Cisco :: Configuring Trunking And VLANs On A 2100 Series Wireless Controller?

Oct 4, 2011

We have 4 1142N LAPs that I want to divide between an internal wireless and a guest wireless network using the controller.  Currently all of the APs are on an established internal network, but I want to migrate one over to a test guest network before buying more LAPs to augment the networks further. Currently the port connecting to the WCS from the 3560 switch is configured as an access port using VLAN 10.  Whenever I make it a trunk port carrying VLAN 10 as well as the other ports we will be using for the guest and ap-manager networks, I lose connection with the controller.  To me this implies that the port on the controller is configured as an access port as well.  In the documentation I found for the controller it states that by default the ports are al configured to be trunks, but it appears as though something was changed by the previous tech.  All of the APs are connected to other switches, not to the controller itself.
1) How can I get the port on the controller back to being a trunk port

2) Can I use the internal DHCP server for the guest network if the subnet is different than the management subnet, or will I have to use another external server and relay/proxy it through the controller to give guest clients IP addresses?

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Cisco :: Test Fast Roaming Using A Cisco 2100 Series Controller And 2 1140 APs?

Jul 20, 2011

I'm trying to test fast roaming using a Cisco 2100 Series controller and 2 1140 APs. The initial authentication succeeds fine and the wireless connection works ok using WPA2+CCKM and LEAP with a Cisco ACS radius server.The problem is that the client does not attempt to preauthenticate with the other AP because the RSN Capabilities IE in the AP beacons and probe responses do not set the RSN Preauthentication capable bit. I can't figure out what it takes to get the APs to indicate to clients that it can do preauthentication. I'm been crawling through all the documentation I can find, to no avail.

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Cisco Wireless :: WLC 2100 Series DHCP

Sep 1, 2011

I have a problem with our WLC 2100 series (2125). Basycally internal DHCP server configured on WLC is not working. I have one AP connected to port no 7 (PoE) to bypass and eliminate problem with other equipment.
Port no 7 details:
IP Address:
Default router:
DHCP Server:

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Cisco :: Setting Up Wireless LAN Controller 2100?

Feb 7, 2011

I am having trouble on setting up a WLC2100 ver 7. we need to implement a private and public network. private network authenticate to IAS - RADIUS (windows server 2003 server) while the public network is open but when a client connect to AP it will redirect to a 3rd party web athentication - HotSpot Server. the challenge is we want to broadcast a single SSID.

1. when a user/guest connect to the AP a radius server will authenticate thru IAS - Radius.

2. when a user is authenticate via radius a dhcp server will give an ip address of the private network.

3. if the user is not authenticate a dhcp server will give the public ip address and netowrk traffic must go to a different VLAN.
my question is, is it possible to broadcast a single SSID for the two network? is there a document which is related to our scenario?

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Cisco LAN :: 2100 - Browser Access To Wireless Controller?

Jul 29, 2012

I have a wireless controller 2100. I can't access it via browser, when I am connected to one of its physical ports. I use the same subnet ip address as that of the management interface of the wlc.

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Cisco :: 2100 / Two Network Connections And One Wireless Controller?

Jan 29, 2013

In the near future my company is looking into the option of adding a second network connection (exclusively for customers visiting our facility) to our pre existing WLAN network. We are currently using a Cisco 2100 series Wireless LAN Controller and probably 6-8 APs. Our main connection is made up of 4 T1 lines and the second connection will more than likely be a cheap DSL connection. I'm wondering if this technology supports two separate connections on one controller and APs. For example, is there a way within the controller web interface to separate what is currently our "Guest" connection from the main Internet line? I was thinking of just plugging from the DSL router directly to the controller and save the hassle of changing routing and VLANs.

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Cisco Wireless :: Controller 4400 Series Work With Aironet 3600 Series

Mar 6, 2012

Can Controller 4400 series work with Aironet 3600 series?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 2960 / Trunking Not Replicating Vlans?

