Servers :: Nslookup Shows All Ip Addresses Of A Nic?

Dec 20, 2011

nslookup shows all ip addresses of a nic. is this expected? i think it should just show the default IP

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Network Shows Two Ssid Addresses?

Jul 10, 2012

My church has a AT&T wired modem and a Netgear Wireless router. Pastors office is on other side of church and he is losing signal occassionally. His network is showing two SSID addressed cgcg cgcg2

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Cisco WAN :: ASA 5510 - ISP ARP Table Shows Different MAC Addresses

Apr 6, 2011

We have an issue in which some of our public IPs will not work from outside. We have a couple of subnets/29. We allow traffic via access rules and they point to internal servers (nat to nat). So I requested an ARP table from our ISP router. The table shows that the non working IPs have a differect MAC address than the working IPs. Our ISP blames our equipment  (CIsco ASA 5510) for this. I spoke to Cisco support. They looked at our configuration, and tested it. They say our configuration is correct and the ISP's equipment is doing it.
IPSMAC address*.*.*.5*.*.4cd8*.*.*.4*.*.4cd8*.*.*.3*.*.4cd8*.*.*.2.*.*.4cd8*.*.*.204*.*.4cd8*.*.*.205*.*.4cd9

As you can see above, the IP ending in 205 has a different MAC address ending in 4cd9. It should end in 4cd8. This seems to happened randomly with all IPs.  Like if I restart the ASA. Some of the IPs will not work, and will show a different MAC address.We then have to wait a couple of hrs for them to start work again.

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Servers :: Domain Name Only Shows Router Interface?

Jul 9, 2011

How to host my website from home? So I am half way through this process. I have created a domain name [URL] I have used zoneedit's free DNS server as I cant be bothered setting one up for what I want to do. Now I have my external ip "" which i entered into the configuration on zoneedit. I then typed into google chrome and I am prompted for my Thompson gateway (my modem/Router) username and password. This I enter and i find my self being able to configure the settings for my router over the internet from my domain name....this makes me go huh? I also tryed using the free with exactly the same results. I have no idea what I am supposed to do next anyway. Btw the website I am trying to host is a Joomla 1.6.3 so I would need to run a WAMP Server as well, but if I have troubles with that I can ask the Joomla Forums.So my main question is what on earth do I do now. Perhaps I need to do something with the ports or settings in my router, and where do I even put the files for the wesite and I do not mean to insult anyone I just don't want to be plainly stating my external ip on the web (i know it is visible on any website i go to) whilst it is linked to my router settings.

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Cisco Firewall :: 5580 Need To NAT Addresses To Inside Servers

Jul 7, 2012

We are going to setup a L2L VPN with a vendor and they asked us to NAT a couple IP addresses for remote access to a couple of servers on our inside network. Our device is an ASA 5580 with version 8.1 and we have a handfull of public IP addresses for use if needed. The vendor's remote network is a public IP address but for this posting I will use Our inside servers are and Because 10.100.10 is in use with another customer they asked us to NAT and to the two inside servers.

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Cisco Routers :: RV 120W Can't Access Internal Servers By External Addresses

Oct 13, 2010

I recently cut over from a WRT54G to a RV120W.  I am having an issue where I type [URL] (for a server running on my network) in my web browser while on the internal network and it always comes back with the router login page.  Basically it is supposed to go out of the router and then come back in on the public IP address and hit that server.  There was a function on the WRT54G called "Filter Internet NAT redirection" which when turned off would allow this to happen.  I am not seeing a feature like this on the RV120W

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Cisco Firewall :: Allow Dmz Zone Server To Resolve Only Dns Query Through Nslookup On ASA 5540

May 2, 2012

How I can allow dmz zone server to resolve only dns query through nslookup on ASA 5540? What is the configuration required on ASA 5540 ?

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5520 - Memory Shows 94% And CPU Shows 85%

Oct 15, 2012

I Have asa 5520 with the  code 8.0, the mem shows 94% and the CPU shows 85%

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Cisco Routers :: RV042 When Updating / Adding Mac Addresses / Table Is Always Sorted By IP Addresses

Oct 8, 2012

In  setup for old RV042 (V1),  when updating / adding Mac addresses, the table  is always sorted by IP addresses. But in the new oneRV042 (V3) I have, even with latest firmware  the list  is random, thereby increasing the chance of user entering DUPLICATE IP addr  with diff Mac addr.  That will result in conflict.If the firmware sorts the DHCP entries by ip addresses, user would be  able to catch duplicate ip errors even if the system does not flag the  errors.  All Cisco smart engineers can you all get the dhcp entries SORT by  ip addresses.

