Unstable Wifi Connection / Sitecom 300n Repeater

Jan 6, 2012

Since a few days I've installed my Sitecom 300N Repeater to extend the wifi signal at my home.I named my repeater the same as my wifi UPC modem (Cisco EPC3925), so the PC will see 1 connection instead of 2. I also turned off the DHCP server on the repeater (not sure what it does, but it was recommended when I was goggling around).fortunately I'm experiencing a lot of trouble. Although I can connect to the repeater, the signal is not always stable. Many times my connection speed is as low as 3 Mbps. When I quickly turn the power off and on it instantly jumps back to around 40 Mbps and stays like that for a few hours/days.It's very hard to debug this problem because after resetting the the repeater is doing very good until it slows down or even dispersers after a few hours.

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Sitecom Gigabit 300N - Yellow Exclamation Mark On Connection?

Feb 3, 2013

my router is sitecom gigabit 300N. since the past week there is this yellow exclamation mark on the connection in the task bar, near the clock. if I pass the mouse over it, it says no internet connection, eventhough I'm connected to the internet and I'm writing this right now, this is on desktop pc and connected to router by cable. the same thing on my laptop that is connected through WiFi, the signal strenght is normal, but there is the same exclamation mark. I'm pretty sure its the router not the PC because this happens on two different machines with the same router. I tried turning the router off and left it that way for about 7 minutes but that didnt work. is there something in settings I should do? or throw it away and buy Linksys/D-link router?

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Stuck With Sitecom 300N Extender?

Feb 5, 2011

I am trying to set up this new extender on XP platform. I have only got as far as the username and login screen. I assume that this is asking for the nambe by which the PC (with me as user) is known and the password for this PC. I cannot get these recognised.

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Tp-link Dual-band Wireless :: Tl-wdr4900 Unstable Wifi Connection As Well As Bittorrent / P2p Transfers

Apr 26, 2013

Region : Hongkong
Model : TL-WDR4900
Hardware Version : V1
Firmware Version : 3.14.3 Build 130320 Rel.39025n
ISP : PCCW Netvigator

I have upgraded to the latest firmware which solved lots of problems regarding unstable wifi connection as well as BitTorrent / P2P transfers.But I also observed that when my BT is on (Transmission for Mac) at around 50KB/s upload and download, my network latency hikes up from some 30ms to 500ms which affects a lot on web browsing or other apps requiring Internet.My BitTorrent app is showing I am merely making some 20 peers connection so I am not convinced that is an ISP problem but it's more about the router.

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Wireless-n Wifi Repeater Connection Failure

Oct 28, 2012

I have recently purchased a Wireless-N repeater which is now up and running and connects with both Ipad, iPhone and other laptops with ease. The problem is that I can't connect using my own PC. I'm using Windows Vista and the connection to the repeater seems fine, it just can't connect to the Internet. Every time I try and open a web page I receive the following message.Error 105 (net:ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED) Unable to resolve the servers DNS address.

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Linksys Wifi Network Adapter Very Unstable On Desktop / Windows 7

Mar 21, 2011

My desktops _usually_ connect, and then the connection will drop/go slow(14400 slow)/give that little yelow triangle on top of the wifi icon.First i had an edimax wifi PCI, now i have a trendnet wifi PCI. They both do the same thing.If i connect my HTC hero and start internet sharing, it works very well, and is stable. My ethernet works fine as well. It is like my computer is immune to PCI cards?I have tried with different wifi APs now, but its still the same.I have a zyxel adsl modem, and a linksys wifi AP hooked up to that. I noticed, that when my desktop is connected, the zyxel will get some kind of overflow from the linksys. It says "client reached max number of sessions per host" It's like my desktop is killing the network. I have tried many things. Drivers, fail safe, registry cleaner(I know), killing all unnescessary program, switching the PCI ports, but none of it seems to work.

