Routers / Switches :: Doesn't Load Router Options

Apr 27, 2012

I type it into google and it just loads normal search options. We have a Thompson Reuter. I am trying to get an open Nat type for xbox live but nothing is working right.

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Routers / Switches :: Options To Get Internet On Laptop

Aug 28, 2011

Currently i have my wired router connected to my modem, with three desktops connected to it. I just purchased a laptop, and would like to be able to get internet on it, my question is what are my options to get internet on my laptop [wireless] yet still keep the wired connections on the desktops as is? And if thats not an option what would be the easiest solution?My laptop has a built in built-in LAN (802.11n), built-in 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet LAN with RJ-45 connector for quick and easy wired Web connection.

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Routers / Switches :: Router Network Not Load Certain Websites

Mar 11, 2011

For some time now, I haven't been able to connect to websites from, from my personal network.I've had full access to all those sites before and the only change I've made myself, is changing the standard internet browser from IE to Firefox.At first I thought the problem was on my desktop Win7 computer (which uses a network cable), but after testing the sites on my macbook, with a wireless connection, and having the same issue.

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Routers / Switches :: Huawei 523a Router Doesn't Allow IP Camera Port Forwarding?

Jan 17, 2013

I have a Huawei 523a Router at the moment and I'm trying to setup a IP camera.The Router doesnt allow port forwarding, so my question is can I add another Router onto the Huawei router to allow the second one to work my camera

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Routers / Switches :: Quad Port Nic Server - Sharing Data Load

Jun 29, 2012

We have a quad port NIC on our Dell server.I want to take all 4 ports and plug it into our switch and have it all go to the same IP of the server and just have to share the data load in/out.Do I need to configure anything to do this?

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D-Link DIR-655 :: How To Bridge Router - Page Doesn't Load

Apr 23, 2012

I am using a DIR 655 router with a DSL 526B modem/router combo. I always get a message saying "Oops! The page you requested is not available.". The page doesnt load (It sometimes does if I keep refreshing again and again). I read somewhere that it might be because I have to bridge my modem/router with my router

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Routers / Switches :: Pc With Air Card Doesn't Receive Netgear

Sep 5, 2011

does air card pick up Net Gear

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Routers / Switches :: Linksys WRT54GS Doesn't Work With Password?

Mar 5, 2011

I have a linksys wrt54gs wireless router (working fine since last 3 years) which connects to the internet fine if there is no password set. However if i set WEP password to protect the wireless connection, i am not able to connect to the wireless connection. Everytime i enter the passphrase, when trying to connect to the wireless network, it refuses to accept the password. I have tried this with 2 laptops (both running windows 7) and both have same issue.

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Cisco Switches :: Configure DHCP Server Options For SMB 300?

Nov 28, 2011

I am looking for a how to configure a DHCP server for a Cisco SMB 300 series switch to obtain an automatic configuration. Currently i am using a Cisco 1800 router as my DHCP server and the DHCP pool serving the 300 series switch is configured as follows.
ip dhcp pool Cisco_SMB_300

Looking at pcaps, I don't even see a tftp request going the server after the switch obtains an IP via DHCP. The config file format is exactly as obtained from the download backup section (pretty sure its not the issue since i don't see a download attempt). Also, the SMB switch is running the latest firmware image (
Looking though the admin guide i did not see specifics on how the DHCP server was to be configure for the auto configuration feature to work.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Stacking 2960S Switches Options?

Oct 10, 2012

I have 2  Catalyst 2960S (24 ports and 48 ports). Can I stack them using the Uplink connection instead of the stack modules. I know Stack module is the best option but it is kind of expensives (half price of the 24 ports switch) and I only need to stack no more then 2 switches.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: What Are Options Available To Add Cat3560 G Switch To Stack Of 3750x Switches

Sep 8, 2012

What are the options avilable to add a cat3560 g switch  to a stack of 3750x switches.?is there a connector avilable ?or is it possible to trunk via fiber ? cat 3560 has 4 sfps and 224 10/100/1000 ports with poe. cat 3750 stack has a 10 gb up link . What are the possible options?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: WS-C3750X-12S-S Options To Achieve Putting All 4 Switches Into Single Stack

Feb 12, 2012

I have a couple of WS-C3750X-48T-L and a couple of WS-C3750X-12S-S, I want to stack all four of them together into a single stack. WS- C3750X-12S-S are running c3750e-universalk9-mz.122-58.SE2 whereas WS-C3750X-48T-L are running c3750e-universalk9-mz.122-55.SE3.I have got a couple of queries as under:What are the options to achieve putting all these 4 switches into a single stack? Can the LAN Base switches upgraded to IP Base?