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Cisco Firewall :: Mask DMZ Servers From Private Servers And LAN ASA 5520

Jun 11, 2013

We are planning to split the Private servers from the DMZ Servers and configure an additional Interface and segment for this purpose.
Private Servers Segment: (there is no DHCP all servers' IPs are statically configured)
DMZ Segment: (This is a future deployment)
LAN Segment:
Both, Private Servers and DMZ Servers are in a collocation as well as the ASA5520. There are multiple Branch offices that uses subnets within the Network and they are connected to the ASA5520 via Metro-E.
I do not know if this is possible but what I want to do is this:
In order to avoid the change of internal DNS records I want to mask the DMZ servers with a Private Server IP when a Private server or LAN host wants to access it like this:
The FTP server in the DMZ has the IP address: But when a PC from the LAN wants to reach the FTP server it should points to its old IP: This way the PC sends a packet to the ( the ASA recieves the packet and translate it to the ( and send it out through the DMZ Interface.
Also if the Private Servers wants to reach the same FTP the ASA will act like a proxy-ARP and send the paquet to the DMZ by means of the translation of the IP.

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Servers :: Connect 5 Servers Together To Create A Private Network?

Apr 16, 2011

i'm trying to connect 5 servers together to create a private network.Each server has a network of it's own and i'm trying to make all 5 servers communicate with each other to share and search data simultaneously..

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Cisco WAN :: 6513 Servers Unable To Communicate With DC-1 Servers

Mar 20, 2012

I Have exented vlan 120,121 from DC-1 to DC-2,the DC-1 and DC-2 are connected using L2 Trunk over fiber terminated on Cisco 6513 on both site ,the distance around 40 Km  ,on the DC-2 i just assigned server-1 TO VLAN 120 while server-2 in vlan 121 ,but these servers unable to communicate neither with DC-1 Servers or betwen them locally on DC-2 ,pls note that the servers at dc-2 rely on DC-1 for routing.

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Windows 7 Connected But Shows Red X?

May 8, 2012

I have a Windows 7 Laptop which has got a red X on the connectivity icon even when connected, and this since april. Now, I don't have any idea of what caused it. I have Tunngle installed, but i don't think that's the problem. I also have updated my internet drivers, but without success. In the network boards i also have a weird second wireless connection which is called "Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter #6"

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Ps3 Shows A Message Saying 8003121

Apr 21, 2011

my ps3 shows a message saying 8003121 what time round about is it gunner be fixed

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D-Link DIR-601 :: WAN Status Shows NA

Aug 6, 2011

I updated the firmware of my DIR601 to 1.02NA, it now only show NA under status for WAN, even though its connected (PPPoE).  It worked with 1.01NA.  I tried rebooting the router but no effect

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DIR-655 Shows A Max Speed Of 130mbps?

Jul 4, 2011

My HP Envy 14 has an Intel 6200AGN wireless card. Is it not good enough to achieve 300mbps on my D-Link DIR-655? The firmware is current on the router and the signal is 100% almost every where in my home. Even when I'm a few feet away from the router, the most I'm able to get is 130.Do I need to change a setting on the router or upgrade the wireless card?

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How To Move ITunes Tv Shows To Surface RT

Jan 24, 2013

I just downloaded TV show Downton Abbey from iTunes, and I know from somewhere that it has so called DRM protection, but I am trying to move it to Surface RT. What should I do to make it happen?

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Connection Keeps Dropping But Shows Connected?

Jul 1, 2012

The route is connected to that. Wirelessly, there are two laptops and sometimes an iPad and sometimes a Wii. Verizon DSL. I barely use my laptop during the week, but did notice some connection issues maybe Thursday and Friday nights. All day yesterday and today, as well. I will have a connection for maybe 5 minutes and then get errors loading webpages (and/or videos stopped). I will repair the connection and it will say everything is fine but it will not work, repair again or disconnect/reconnect(sometimes, several times) and then it works for 5 minutes or 20 minutes before the same thing happens. The other laptop is having the same problems. What I have tried so far: restarting the PC, both laptops, the router, and the modem. Resetting the modem. I have not moved any furniture or anything that would cause interference. I am worried because I have been trying to make more money and started at this site called Treasure Trooper which seemed okay-surveys and the like. There were a few pay-to-download things I downloaded but did not run. Avira found a trojan and I deleted it (not sure if the two are related, but I can not think of anything else I have downloaded or installed in the past month or so).The old PC is off; the Wii is on but probably only maintains a small connection. The iPad and other laptop are not mine, but if either is on, they probably have little to no activity right now since the user is away.

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Shows Connected But Can't Access The Internet?

May 21, 2011

trying to network 2 desktops running xp.

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Acer One Aspire Shows Connected But Isn't?

Aug 2, 2011

My Acer One Aspire wireless connection shows connected but I cant get any Firefox browser to work.

I have a D-link DIR-825 router and it has worked every time except today. I havent used my Netbook very much at home though, maybe a few times a year as I usually take it with me on trips.

I attempted to narrow down the problem. I called D-link as my router was still under warranty. They advised clearing all my old connections and rebooting but I got the same problem. I told them my Sony PS3 works, so they suggested I contact Acer as they think it is not the router. My direct hardwire connection also works.

I then took my Netbook to Best Buy and it worked there. The guy said they can pay a visit to my house as it is probably interference of some sort. This will cost $100. Why would my PS3 work if it was interference? Maybe it�s the proximity of my Netbook to something, but I tried it near my PS3 and it still had the same problem.