Feb 8, 2012

I have two switches, a 2960 (sw01) and a 2948 (sw02). The sw01 is trunking via dot1q on Gi0/24 to sw02 on 2/48. Why are VLANs 2-4 not active on sw02?
sw01#sh int Gi0/24 trunk
Port        Mode         Encapsulation  Status        Native vlan
Gi0/24      auto         802.1q         trunking      1
 Port        Vlans allowed on trunk
Gi0/24      1-4094


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Cisco Switches :: SG-200 To 887 Setup Trunking Between These 2 Devices For Multiple VLANs

Mar 28, 2012

We have a Cisco 887 router and a Cisco SG-200 switch.We'd like to setup trunking between these 2 devices for multiple VLANs on the switch to be made available on the router.
With previous routers, you could set the router up in the configuration 'router-on-a-stick' and VLANs worked like a charm but the 887 no longer support sub-interfaces.So how can you get trunking working between the 2 devices?
Is there a VTP configuration menu for the SG-200 which we can setup in order for it to talk 'VTP' with the 887 router??

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Cisco :: Unable To Access GUI For 2100 Series WLC?

Sep 2, 2012

I have powered ON WLC(2100 Series) and connected LAN port from WLC to my PC. To access WLC GUI what is the factory default IP address?
I connected Console Port of WLC to Serial port of my PC. I have configured WLC as per the WLC quick guide.

Management Interface IP address ::
Management interface Net Mask:

The result is same even when below commands are used Configuration modeport adminmode all enablenetwork webmode enablenetwork secureweb enable 

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Cisco :: WebAuth Bundle Not Uploading 2100 Series

May 19, 2012

Recectly we replaced Cisco 2100 Series LAN controller to Cisco 5508 Wirless LAN controller , I downloaded WebAuth Bundle from my Old LAN Controller ,when i am trying to upload to my New Wireless LAN controller ,its not uploading and also it gave me uploading failure error message .

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Configuring 4507R For LACP And Trunking?

Apr 3, 2008

We're trying to configure our Cisco 4507 (Supervisor Engine IV) to allow a new Dell server with a pair of Broadcom 5708 GigE NIC's to aggregate its NIC's to give us a 2gbps link to the switch.
So far we seem to have got the team and LACP up and enabled, but the adaptor that the Broadcom Admin Util creates for the team is only showing a 1gbps connection where I would have expected it to show as 2gbps.
The individual NICs show as connected at 1gbps. We're not Cisco experts so are struggling on how to get the 2 NICs to aggregate.
On the server side we've done nothing other than create a team using 802.3ad LINk Aggregation using LACP.
This is what I think the relevent output from "sho conf" is, more available if needed.
version 12.2
boot system flash bootflash:cat4000-i9s-mz.122-18.EW1.bin
interface Port-channel2


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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 3560 CG Port Goes Down When Configuring Trunking

Jan 31, 2012

I have a 3560 8 port switch.  Int gi0/9 is trunked to another switch downstream.  When I try to configure int gi0/10 to trunk to a switch upstream the interface on the switch goes down and I have to either reboot the switch or plug directly into the switch and telnet into it to turn off trunking on the interface.  When I configure trunking on the interface on the upstream switch that connects to this interface the same happens on that switch.  The upstream switch is a 3750 with 12 sfp ports.  Several interfaces are trunking to other switches from this switch.  Spanning tree is not configured on the 3750 at all , and is not configured on either gi0/10 or gi0/9 on the 3560.  I was consoled into the 3560 during a reboot after the interface went down, a message came up that said something like "Spanning Tree returning gigabit ethernet 10 to constant state"  Why would I get this message if spanning tree is not enabled on the gig ports on either end of the trunk? There is no loop to require spanning tree to shut down an interface.  I have several other 3560's configured as I would like to configure this switch and they are trunking without issue. 

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Cisco :: Locking Down Corporate SSID Using Certificate WLC 2100 Series

Jan 12, 2013

We need WiFi security on our corporate SSIDs locked down using certificates, we are using wlc cisco 2100 series. We need these on every workstation, laptops etc.

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SG300-20 - Picking Up 16-24 Port Gigabit Switch That Supports Trunking / VLans For Home Use?

Mar 11, 2011

I've been looking at picking up a 16-24 port gigabit switch that supports trunking, vlans etc. for home use.

I've looked at the Cisco SG2/300's, HP 1810g-24 and the Dell 2816 and 2824 switches, and it seems like the Cisco's are the best buy (layer 3'ish features, same price as the HP) but there isn't much about them.

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Cisco :: How To Chance Web Authentication Certificate On WLAN 2100 Controller

Feb 8, 2011

how to chance the web authentication certificte on WLAN 2100 controller. My users are complaining that they need to accept the security certificate before proceeding to the actual authentication?