I had my laptop running connectify (access point app) and it actually worked fine, but today it won't connect to that either.I'm going to create another partition on my harddrive, and install fresh windows 7 on that, and see if it does the same. But even if it doesn't I _want_ to find out what is causing this instabillity.When i try running the network diagnostics, it says DNS error, or that the router is fail. But my laptop works fine.Also, when doing speed tests, my laptop gets normal speeds, and my desktop is VERY slow DL, but normal UL ?In speed tests my desktop is very slow, but stable, but during the test, my laptop will first go like 2 mb/s - 3mb/s DL and suddently BURST up to like 64 mb/s although i only have 10 mbit line? It's like its buffering or something. Very weird behaviour, but working fine.And no, i do not have torrent programs or whatever running.Some says that i shout try and change wifi channel and bands, and avoid "mixed" mode, but none of it works. Always the same problem.ATM. my computer can't connect to any wifi at all. It keeps having the yellow triangle.

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Tp-link Dual-band Wireless :: Wifi Unstable On Tl-wdr4900?

Apr 3, 2013

Region : Netherlands
Model : TL-WDR4900
Hardware Version : V1
Firmware Version : 121211

after changing from a Thomson router with wifi to the TP-link WDR-4900 I find that the wifi is very unstable. The 2.4GHz is operating on the same channel as my previous router (channel 8 - which is the lest busy channel around my house), and none of my neighbours have wifi on the 5GHz band. Almost all devices in my home regularly have to reconnect to the wifi, both on the 2.4GHz as on the 5GHz (tested with more than 8 devices). Almost every 15 minutes I see a "wifi channel disconnected" message, 10 seconds later followed by a "wifi connected" message. the Wifianalyser app on my tablet confirms that the wifi signal drops once in a while to zero. I use the latest stable frmware (I read that there is beta firmware but I don't like to loose warranty). The stability seems to unrelated to the amount of traffic on the wifi network.

Will this be fixed in the next firmware of the TP-WDR-4900 ?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Wifi Transmission Of Ea4500 Is Very Unstable

Feb 8, 2013

If I send video file(overall bit rate is 17.5Mbps) to client with 2.4Ghz band, it always freezes and go repeatedly around 1 second interval. the distance around 10m away without any wall, open space actually.
But same condition with above, cheaper wireless router no problem at all. It happens only with EA4500. And there are no any parameters setting menu actually.

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Wireless Connection Slow And Unstable

May 31, 2011

I recently moved back home with my desktop that use to be plugged in via ethernet. I bought a PCI Wireless card and I have been having problems connecting to and staying connected with the network. Once I am connected the connection speed is very slow. I have tried reinstalling windows and my card several times, even going to the store to swap it out. I have a feeling that one simple setting is changed, but I can't figure out what it is. I am currently on a laptop that is also running windows 7, but has none of the problems of the desktop. I tried to run the Netalyzer program on the desktop, however, the network disconnected as soon as I tried. Here is the link to the results from my laptop that is connected to the network: ICSI Netalyzr — Results

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DIR-635 - Laptop Wireless Connection Unstable

Jul 10, 2011

So my issue has been going on for a while now a while after I replaced the router from a DIR-535(If I recall) to a DIR-635. Now the problem resides in my computer however as it would seem that I randomly tend to loose internet acces and it only applies to my computer in the form of obviously loss of internet and the horrid warning triangel in the corner. I've tried removing and restarting the connection without any succes, I also tried to do a ipconfig /release /flushdns and /renew but it didnt seem to do anything either, basically been throwing attempts at a wall to see what works.

As far as the actual card goes it's a Atheros AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter.

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Internet Connection Unstable And Constantly Disconnecting

Sep 1, 2011

I have recently built a new computer and now I am having trouble with my network connection. When I was done I directly connected it to my 2wire modem with the Ethernet cable.There was no connection until I downloaded the LAN driver from the CD that came with the motherboard [ASUS M5A88-V EVO ATX]. It worked for a few days and then the connection just started dropping. The trouble shoot in Windows 7 fixed it - but only for a while until it didn't work at all. Restarting the computer restored the connection and usually gave me about a few hours to work with, but a few days later all I had were a few minutes. Other than this computer I have two laptops [Windows 7] and a desktop [Windows XP] which the internet runs smoothly on when hardwired to the modem and I didn't have to install anything. Some messages I get from the trouble shoot are:LAC doesn't have valid IP configuration Default gateway not available Unidentified network?

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Very Slow / Unstable Connection With Belkin Router?

