linksys Cable / DSL :: Wag325N Down After Editing Host File

Oct 12, 2011

I'm using the Linksys Wag325N which always served me well. I've always been able to get my VPN to my workplace going. Until now. I've edited a hostfile on my mac (etc/ppp/ip-up) to get a route setup to be able to use internet and the vpn at the same time. But now the vpn would work no more. Why do i think that it is a router problem? Because other computers in my home network aren't able to establish the vpn they used to work with for a long time. 
1. is it possible that my /etc/ppp/ip-up on my computer messes up the router?

2. Is there a way to completely reset my router? Tried "restore to factory settings" which did not work. Is there a "harder" reset?

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Linksys Cable / DSL :: WAG325N LAN Port 1 Keeps Dropping To 10mpbs Instead Of Staying At 100

Apr 5, 2010

I tried putting in for a Return # number for my modem but was told I can't get one even though its under warranty because I can't find the receipt.The modem LAN port 1 keeps dropping to 10mpbs instead of staying at 100. Is there anywhere I can get firmware 1.00.13 for this modem.

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Linksys Wired Router :: Upgrading Firmware BEFSR81 V3 On A Mac?

Mar 14, 2009

I'm trying to upgrade the firmware on my BEFSR81 v3 cable router (firmware version on a Mac.  I accessed the interface via Safari browser, followed the instructions, got a message saying not to interrupt the process, but it never completed.  So I tried it again (downloaded another copy of the firmware update), and same thing.  No choice but to interrupt it.  My internet connection seems to be working fine, but now I can't access the router via the browser.  I don't think the firmware actually updated.
Should I power down the router and then reset it?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E1200 Bricked Due To Upgrading Firmware

Jan 3, 2012

I have a little problem with my new E1200. Before the E1200 I had a WRT160N that was bricked to death by a power surge due upgrading the firmware. Till that moment the WRT160N met al the required specs as told in the description..I have from my ISP a 40Mbit cable line and was always downloading at those speeds wired aswell as wireless...
Now with the E1200 I get the 40Mbit only wired... wireless it only allows it up to max. 20Mbit.I figured that I didn't do anything different than the Linksys I had before..I'm working with a MacBook from late 2007 running OSX Lion 10.7.2, Built-in AirPort Extreme card (802.11a/b/g/n)My wireless setting with a WP2 Personal Security Mode

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Linksys Wireless Router :: How To Recover WRT54G Light After Upgrading Firmware

Jan 22, 2012

After unsuccess firmware upgrade, my router is leds always light.How I can recover it?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Choppy Video Streaming After Upgrading E4200 Firmware

Jan 2, 2012

Video streaming was fine until I upgraded the firmware. Is it possible to downgrade the firmware?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E3000 Restoring Factory Defaults / Upgrading To Latest Firmware

Sep 16, 2010

I just upgraded to a E3000 from a WRT54G and I am having some issues with network speed.I have no special settings and have even tried restoring factory defaults and upgrading to the latest firmware to no avail.The time I notice the biggest hit is when transferring files locally on the network (WiFi and LAN).Let me note that I do know the difference between MB/s & Mb/s and the like.I have Comcast 20Mb/s Down, 1.5Mb/s Up (just a FYI, the main issue is local transfers)
With default settings my Laptop (ASUS N82JQ, Atheros AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter), connects to the router at only 65Mb/s (with full signal).Upload seems to be more decent ~600KB/s (Transferring files from wireless n laptop to the gigabit desktop).Download seems to be limited to ~150KB/s (Copying files from the wired gigabit desktop to the wireless n laptop).These speeds are horrible! ~5hrs to transfer 3GB of data!
One of my laptops had a card that was capable of both 2.4 & 5Ghz and I was previously getting ~2000-5000KB/s (2-5MB/s) transfers with this router (But I had to do a system restore on it and reset the router). My ASUS laptop seems to only work with 2.4Ghz though. If I change the 2.4Gh Wireless settings on the router to "Auto(20MHz or 40MHz)" the laptop will connect at 150Mb/s, but the speeds are the same slow speeds as above.