Id rather try to solve the problem myself first. I havent changed anything except a modem and Windows 7 updates.

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Wireless Shows Red Light On And No Signals

Feb 20, 2011

We have a fairly new Asus laptop and for some reason we can't get the wireless to turn on any more.It has a Function button method to turn it on and off and any time you use this button it shows the WLAN simple with a red line through it. No matter how many times you press it it does the same thing.I've tried uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling, ran a security update for the drivers. When I go into the wireless connection and try and turn it on it shows that it has a signal (not sure what to) but a red X next to the connection in windows 7. I can't actually see any wireless signals so I'm kind of at a loss.

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Connection Shows Limited Or No Connectivity

Jan 30, 2012

I have a laptop that I usually use physically connected to my router, but sometimes I use it wirelessly when I want to lie down in bed.After using it wirelessly yesterday for about an hour,I brought it back to where I normally connect it with an ethernet cable but not I can't access the internet even with the ethernet cable plugged in! And wireless doesn't work either,I have "Limited or no Connectivity" for my LAN Connection and Wireless. I cannot afford a new computer (and I also doubt I need a new one).

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LAN One Computer Shows Limited Connectivity?

Jan 17, 2013

In my LAN one computer shows limited connectivity

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Computer Shows That The Network Is Available But Won't Connect

Dec 1, 2012

I have a wireless router. The first time I connected my computer to it, it worked. I went in to change the network password, and after that, it stopped working. Every single other device I have will connect, including other laptops, but this one won't. In the network and sharing center it shows that my network is available, but it will not connect. I have tried everything I can think of. I have looked all over the internet, nd still can't figure it out!!!! My computer's wifi IS on so its not that. The only thing that the trouble shooter tells me to do is unplug the router and restart it and that has not worked after several tries. Also is there a way to reset the computers recognition of networks? Im wondering if that would work if I could completely restart the process again, but I dont know how to get to that. I have a dell inspiron with windows 7.

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Can't Access Internet Although Shows To Be Connected

Apr 21, 2011

as gone all of a sudden. Checked cables, restarted both router and PC, and even rang provider with questions.. Router seems to be working fine as laptop and iphone both got internet access with the same router. The Local area connection icon showed limited on no connectivity snd so the provider renewed the IP manually and local area connection says its connected now but there is no internet access.. They suggest it could be something to do with firewall or something else blocking it but as far as I am concerned I did not make any changes to the pc the night before when it was actually proper connected.. The desktop pc is running windows XP and I tried downloading ethernet controller driver from the web and upgrading it but it did not improve the situation.

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Wireless Network Shows Up As Local Only?

Sep 2, 2011

After Irene, we kept power and cable, but our internet went down, or so we thoughtWhen we plug the Ethernet cable from the modem into the computer, internet works fine (I can post this, after all), but when we plug the cable from the modem into our Dell TrueMobile 2300 router, our network appears as "Local Only." The phone cable thing is plugged from the wall into the modem, and the ethernet cable goes from the modem to the router, as it has been for years.

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Cisco :: WLC2112 Shows Only 6 APs Supported

Oct 11, 2011

Recently I purchased AIR-WLC2112-K9, but when I logged in I saw that system shows only 6 APs supported (I made print screen in addition). I'm running IOS v. and I saw that there was some problems with earlier versions of IOS, but not this one.

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Routers / Switches :: PC Shows 2 Networks But It Has Only 1 Cable

Jan 4, 2011

One of our office´s PC is connected to the network and shows 2 networks, but we have only one modem and one router....and no internet access only in that computer. I had restarted, disconnected, shut down and nothing.....what can I do? I also connected it to another cable form other computer working correctly and didn´t work.

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Laptop Shows Internet Connection But Won't Connect?

Jul 19, 2011

I have a Vaio laptop that shows full bars connection to my Belkin_Enhanced_E98E8F modem but when I try to connect them it tells me "the wireless security key is not correct". Well, i know for a fact it IS correct.

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Wireless :: Internet Not Working But Connection Shows On

Aug 30, 2011

Do I have a virus my when I try to get on the internet at home is wont allow me in, it keeps popping "not working at time" my wireless is good. what can i do?

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Diagnostic Connection Error Shows After Surfing

Jun 9, 2011

What you can try:Diagnose Connection Problems,This is what is displayed evry third or fourth page when I surf...I could just be finishing a survey and bam this pops up and when you have 56 K dial up and your computer is already slow, you dont need this slowing you down....what can I do ? I am afraid to do my online banking....

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No Internet Access Computer Shows Connected?

Aug 23, 2012

I see some other threads about this same thing but I wanted to start my own to keep track if what I did. I know zilch about computers.I have an ACER I got less than a month ago. I have Verizon mifi. Windows 7My comptuer says I am connected but it says no internet access. The wifi works fine on my old netbook though. I keep getting error 105 Unable to resolve the server's DNS address. What do I do?

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Hp Laptop Does Not Shows The Wireless Adapter In Network?

Jan 1, 2013

My Hp laptop does not shows the wireless adapter in my network and sharing folder how can i fix it? i cannot connect on my wifi because of it .

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