Cisco :: Creating A Scheduled Task In LMS3.2?

Jul 1, 2012

create a scheduled task in LMS. In this task I would like to regularly check time on all network devices in LMS and generate a rapport about this that would be sent to e-mail. All network devices have the same NTP server. How can I create this task? LMS version is 3.2 SP1.

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Cisco :: LMS3.2 Install Without DNS

Jan 18, 2012

Got following problem with an LMS server that is installed without DNS server in the network, because this customer doesnt own and doesnt need any.
CS,CM,CV is working and contains devices, but RME (cannot connect to db) and DFM (TIS URN found) not. pdshow and after calling, hangs for ever.
To loose no further time with troubleshooting, I want to reinstall LMS from the scratch.
But I dont want to setup an DNS server just for resolving the only IP-Adresse from LMS server for self purpose only. Do I need an entry in driversetchosts for LMS server itself?

<IP>     <Name>     <Name>.<Fake-and-complete-unimportend-domin>

Do I need a fake-Domain? or can Domain be empty?
OS=Win2008,R1,SP1 as Standaloneserver (WORKGROUP)

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Cisco :: WCS 7.0.164 - Background Task Not Working

Apr 20, 2011

Everyday 04:00 AM, I set repeatly configuration sync. But, Since 04/16/11 04:00:00, Background tsak is not working. So, I was wcs stop -> start  (04/18/11 08:30) this situation is randomly occurrenced. I found similar symptom, bug CSCtf23192. This bug  fixed 6.0.202. But, I used 7.0.164. I want to know that this bug occurence 7.x and fix in 7.0.172.
04/16/11 03:55:37.774 INFO  [monitor] [PollSerializationLock-1] SiAqStatspostNetwork Ending updateServiceDomainNodes for Area, elapsed = 0 04/16/11 03:55:37.837 INFO  [monitor] [PollSerializationLock-1] SiAqStatspostNetwork Ending updateServiceDomainNodes for Area, elapsed = 0 04/16/11 03:55:37.837 INFO  [monitor] (code)

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Cisco :: Restoring Backup To LMS4.2 From LMS3.2.1

Oct 4, 2012

i tried to restore backup from LMS3.2.1(windows)  to LMS4.2 virtual appliance. once the back up is completed, the home page takes forever to load. i opened TAC case, and the only way out seems to be configuring from scratch after importing the devices. i, imported the devices and this didn't cause any problem. But, making the configuration from scratch is something i would like to avoid if possible.

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Cisco :: LMS3.2 - Forward Syslog To Another Server

Feb 12, 2012

I want to forward syslog messages that I receive in my Cisco Works server to another server,what is the best way to accomplish this. I'm running LMS3.2 on Solaris 10.

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Cisco :: View Scheduled Archiving Job In Lms 3.1?

Apr 16, 2012

How can view the scheduled archiving job in lms 3.1  ?

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Cisco :: LMS3.2 Software Distribution File Format?

Aug 23, 2011

in RME->Software Management-> Software Distribution -> By Devices [advanced],  what is the file format we should have here, when we try to deploy many IOS images at once?

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Cisco :: LMS3.2 Runtime For Inventory Collection Is Very High

Jul 20, 2011

On our CiscoWorks 2000 installation, running on Solaris with LMS3.2 and RME4.3.1, we noticed a few weeks ago, that the job "Inventory Collection" needs more and more time to finish. At the moment the job execution time is as high as 8 hours, compared to 3 hours before. When we look at the network traffic during job execution, we see after the collection phase (~3h) several hours with no traffic together with a very high CPU load. I mean to remember that this job used to complete around 15 minutes after data collection phase. Restarting the application and rebooting the system didn't work.When we look in to the IC_Server.log, we find devices with a completion time of over 20'000 seconds. Increasing from day to day. [code]

Affected devices are Cisco Nexus 5548P. We tried to delete/add these devices. That works for a few days, then the runtime starts to increase again.

Are we hitting a bug? And is it possible, as a workaround, to exclude devices from only the Inventory Collection?