Feb 27, 2012

I've been having big problems with my Belkin router. The connection is often slow even after restarts etc. I'm not sure whether it's the line quality/broadband usage/router quality that's causing the problem. How can I pinpoint the issue?ISP: Virgin MediaBroadband: ADSLAnti-Virus: AVGI've attached the image and ipconfig text file.

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Samsung Series 7 - Unstable Internet Connection On Laptop

Aug 1, 2012

My laptop has a very unstable connection and I am completely stumped. I've monitored the ping and it is usually around 32-50, but it constantly spikes to 3k+ for roughly 10 seconds, it also disconnects at random intervals. I've tried updating the networking drivers, disabling firewalls and changes the preferences.

I have a Samsung Series 7 Chronos running Windows 7.

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Linksys WRT110 Unstable High Ping Wireless Connection

Feb 2, 2011

I have a Linksys WRT110 wireless router for my desktop via a D-link DWA-125 wireless adapter. The OS is Windows 7 64 bit and I mainly go online to play games. This has been a while and every time I play games, which requires stable connection, I will get this lag (the ping goes as high as 600ms for every few seconds then goes back to normal).I tried many ways to troubleshoot and find no solutions. I updated firmware for USB adapter, power cycling the router and reset the router many times.

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Linksys Wireless Adapters :: WMP600N Unstable And Weak Connection

Dec 20, 2009

I bought the WMP600N because Linksys and Microsoft listed it as 'compatible' for Windows 7 x64. My experience:

- unstable and weak connection
- pings to websites like google.com drops, average: 1 out of 3
- low signal, on the same spot my three years old HP-laptop with 'a build in wireless card' has full signal strength in Windows 7
- it works well under Windows XP (32 bit)
I am convinced that drivers for the WMP600N are not ready for Window 7 x64. Linksys (or Ralink, which developed the chipset), release a proper driver for the WMP600N.

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Linksys Cable / DSL :: WAG120N Wide Band Connection Unstable

Nov 24, 2010

I don't know if this because buggy firmware (i updated to V1.00.16) or there something wrong with the device but if i set radio band to AUTO which enable wide-channel, my wireless connection become unstable when i ping to the modem, i got 200ms - timeout randomly
my family notebook that on other side of room connection also become more worst , ping to the modem ( timeout so often
the connections seems better if i set radio band to standard - 20Mhz channel even though it seems WAG54G2 have more stable wireless connection (i replace it because the ethernet port dead) i also tried to change the channel, but the issue still persist, it seems the default is the most stable (channel 9 for wide, 11 for standard)
should i RMA the product as i just purchase last week? or it just because the bad firmware ?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: EA2700 - Unstable Connection To The Internet

Jan 26, 2013

I have had my EA2700 for about 6 months now. Have had no problems until about a month ago.  One night I could not get the router to connect to the internet.  First thoughts were that the cable connection had gone down.  When I finally started to trouble shoot I was able to confirm the cable connection is fine by connecting to the modem directly.
Out of the modem I am getting 14+ Mbps.  (I only Pay for 10 So a plus there)

I could not get the router to connect to the internet. I ended up resetting the router and reconfiguring it. Ever since then I have been getting really unstable connection to the internet. 

When I connect directly to the modem (cabled) I am getting a nice steady connection . When I add the router and hardware in I get a good connection only a Mbps or 2 drop off and a pretty steady connection. Then when I connect over WIFI I get a much larger drop off depending on if the device is a 2.4 or a 5

The connection is extremely unstable.  The curve on the graph {URL} is very peaky and has extreme highs and lows. This is multiplied when running on the GHz (as my laptop runs on). My Iphone running on GHz.  I can pull down 9 Mbps but the curve is still up and down. Iphone on GHz I barely get Mbps and it is extremely choppy on the graph.

I am able to back this up with my I PAD. I can only confirm the 2.4 number with the laptop as it does not have GHz radio in it. So every thing that us running on the 2.4 is getting poor connections. 
I also suspect that the through put on the wired side is poor as well.  I am unable to prove it as every test I run shows a good connection but netflix has been locking up and I have to restart what ever I am watching 2 to even 10 times a show.  I need to do more testing to be sure the network or the devices are to blame. 

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Linksys Wireless Router :: EA4500 Unstable Guest Connection?