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D-Link DIR-600 :: Firewall Doesn't Load Some Websites

Jun 26, 2012

I'm using DIR 600 for home use. Recently, I noticed that I have trouble connecting to some websites (, which I never had any problems before I used the wireless router. It doesn't exactly block the websites but rather it won't load completely (i.e., with Twitpic, I can load the site but not the images; for 4shared I really can't load the page itself).Initially, I had problems updating JDownloader after installation. I tried using our old Edimax wired router, and the JDownloader update worked flawlessly. I also tried loading Twitpic while connected via LAN, and it also worked properly.I'm assuming the problem lies with the wireless router but when I set it up for use I only tinkered with the WPA/WPA2 security for a password-secured wifi connection at home, and nothing more since I can't understand the other features.

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Lenovo Notebook / Connected To Internet But Webpage Doesn't Load

Oct 22, 2012

my computer shows connected to net but webpage doesnt load why i have a lenovo notebook

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Lenovo Notebook Shows Internet Connection / Web Page Doesn't Load

Oct 23, 2012

My lenovo notebook shows internet connection is there but web page doesnt load

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 3750X Switch Doesn't Load Image?

Oct 31, 2011

I've 3750X switch that isn't loading email. then I went to rommon mode and accidently for "format flash". after that I loaded 15.0 SE2 s/w on it using tftp server but it doesn't boot up with that image. flash had only .bin file after I loaded it from tftp server.
since it wasn't booting up, I did format flash again and thought to load image again from tftp server but now, it doesn't load image from tftp server.

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Routers / Switches :: Setup An Home Network With A Wireless Router And Use Multiple Switches?

Jan 29, 2011

I want to setup an home network with a wireless router and use multiple switches for wired connections through out my home. I currently have an Airport extreme hooked up to a cable modem and a leviton gateway hooked up to the Airport. The 2 computers connected to the Leviton are on a windows 7 homegroup and share fine, but won't share or discover any wireless device connected to Airport. My main goal is to have a wireless/wired network with all computers sharing information with each other. I want 2-3 wired switches/gateways with a min of 2 devices connected to each, connected to my wireless router whiich is connected to cable modem.

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Routers / Switches :: Connect 2 Subnets With Two Switches And One Router Using SIM Software?

Apr 23, 2011

how to connect two subnets with two switches and one router using router sim software?

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Cisco Routers :: RV110W Restore Router Settings Doesn't Work

Mar 15, 2013

I can backup the router settings on an RV110W, but not restore them.  I get an "unable to write" error. (probably not the exact verbiage).  Defective router, or firmware issue?

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Can't Get To Router Options Page

Aug 14, 2011

So my router, the "Siemens Gigaset SE567", doesn't seem to want to allow me to access the router page.

Everywhere I've looked online tell me that the IP is and default PW "default" and "telus". But no matter how many times I reset the router...going to loads nothing.

The router SAYS Gigaset SE567 on it, and looks identical to the one in the theres no mistaking it for another router.

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What Options To Connect Westell Modem To A Router (linksys)

Mar 3, 2011

I was trying to work with a friend set up his wireless router. He had the Geeksquad come and set it up and I have no idea what they did. A mess of wires. I noticed that I was able to log into the imbeded browser of the modem and the router from the main PC. I didn't think it was possible to log into the modem if it was set up in bridged ethernet mode. His internet is working but I was thinking that he may have problems with double NATing.Basically, I just want to know what options there are for setting up a router to a modem. I'm aware of bridged mode and setting up the router as a switch (not real knowledgable of this one). Seems like DHCP is enabled on both devices.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Nexus 5548UP Switches - Load Balancing?

Mar 10, 2013

The best option for load balancing between 2 X Cisco nexus 5548UP switches located at one site and connecting to 2 X Cisco nexus 5548UP switches located at another site.
The sites are connected via a 1GB fibre connection. I am unable to use GLBP until GLBP is supported in further software releases.

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Cisco WAN :: 5510 - Configure Load Balancing 2 Switches And Active / Standby On ASA?

Jan 26, 2012

now i have some problem on Cisco Switch 3750 and ASA 5510, i would like to do loandbalancing on Cisco Switch 3750 and Active/Standby on ASA 5510.

which topology that we can use on this diagram, i mean which protocol connect  3750(2unit) to ASA 5510(2unit) and ASA 5510 to 3750, which protocol 3750.