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Cisco :: Mapping File Structure From LMS3.2.1 To LMS4.2

Oct 9, 2012

in LMS3.2.1 we have NMSRoot/log/syslog.log where syslogs are being logged actively from managed devices. i couldn't find the same in LMS4.2. I am configuring LMS4.2 from scratch and in the hope of making the trasition from old LMS3.2.1 to LMS 4.2, I am planning assigning the old LMSs IP to the new one. basically changing the IP address of LMS4.2.

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Cisco :: Why Can't Remotely Access Topology Services In LMS3.2

Mar 24, 2012

I noticed that I cannot remotely check the Topology Services in Ciscoworks LMS 3.2. I have attached a screenshot of the error for reference. When I access Topology Services on the server itself, everything works well.

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Cisco :: LMS 3.1 Cannot Receive Scheduled Reports On Email

Sep 3, 2011

Though other logs are being received through the email.

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Cisco :: Scheduled Configure Collection Job Is Failing / LMS 3.2

Jun 13, 2011

Usually the configuration files are fetched once every week. Lately, the Scheduled Config collection job is failing for all the devices. I have tried to “sync Archive” from LMS 3.2 on some devices but nothing happens. The switches out there are C3750, 2960, 2950, 3550, 3650 and some routers.The server is Win Ser 2003.


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Cisco :: Scheduler Max-task-time 5000 Command

Dec 10, 2011

I was wondering what this command that appears in default configuration of cisco routers: scheduler max-task-time 5000.I did some research in forums but did not find anything apart from the "scheduler" command with other options.

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Cisco :: Switches That Can Perform Task Depending On Layer?

Jul 23, 2012

I'm new and just entered in the world of studying my certification for Cisco, since I'm curious I see that there are switches that can perform task depending on the layer? I see some with specifics for Layer 2, some other for layer 3 and even some others with router capabilities!I know this is a rookie question but how do I know what the best switch for a network? or how can I identify them?

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Cisco :: Network Design Task - None Of The Domains Will Be Able To Communicate With Each Other?

Mar 6, 2013

I've been tasked with designing a network consisting of 3 separate broadcast domains with each one representing a separate business accross 3 separate floors. None of the companies should be able to communicate with each other.I've been told that the design should only represent the first 3 layers of the OSI model so I'm only looking at Cabling, Switching and Routing.

I don't expect you all to tell me exactly how I should do this, however I just need a starting point. My main issue is with routing. I'm aware that each port on a router represents a broadcast domain so if I use one router, 3 broadcast domains, does that means that none of the domains will be able to communicate with each other? Should I use more than one router or can i get away with one? Also just so you are aware I've been told not to use VLans and each broadcast domain must have its own ip address schema.

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Cisco :: 2900 Series / LMS3.2.1 - Unknown Device Type

Jul 18, 2012

I have added 2900 series devices in LMS3.2.1 but same are showing "unknown"device Type in a report generated from common services DC R device List.
Both are snip enabled and responding too. What is the reason behind unknown device type so those are not reflecting in any module.  

36.N007010101CRRUNKNOWN37.N007010103CRRCisco 2921 Integrated Services Router38.N007010201ASRUNKNOWN

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Cisco :: LMS3.2 Snmpv3 Error Performing SNMP Operation

Jun 1, 2010

i've the following problem. Check device credential verification job shows "Error performing SNMP operation" for a cisco 3750 configured with snmpv3.On the switch i can see that the lms can access the switch via snmpv3. Also cisco view works fine. Bug CSCsm89609 describe the problem but it should be fixed in RME 4.3. We are running 4.3.1.

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Open Internet Connections Through Task Manager?

May 30, 2011

my home pc doesnt have any desktop icons or a toolbar and so i am unable to connect to the internet.could tell how i could connect to the internet using task manager

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Cisco Wireless :: RV120W Doesn't Enable APs As Scheduled

Feb 10, 2011

I'm trying out the RV120W wireless router with the latest firmware. I have two APs set up with different schedules. However, the router fails to enable the APs as scheduled and I have to cycle the power to get the APs going again.