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Linksys Access Point :: WET200 Firmware Failed

Mar 10, 2008

I decided to upgrade the firmware in my WET200 so downloaded the latest firmware v1.0.10-ESTI filename WET200-ETSI_v1.0.10_200802_fw.img.Update seemed to go well, and the message came up rebooting please wait.Waited about 5 minutes whilst the message stayed the same, decided to try and close my explorer window and connect again, nothing happened.Tried to reset the unit by holding in the reset butting again nothing seemed to happen. The unit had been set up with the ip before the upgrade but this is now unreachable, also tried the default of 192. 168.1 .226. Anything I can do/try to restore my unit, or did the update brick it?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT350N - Firmware Upgrade Failed

Oct 20, 2007

When upgrading with .bin file (v1.05.8) via Administration - Firmware Upgrade, it fails when status showing 76% completion.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Firmware Upgrade Failed - WRT54G V2

Feb 28, 2013

just troed to update FIRMWARE re our WRT54G_v2
current FIRMWAREFirmware Version: v3.37.7
downloaded and tried to run 130228dl_LINKSYS_FW_WRT54Gv4_4.21.5.000_20120220.bin
BUT got msg' Upgrade are failed!;

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT54G-TM - Upgrade To New Firmware Failed

Dec 5, 2011

I'm attempting to upgrade to firmware 5.00.38 for my WRT54G-TM router, but it keeps telling me "upgrade failed" after like 3-4 seconds of trying. It says I currently have firmware: DD-WRT v24-sp2 (06/13/09) mega - build 12288. I've tried restetting to factory defaults before upgrading

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT54GS / Firmware 4.71.4 - Upgrade Failed?

Aug 19, 2012

The label on my router says "WRT54GS" and the current firmware is 4.71.4.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT54G Firmware Upgrade Failed?

Feb 2, 2013

I tried to upgrade firmware (I entered my model number WRT54G and hardware version 2 into Cisco menu and downloded the upgrade file they provided. My version was v2.02.7, downloded file FW_WRT54Gv4_4.21.5.000_20120220.bin . After I run the upgrade it said upgrade failed. After that I can't connect to internet and can't access the router. I tried to reset it and unplug it- no luck. From my PC control panel I see local area connections status connected, but as I said, it does not connect to Internet.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E4200 Firmware Upgrade Failed?

Aug 24, 2011

I just bought a Cisco E4200 (from someone on Ebay, so returning is probably not an option).  I was in the process of setting it up when it wanted to do a Router Update.  Unfortunately, it did not specifically say to not do it WIRELESS.  We had a disconnection in the upgrade process.  Now the Power light just blinks.  I can ping it from a hard-wired PC, but cannot get to the Administration Web page to retry the firmware update (I did download it from the site).  Also Cisco Connect cannot connect to the router.
Oh Yes, I have tried holding reset button for 30 seconds, unplugging for 30 seconds, and replugging in the router.  I do not get any different results.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT160Nv3 - Firmware Upgrade Failed

Feb 22, 2012

My router: WRT160Nv3
My Firmware Version: v3.0.02
Upgrade version: Ver.3.0.03 Build 3
 I can not upgrade, always gives the same error message: Firmware upgrade failed!

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Linksys Cable / DSL :: WAG320N Internet LED Failed

Mar 11, 2010

After a very painful 20 minutes on Linksys tech chat with somebody who didn't listen to what i was telling them ... i thought i'd come on here and ask.I have just bought a WAG320N,the admin panel tells me I'm connected Yet the Internet LED is NOT lit on my router.

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Linksys Cable / DSL :: WAG320N / Failed To Create A New Folder

May 15, 2011

I've connected a 1.5TB external USB HDD to my WAG320N. The HDD has been formatted and can be viewed via LAN.Problem is that whenever I try and create a new folder in the utility via MSIE I get an error message "Failed to Create a new folder'

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Linksys Cable / DSL :: How To Recover From Failed Upgrade Of X3000

Mar 7, 2012

My device is Linksys X3000 modem router.What happened: I `ve tried to upgrade my router over Wifi connection and it failed.when the progress was at 98%. Obviously I should not have done it over the WiFi.There wasn't any warning when I`ve done that.When I got to this situation, my modem has had only power LED on and it was shining red.I have tried using reset button(including 30sec-30sec-30sec method), but it did not recover the modem itself(asI later found out, it did reset the config only). The following method of recover worked for me:

- connect PC to the modem using wired ethernet connection

- if the IP address is not automatically assigned(i.e. DHCP server is down on the router), then assign it statically on the PC. This is a key moment. The subnet you should depends on whether the config was already reset by this time. If it was, then use the default network settings.

It should be 192.168.1.x subnet. The modem should have, you can take, for instance, for your PC. Then go to the browser, and go the router`s IP address( with default settings). You should see a very simple web page(different from the standard interface), to upload the binary image file and upgrade.After doing so, the modem reboots, and stands up!
Still, I think even given that I`ve tried to upgrade the modem using WiFi, that should not cause issues by itself. I expect that the modem would firstly download the binary completely,verify its checksum, and only then switch to it. So I can`t imagine how flaky wireless connection would disrupt this process. I believe the issue is caused by a bug.A support lady have also confirmed I should not have used WiFi for this purpose.If that`s the case, then there should be some sort of warning in the management interface before starting the upgrade, and perhaps, even a protection against usage of WiFi for the upgrade.