May 14, 2013

Just installed a refurb EA4500 this past weekend after testing it for a week.  The regular wireless network is very stable, but not much faster than my single-band DLink  DIR655.  Guest network seems to drop out from two connected iPhones, and when the connection drops, you have to re-login and type in the guest password everytime.   The linksys firmware is up-to-date( Linksys smart wifi)and so are the iOS on the 2 iPhones.  Just to add, on my old DLink, the guest network comes up secured also, so when you type in the passcode, it remembers it next it comes in range unlike the Cisco, which requires login at a web interface.

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D-Link DCS-930L :: Unstable Connection / 404 Page Not Found Errors

Dec 26, 2012

I've had two 932Ls for a year and they work fine. Both installed trouble-free and have been used with motion-detection wirelessly. I often go straight to their local IPs in my browser to make any changes to settings etc (avoiding myDlink). I just bought two 930Ls (don't need/want the IR-function on these) and tried to install them. Process went seemingly smooth but once the camera was installed and wireless, problems started to crop up. As I saved settings in the web interface, I would get 404 "page not found" errors. Refreshing would make it work again...sometimes. More often than not, I cannot reach it through the web interface and the camera reads "disconnected" in D-ViewCam. It usually works on myDlink though. i've checked all the network and wireless settings and they are identical to my 932Ls. The connection is just unstable for some reason. The problems are apparent in the web interface and D-ViewCam which also means I can't trust the motion detection and emailing function. It is also NOT visible in my Windows 7 network environment, whereas the two 932Ls (and my entire Sonos network) do show up there.The 930L is running firmware 1.04 and the 932Ls are running 1.02. I know there is a 1.06 available but before I try that I'd like to get your views on this problem. Could it be a faulty unit? I don't want to fight through this problems - if it persists I'd rather return the cameras and buy two more expensive 932Ls and just turn off the IR in the interface. Or is this a known issue with the 1.04 firmware?

Even writing this right now, the camera suddenly popped back up on the web interface inexplicably, without me doing anything. and back up on D-View Main Console.

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Protocols / Routing :: Connection To Media Link Wireless N Router Is Extremely Unstable

Dec 1, 2011

I have a Motorola Surfboard cable modem with a Comcast account that is supposed to get "up to 15 mps". My desktop works gloriously, but my laptops and everything else hooked up to the net through my Media link Wireless N Router either run incredibly slow, or get kicked off completely.I've already had the router replaced one.

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How To Secure Sitecom Extender

Mar 3, 2012

I am with Virginmedia networking. my main computer is attached to the hub but another one in the same room as the hub is picking up the Sitecom range extender at the top of the stairs, and 3 other computers are picking up off that but it is saying it is unsecured.how i can secure the Sitecom extender.

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Use My D-link Router As A Repeater For Wifi?

Apr 8, 2013

I find that within my apt I can only get about 32% signal from my shaw Wi-Fi router. They don't support what I want to do.. adding my d-link router to boost or repeat the signal.

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Wifi Repeater Correct Settings?

Nov 24, 2011

I have 2 routerswifi-router1 ( its a wifi router with adsl2+ modem)IP: TPLink wifi-router2 (its working in repeater mode)IP: TendaI configured wifi-router2's repeater mode via site-scan and then selected my wifi-router1. It did not gave me any error.Now I can connect to both wifi-router1 and wifi-router2 but internet is only working on wifi-router1. What specifict settings I need to get internet from wifi-router2 also.

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How To Make Laptop Wifi Repeater

Feb 1, 2011

can i make my lap top a wifi extender/repeater?

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Wifi Repeater Setup And Operation?

Aug 16, 2012

I have a wireless access point/modem at one end of my property (which I cannot relocate). To improve wireless connectivity on the other end of the property I am thinking of placing a wifi repeater (probably a cheap one like http:[URL]... mid-point in the property. However I don't quite understand how these things work. I assume repeaters, extenders, boosters are all the same thing?

Does the repeater actually create a new seperate wifi network, so I will effectively have two wifi networks/SSIDs? or will my wireless devices still see only one wifi network? If it creates two wifi networks what happens when I move through the property with say a laptop, will the laptop need to disconnect from one and reconnect to the other hence interrupting the connection? (which is not ideal).