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Cisco :: Discovery Settings Of Scheduled Job Doesn't Change - LMS 4.0.1

Aug 8, 2011

I use CiscoWorks LMS 4.0.1.
I planned a discovery of devices for some time, but if I change the parameters of discovery (adding a seed device) in "Discovery Settings Summary", this change does not apply in the scheduled task.
If I change the settings in the scheduled task, the changes do not apply in "Discovery Settings Summary". We must change the settings 2 times.

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Cisco WAN :: Assigned Task Of Configuring 3945 Router For Sip Circuit

Aug 31, 2012

I have been assigned the task of configuring a 3945 router  for sip circuit. [code] Where am I supposed to put this config? On the bonded serial link?

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Scheduled Load Balancing With Multiple ISPs?

Oct 23, 2011

Friend of mine has a setup out in the sticks, currently with two ISPs: Hughesnet satellite, and a line-of-sight WiFi provider; they're also getting a cel tower within range soon and he's looking at adding an HSPA/LTE connection via that as well.the first gives him a static IP and ridiculous speed and bandwidth at night... but far less speed and a painfully low bandwidth cap during the day (you go over, you pay through the nose).

The second gives lots of bandwidth but poor speeds (difficult to even watch a YouTube video) and a constantly-changing dynamic IP.The third, once implemented, will give him good speeds and decent bandwidth (I believe up to 10GB/mo) but again, will get spendy if he goes over that limit.Right now, I've got him set up with both routers plugged into the same network, multi-homed the NICs on his machines (192.168.0.* for Hughes, 192.168.1.* for LOS) and a little script on each computer that will change the default gateway to let him select which ISP he wants to use... however, it's going to get trickier with a third, and will make it even tougher to keep track of the bandwidth used on each one... especially with multiple computers, a DVR, and two users.

So I'm looking for some way to automate all this... something that will, say, use the HSPA feed most of the time for his whole home network, switch to LOS if it gets near the cap, and switch everything over to the satellite automatically during "unlimited" hours. Again, I'm not opposed to setting up something PC-based with the appropriate software, although for my own sanity, it would really need to be Windows-based (I'm way below n00b with Linux).

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Routers / Switches :: Only One Task Available When Log Into Thomson TG585 V8 Modem

Apr 7, 2011

I connect to the internet through a Thomson TG585 v8 modem. When I log in to the modem's IP ( through a browser, I only get one task available, that is "Check connectivity for this internet service". As far as I know, I should have some management options, like for example to block websites, to limit internet service for certain devices etc... Does anybody knows why I don't have these options? Could it be a restriction from the Internet Service Provider?

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Dell :: XPS L702 Wireless Icon In Task Bar Does Not Change

Feb 2, 2013

I am able to connect to the internet wireless.  The wireless icon does not change. The blue dot rotates and moves about but instead of showing a connection, just the signal bars showing, it shows a land line connection with a red X over it.  This happened after one of those many Windows updates. 

I know I could try a reset to an earlier boot however, I made too many changes, installs and such that I don't want to loose any of it.  There has to be a workaround for this lousy problem.  I though of perhaps deleting my wireless connection and reinstalling it from the modem on up to the router.  I just don't want to  keep digging a hole!  Ya know what, I really miss my apple computer which I finally gave up on because the price was overwhelming. 

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: Acs 5.2 Unable To Launch Common Task On Authorization Profiles?

Feb 15, 2013

I have recently installed acs5.2 evaluation on a vmware and i can't launch common task on authorization profiles when i click on it i have the bellow message javascript:cuesToggleTab('NetworkAccess',1,false,false

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Cisco :: Ciscoworks LMS3.2 Not Showing Latest Configuration / Change Audit Report

Dec 19, 2012

My cisco works LMS3.2 is  not showing recent configuration of my Cisco devices. also it dont show any change report on last 24 hours or even if i select x number of day, looks like its not saving any changes made on devices.
today i logged in and cisco ASA was showing this in status as well Configuration Last Archived Time    May 03 2012 11:27:46 EDT  on checking i could see it is same date when cisco ASA was added in cisco works. do i need to click some where for auto update configuration changes and latest confoguration in cisco works setting?