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Cisco Wireless :: Command In AP1200 Series - Use Broadcast Using VLANs?

Dec 20, 2012

Which command in the Cisco AP1200 series will you use to broadcast the SSID using VLANs?

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Cisco Wireless :: Configuring Access Point Of 1200 Series?

Apr 19, 2012

I recently purchased a Ciso 1200 Series WAP and I want to bridge this to my existing Cisco Wireless Router So I can extend my coverage. I have done some research but keep coming up short as to where I need to start. Note*(I do not want a physical connection to the WAP, I simply want to be able to bridge the connection from my existing Wireless router to my WAP.

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Cisco Wireless :: 5508 - Configuring Repeater To Wlan Controller?

Jan 1, 2013

I have Cisco 5508 Wlan Controller Software version and I have Cisco AIR-CAP3602I-E-K9 Lightweight Access Points network and its working fine now I want to configure the Repeater in this network.  Because there is one area we cannot layout the cable.  How to add the repeater and how to configure the repeater in wlan controller network.
Do i need the change the software of Wlan Controller to support Mesh Network or this version can support the repeater because for 1 access point i dont want to upgrade the version.

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Cisco Wireless :: Configuring RADIUS Server On 2500 Controller

Dec 3, 2012

We have recently installed Cisco for our wireless solution. We are an education and are looking to let staff and pupils bring their own devices. The route that we are planning to take to let them join the school's WiFi is to implement a RADIUS server so that they can authenticate with their Active Directory username and password. I have tried to test the solution but so far without any success. I am using a Windows Server 2008 R2 as my NPS server, I have setup the Cisco controller as per below:
Security Tab | RADIUS | Authentication - I added my windows server there and the preshared key, the Network User and Management is ticket and the server responds to a ping command,In the WLANs Tab, I selected my test WLAN and under Security | AAA Servers I selected the RADIUS server that I configured in the Security TabI then try to logon to my test WLAN and on the Cisco WLAN controller I get the following error: AAA Authentication Failure for UserName:test User Type: WLAN USER 
Before trying to tinker with policies on the Windows Server I was wondering if the RADIUS is correctly setup on the Controller or have I missed something obvious?

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Cisco Wireless :: How To Setup 5508 Series LAN Controller

Sep 23, 2010

how to setup the 5508 Series LAN wireless controller. The online documentation are not details. What different between Service Interface IP and  Management interface IP. The device IP is using what type service or management interface.

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Cisco :: Wireless Controller 4400 Series Web Passthrough?

Aug 2, 2011

I've download a login.html into the controller successfully, but when I preview the page there isn't an accept button.  Do I need to create the accept button with the html file or is there some place I need to enable on the controller itself.  After download the .tar file I reboot the controller but no luck.  I also create a java script button redirect but it didn't redirect to where I needed to go.  It just stuck on the splash page.

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Cisco Wireless :: SSID / VLANs For Guest / Staff With 3600 And 2504 Controller?

May 2, 2012

We are deploying 3600 AP's with a 2504 and would like to create multiple SSID's that are mapped to unique VLANs so we can control the traffic at the Firewall.  We have the 2504 up and running with AP's but there appears to be no where in the 2504 controller Web GUI to configure a VLAN mapping to an SSID.  Any pointers to documentation on how to configure?

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Cisco Wireless :: Configuring 1552E MAPs In MESH Topology With Controller?

Mar 21, 2013

I have to build a MESH topology with 1 Root Access Point and 4 Mesh Access Points which are 1552E.I have a wireless controller which is a WiSM 2 card into a 6500 chassis.I want to know if there is a pre-configuration to do on the AP before installing it, or if they are automaticaly discovered by controller (even for MESH AP which are NOT wired to LAN) ?

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Cisco Wireless :: 1042 LAP With 5508 Series Controller - AP Will Not Associate

Jun 11, 2012

I have a 5508 WLC licensed for 100 APs.  I have 1 - 1042 LAP connected for testing.  I have DHCP configured for the AP, and it gets an address of - the controller's management interface is  I can see that the AP is getting an IP and I can ping it from the controller.  However, I simply do not see the AP associating.  I enabled capwap debiugging and watched the events, but I didn't see anything crazy that clued me in.  What am I doing wrong?
The controller is v6.0.199.4
Every time I have set these up in the past they have been pretty straight forward.  I haven't gotten too deep into the config on the WLC becuase I don't want to cause more issues.