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Cisco WAN :: Load Balance Between 2 3750 Switches With Equal-cost Paths

Jan 16, 2012

I have two offices in rural area with a quite distance between them. Offices are connected with private wireless 100Mbps and cooper 100Mbps links provided by different ISP. Wireless connections are delivered as a private L3 Ethernet link but cooper as private L2 Ethernet trunk link. In both offices I have Cisco 3750 L3 switches. I would like to use both link (equal-cost paths) in load balanced configuration but not sure how. Both switches running EIGRP. Asymmetric routing is not an option. Per-destination load-balancing or something else?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 6509 - Load Balancing Nexus Switches

Jan 24, 2013

I am trying to understand what load balancing method is used on a port channel on a Nexus switch . I have a server connected by a VPC to two Nexus switches. The nexus switches are only acting as layer 2 switches. I have a 6509 connected via a upstream link that does all of the routing for my VLANS. If  have a server connected to the Nexus switches and it talks to a server on my 6509 what load balancing happens on the Nexus going across VPC 27 which is a layer 2 trunk going up to my 6509. Is it done on layer 2 or layer 3 flows?
My Nexus shows the default load balancing configurations
Port Channel Load-Balancing Configuration:System: source-dest-ip
Port Channel Load-Balancing Addresses Used Per-Protocol:Non-IP: source-dest-macIP: source-dest-ip source-dest-mac

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 6509 - Etherchannel Load Balancing Between Two Switches

Mar 5, 2012

Is it possible to use two different load balancing methods at each end of a port-channel between two switches?
We have a Cisco 6509 at one end of the port-channel and a Cisco blade switch 3020 at the other end.  Right now, we are using "src-dst-ip" at both end of the port-channel.  We would like to change this.  That is, we would like the #3020 switch to use "src-dst-ip" while the 6509 switch should use the "src-dst-port". 
Why we want to do this, the reason is that we have FWSMs on the 6509.  I've read that by configuring "src-dst-port" on the 6509, one can get a better performance of traffic going through the FWSM.  However, the issue is that the 3020 switch does not support "src-dst-port". 

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E4200 Range Extender Options?

Apr 10, 2012

I'm using the e4200 in a big old house with lots of walls, including rooms separated with brick.   Wiring access points would be difficult given the problem of pulling wires.  I do have lots of kids and devices connected including DirecTv, iphones, ipads, laptops, and PS3. Is there a range extender? Do I care if an extender only supports 2.4Mhz if I use the same SSID anyway?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: EA4500 Wall Mount Options?

May 10, 2012

Can the EA4500 be wall mounted? I don't see any provisions on the underside EA4500 to support securing to a wall.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: DHCP Options On C1812 Router?

May 1, 2012

I am going to get some wyse thin clients up and running on our departments. Each department communicate with the main-office through Cisco C1812 routers.
In order to get functionally DHCP up and running, I need to
A - Configure some Dhcp options on the C1812 routers
B - Perform a DHCP relay from each department to the main-office
Option B will cause some additional issues, so is not preferred.
The question is: Does the Cisco DHCP-client have an option for configuring DHCP options? I need to put in among others, an option 161, a string value pointing to a ftp-server. Can this be done? And if it can, what is the right syntax
I have recently started working here, therefore I am not certain of the IOS-version on the router, as I still not have the logon-information, but I will aqquire this shortly.

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Cisco VPN :: C2921 / Setting ASA-Router VPN No Crypto Command Options

Jun 4, 2013

I am trying to set up vpn tunnel between ASA and router C2921 for site-to-site routing. This was described on many sites. However I do not have required option under crypto command.
g1c1router1(config)#crypto ?  key  Long term key operations  pki  Public Key components
There are no crypto map etc options.
Some people suggested that I need crypto IOS. I have:

boot system flash:c2900-universalk9-mz.SPA.152-4.M3.bin 
license udi pid CISCO2921/K9 sn FGL171910C1
Do I have to generate some keys? How do I do it? crypto key generate ?

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Cisco Switches :: 2948G-L3 Cannot Load Boot-flash In Loop And No Common Prompt

May 2, 2012

i have recently tried to change the catos on a Catalyst 2948G-L3 and since then i have the following message in a loop : [code] I know that the solution would be to download a new valid image from tftp via the common prompt but what i don't undertand is why i cant access the rommon prompt.

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Cisco Switches :: SG 200-26 Double Gbit Port Configured In Load Balancing And Failover

Sep 21, 2011

I've a network with 28 computers and 2 servers. Each server have a double Gbit port configured in Load Balancing & Fail Over.Now, I want to buy two Cisco's Switch SG 200-26 and I would know the best way to connect them and if it's possible to interconnect them with more than one cable to share the trafic.
1. Is this following solution a good one (does the link between swhitches will work when computers will access to servers) ?

2. Is this next solution possible ?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 3560x - Lan Base 4900M Can Take Load Of 18 Access Switches

Feb 6, 2012

We are using 18 numbers of 3560X -Lan base series switches in our network(Access layer). We have 400 users and created vlans in access  switches. we are planning to purchase Two numbers of 4900 M as Core layer switch and for redundancy. The uplink would be on 10 gig copper cable (CAT 7) between the access layer switches and core switches. I like to know whether 4900M can take the load of 18 access switches.

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