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Home Network :: Wireshark Or Tshark Scheduled Captures?

Dec 11, 2012

I'm trying to schedule a 90 second capture every 20 minutes to coincide with a process I have running. I have created a batch fun to run tshark.exe with the command to stop after 90 seconds, and an output file (-w). This all works, my challenge is that the next time it runs it overwrites the previous file. Is it possible to make tshark timestamp the filename? or is there something clever someone can recommend with a batch file to copy last version somewhere else and rename, so that I can have the process running constantly.

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SW For Performing Scheduled Speed Tests On Internet Connection?

Jul 12, 2011

We're since long having a problem with a DSL internet connection. The connection goes down periodically, for short times, and when performing speed tests, the connection speed varies and is usually lower (0.7 Mbit/s) than what the ISP promises (1.5-2 Mbit/s). Moreover, what modem is being used seems to have an effect.Now, I want to trouble-shoot this and get some hard facts on the behaviour of the connection. I would like to do repeated speed tests over say 24 h or so. They should be done every 3 min or so (to catch short glitches).

My question is: what software tool can I use for this? I have been searching the internet for hours, downloading a handful of applications, without finding anything that I could use. There are loads of applications that log and graph the current upload and download speeds, but that's something else - I need a tool that downloads/uploads files from/to a server, in intervals specified by me (3 min), logging the result and presenting it graphically.

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D-Link DIR-655 :: Scheduled Enabling Of Wireless Seems To Reboot Router

Mar 1, 2012

A few weeks ago I noticed that at 9:00am sharp every morning my internet access dropped, and would come back up four minutes later.

The router is connected to a DSL-526B in bridge mode. My first thought was that the modem was playing up, so I factory reset it and reconfigured it.

I checked my ACLS and didn't see any rules that started or ended at 9:00 am so I just lived with it for a week or so until it got so annoying I contacted my ISP to see if they were resetting anything at 9am.

By accident, I saw that my wireless radio was being enabled aat 9:00am, as it had been for the last 2 years, when I first bought the router. But this problem has only started a few weeks ago.

So I changed the wireless schedule to see if that was really the cause for the reset, and sure enough, whatever time I changed the wireless schedule to, the router rebooted at that time.

I've also factory reset the router; twice; the first time I saved/restored my configuration, the second time I recreated all configuration from scratch.

why enabling the wireless radio resets the router, and why disabling it doesn't, and how to correct this behaviour?

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Cabling / Cards :: Why Does Task Manager Not Detecting Network Card

May 15, 2012

I open up the task manager and it does not detect my network card even though it is inserted correctly

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Dell :: M960g Bluetooth Icon No Longer Appears In Task Bar

Aug 2, 2012

I just installed a broadcom m960g bluetooth card from an older dell into my xps 1645 (win 7 x64). I found a driver on dell's website for a v370 bluetooth device for win vista x86, and although my bluetooth card was discovered and worked on my computer, after a restart it no longer supports connections to headsets and mice, although I am still given the option to transfer files.  After a restart, the Bluetooth icon no longer appears in the taskbar, and I am not given the option to search for and connect to bluetooth devices when searching my computer for those options.  I tried re-installing the driver, with no luck.

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D-Link DCS Network Camera :: 2121 Scheduled Snapshots Not Working?

May 16, 2012

So I have bought myself a DCS-2121 with firmware 1.05, 4630. Everything works fine except that the camera does not seem to adhere my settings on the snapshots page. At average, it seems that only one image is sent to my FTP-server regardless of the interval parameters.

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D-Link DCS Network Camera :: DCS-2121 - Scheduled Recording Is Not Working

Dec 27, 2010

my DCS-2121 :

The scheduled recording or scheduled snapshots is not working. I am running the camera standalone and using the web based configuration, storing the images or avi's on a ftp or samba server.

No matter what i specify, it records when triggered (by motion in my setup). All the other settings like, samba, ftp, video, motion detection, and so on is working fine - but I can't configure it to only record like between 10-16 every day. It records all the time - no matter what I select and what I enter in the schedule scheme.

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