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Linksys Cable / DSL :: Unreliable Service And A Failed X3000

Nov 10, 2011

when I made the purchase for Linksys X3000. However, when I reached home and tried to use it. It auto reboot every 1 or 2 mins of usage. It's not just wireless affected but the whole thing rebooted. Reflash the fimware doesn't makes much different. Did a Standard 30-30-30 reset didn't solve any problem. Logged the case and informed linksys customer service that I'll go down to the retail shop for replacement. Case ID Given.On the 8th Nov, I went back to the retailer shop  and proceed to get a replacement. The shop was fine, they allowed for one on one replacement. However problem persist. This time it got worse, when I tried to flash the firmware, it got stuck at 98% for half an hour. So I got it rebooted. Next, It can't boot up and the power status shown Red color.

 I contacted the same customer service and inform them about the same issue with the replacement. Next I was given the address of the RMA Office at Funan L5-K3. Problem is, the address and location is wrong, the office became a Kawaii Koochi cosplay dessert shop.On the 10th Nov 2011, Checked the address in the net and some stated it's in Bishan and some stated it's in Funan. I called the Number given by the customer service and the line is dead. Called again, this time its Indian CSO and was told by the customer service that they're not operating after 7pm. But the problem is, it's only 5.30pm. Apparently they thought I was in US or Canada. So they transferred me to another customer service but nobody picked up the call. The fella just told me that hey, they not picking up so there's nothing he could do and that's it.I called a number started with 800-1204280, they told me that the office location is in Funan lvl 6 just beside the huge challenger store. I went down again at about 6.30pm and managed to locate the Service Center, I think it's third party as it cater for other product such as lenovo and other brand.This time the RMA center customer service told me that they doesn't carry any stock for replacement. I wasted so many trip just for one router. It's a very dissappointing service overall and this product is highly unreliable.

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D-Link DCS-930L :: Gives Error Of Failed To Save Settings When Upgrading

Oct 19, 2011

I upgraded the firmware per one suggestion, but no difference.I am going thru the setup wizard with ethernet cable attached.  I want to use them wirelessly so I clicked wireless setup, and entered my network info.  At that point I get an error message saying it failed to save settings.  I know the ID and password are correct.I have tried exiting the setup wizard and accessing the camera thru the web interface.  All wireless settings are correct.  The camera works FINE on web browser, myDlink, and even my iPhone app as long as the ethernet cable is attached.Other wireless devices have no trouble connecting to my router.  Is there some setting on the router that can be preventing the connection?  I've done some trial-and-error changes, like different ports and enabling/disabling UpNp on both camera and router.Oh and almost forgot to mention.I did call tech support, which was a joke.  Some foreign lady was reading off a script that told me to reset, unplug, reboot everything.  Then she gave me a case# and said upgrade the firmware.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Difference Between Wag325n And Wrt120n

Feb 17, 2012

main differences between these two linksys wag325n vs wrt120n Im a home user and im about to buy one of them.

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Linksys Wireless Adapters :: WAG325N Command Line Interface?

Feb 29, 2012

I want to know if WAG325N supports cisco's IOS so that i can configure it using command line interface? Is it possible?If not, how would i change  ethernet interface speed setting so that it can support 100 mbps of speed. Because when i connect through LAN i'm always getting a full dulplex 10 mbps LAN connection automatically.

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Cisco WAN :: Upgrading CSS 11501 Firmware

Jun 12, 2012

We are about to upgrade Cisco Load Balancer CSS 11501 firmware from current ver, to,this is a production line device (a running 24x7 network), upgrading will create unpredictable results even worst the network will go down.

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Cisco VPN :: Upgrading Firmware From 7.2 To 8.0 On ASA 5505

May 9, 2011

I'm about to upgrade my asa to version 8 from 7. I see a lot of instructions on using tftp to accomplish this.  I also see in  the GUI where i can upload the image files for version 8.  is there any disadvantage from using the GUI instead of a tftp server?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E1000 FW - Firmware Update Failed / Router Hangs?

Mar 5, 2013

The router had firmware 2.0.x(?) and I tried to update to the latest FW, according to the webpage that's

Hardware is E1000 v2 according to sticker on back.The firmware update failed (no reason given) and the router now hangs in limbo where all it does is flashing the power LED.I set my PC to 19? and TFTP'd the firmware over to - no errors reported and is pingable. Held reset for 30s, then powered down the router for another 30s. On power-up the router still flashes the power LED.

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Linksys Cable / DSL :: Old Firmware 1.00.08 For WAG320N?

May 16, 2010

i need to downgrade my WAG320N and don't find old firmware 1.00.08 AnnexA

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