Also does the repeater take up an IP from my main wireless access point/modem? My setup uses a block of static IPs and hence I would prefer not to waste an IP on the repeater if possible.Homeplugs is something else I'm looking into but that seems to be a more expensive option. With Homeplugs I would disable the wireless on the main access point/modem. Then use the Homeplug to put a wireless access point in the centre of my property hence giving fuller coverage.I've also tried higher DBi antennas (& directional ones) but they have not been effective.

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How To Set Up Or Configure A Repeater To Extend Wifi

Oct 31, 2012

im just want to ask a favor if you can guide me to set up or configure a router repeater to extend my wifi at my home. i dont have a specific brand of repeater yet.. im planning to buy but i have no idea how to set up a repeater by myself.

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Sitecom DC202V5 - Windows Says Cannot Connect To Dns Server

Jul 18, 2011

All the pc's can't connect to my DNS server some a few minutes and then it gets back online, well windows says it can't connect to the primary DNS server.I have a router in between (a sitecom DC202-v5) and the router says it's gateway in unreachable. So what could be the problem for this? Because it's really annoying when playing online games.

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Extending Household Wifi Using A Router As A Repeater?

Apr 12, 2011

I am trying to use a NETGEAR 54Mbps Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router (Model DG834G v4) as a repeater to extend the WiFi I currently have off another NETGEAR router in my house to my office which is a seperate building in my backyard (75 feet away depending on where I place my router exactly).I've scoured the vast internet for specifics with this particular router. I am fairly well versed in computer-type verbage and usage, but networking is an alien language to me.

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Tp Link Wifi Range Repeater Keeps Locking Up

Sep 9, 2012

I have the main router, which is SMC SMCD3GN from Rogers in Canada, and I have heard from MANY people that this router REALLY sucks..especially the range. And I myself also had problem with low signal in the 2nd floor of my house, so I purchased the wifi repeater (TP Link) to extend the range. I followed the guide given in the box, and everything was set up flawlessly. However, after a few hours of use, all my devices (laptop, tablet, phone) which are in the same room as the repeater decrease the signal again, to the point where it was before I purchased the repeater. Then if I disconnect the wifi and reconnect, the signal is full again. Sometimes I have to unplug the repeater from the wall and replug in order for it to work.

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Linksys Wireless Adapters :: WMP 300n Lag Spikes

Dec 10, 2012

Ever since i upgraded my os from windows xp to windows 7 i've been getting lag spikes at least once every 5 minutes. With my ping going up to 1500 easily and staying up there for about 20-30 seconds. My brother is connected to the same router as me and he isn't experiencing any issue's with his internet connection (He is also using windows 7). Is this a common error?

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Linksys Cable / Dsl :: How To Setup Wag120n As Wifi Repeater

Mar 11, 2012

I have a existing WiFi ADSL router and I have a WAG120N lying spare in my closet. I recently shifted to my room a floor above. I wanted to amplify signals as the current router is not able to beam signals that far. Hence I wanted to set this up as a WiFi repeater to have a complete coverage. I tried N number of ways but could not succeed.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Wrt54g V2.2 As Wifi Repeater?

Nov 30, 2011

is it any possibility to set my router WRT54G V2.2 as a wireless repeater? and does any manual for this exist? 

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Sitecom N300 - Good Signal Strength But Intermittent Connectivity

Dec 10, 2012

I have recently bought a new wireless card and it is giving me grief. Until now I had been using a laptop to pick up the wireless signal from my router, and pass it along to my PC, and have been receiving excellent speeds (30 Megabit) despite being 2 floors above the router.

I bought myself a Sitecom N300 card to go in the PCI slot of my computer, and my connection is generally extremely slow, and often drops completely for minutes at a time. The strange thing, however, is that it still shows medium to strong signal strength, even when the connection drops completely!

This is completely baffling me! I can't work out what could be causing interference, or why the signal strength doesn't go down when the signal does, or why the internal laptop wi-fi receiver seems so much better than this new card with 2 massive aerials. Unfortunately my ability to move either my PC or router is somewhat limited

I'm running Windows 7, fully up-to-date, and the router is a BT Home Hub 3

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