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Cisco Wireless :: 1600 Series AP To Reset Before Joining To Controller

Mar 3, 2013

I have new 1600 series Access Points. I am trying to join those APs on controller but unable to join.
After doing config reset using mode button, I was able to join only. Please find the logs or error messages below:
*Mar  4 18:53:13.999: %DTLS-5-SEND_ALERT: Send FATAL : Close notify Alert to
*Mar  4 18:53:14.063: %LWAPP-3-CLIENTERRORLOG: LWAPP LED Init: incorrect led state 255
*Mar  4 18:53:14.079: %LINK-5-CHANGED: Interface Dot11Radio0, changed state to administratively down
*Mar  4 18:53:14.123: %LINK-6-UPDOWN: Interface Dot11Radio0, changed state to up
[Code] ....

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Cisco WAN :: Configuring Two VLANs On 871 Router

Apr 23, 2013

I use the cisco 871 router as a firewall to my home-office. I have configured two vlans for each seperate port. That is, FE0 configured as VLAN 10  ----> connected to Layer 2 Switch,  FE1 configured as VLAN 20 ----> connected to another Cisco Layer 2 Switch,FE2 not in use, FE3 not in use and FE4 is connected to WAN.I got 100Mbps speed from the ISP, but I can see that I only get 50mbps even connected to VLAN 10 or VLAN 20.Does configuring two VLANs on Cisco 871 router divides the bandwidth (to Internet) into half?

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Cisco Wireless :: 2500 WLAN Controller Series Compatible With LAP1131AG?

Apr 17, 2012

I have a customer whom has six LAP1131AG-K9 but no controller and they are interested in one of the new 2500 series, specifically a AIR-CT2504-5-K9 with a 5 AP add-on license to bring total AP capacity to 10.  I can't determine clearly if this controller will work for these older AP's prior to them making the jump to 802.11n via the 3500 or 3600 series, looking to the community to confirm.

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Cisco Wireless :: Client Type In 5500 Series WLAN Controller

Jul 5, 2011

The Release Notes for of WLC 5500 has a table which title is "Client Type", and it shows wireless adapters. My question is,
what kind of customer means? Wireless clients or clients for an specific application? If it was the first option, does it mean tha just this adapters could connect to my wireless network?

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Cisco Wireless :: Training On 2500 Series Controller And 1142 / 1040 AP

Apr 21, 2013

Looking for some training on the 2500 series controller and 1142 or 1040 AP's preferably.

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Cisco Firewall :: Configuring VLANs On 5515-X Is It Possible

Mar 29, 2013

I am trying to connect 2 VMWARE servers directly to my 5515-X firewall. [code]ASDM will not let me assign the same VLAN to both Gi0/2 and Gi0/3. I dont want to connect my VMWARE servers to a switch first (that just adds one more component that can fail).

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Cisco Wireless :: 4400 Series Controller Blocking 802.11a/n Radio Interface Of 1250 AP

Dec 19, 2009

We are facing an issue with a customer where a Cisco 4400 Series controller is blocking the 802.11a/n Radio Interface of a 1250 AP. The radio shows as down on the controller GUI. The error message on the GUI is that the 'Regulatory Domain' is not supported. This can be seen from the attached screenshot. Also relevant parts of the WLC configs are attached. WLC: Cisco 4402  WirelessWLC Country: SADevice: Cisco Lightweight Access Point 1250 (LAP) is controlled through the 4402 Cisco Wireless LAN Controller (WLC)The operating system version of the LAP: c1250-k9w8-mx.124-18a.JA version of the WLC: Software Version The problem is that the controller shows that the 802.11a/n Radio Interface in Radio Slot # 1 is always down ,  the customer tried to manually 'no shut' the AP interface from the console and it worked , but obviously this solution would not work as the configuration cannot be saved (LW AP).

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Cisco Wireless :: 2600 Series Access Points Compatible With 4404 Controller

Mar 4, 2013

If the 2600 series access points are compatible with a 4404 controller running code? I was looking for a compatibilty matrix for the AP to controller to code comparison but couldn't find one.                  

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