Cisco Wireless :: Cannot Access GUI - Aironet 1310

Apr 29, 2013

I've got a Cisco Aironet LAP1310AG-A-K9 that I can't access through Internet Explorer or Firefox (multiple versions).  I set a static IP in DHCP, I can ping the unit, but I can't browse to the GUI.   

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Cisco Wireless :: Aironet 1310 Bridge - Cannot Access GUI To Configure

Nov 21, 2011

I have a pair of Aironet 1310's I am needing to bridge. I have used the CLI to configure the BVI1 with the ip address and verified it. I then tried to access the GUI to configure the device via Internet Explorer and it would not provide access. I read that it had to be older versions of IE but my OS will not support older versions. I then downloaded Netsace Navigator 7.01 as indicated, but still did not get access.
Then I thought maybe if I can access the GUIvia the IPSU tool but I have Googled the Cisco IPSU and cannot find a downloadable link.

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Cisco Wireless :: Aironet 1310 - Outdoor Access Point

Sep 13, 2012

I am looking at outdoor access points, I want to stick with Cisco aironet, we currently have 6 of them that are 6 years old and running great, one has had a problem because of humidity, dried it out and relocated and we are good again.
I was looking at the Aironet 1310 Outdoor access point, but I can't find much information on it.  I am looking to see how many SSIDs can be setup, we currently have 2 one private, and one public, this is done with VLANS.  I am also looking at finding out about the power injector, it converts to coaxial cable, it has 2 RJ-45 and 2 Coaxial, does this mean if we get 2 access points, then I only need 1 power injector?

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Cisco Wireless :: Aironet 1310 - Infrastructure Access Point Unreachable For Management

Sep 16, 2010

We have 2 aironet 1310 aps setup as infrastructure access points between 2 buildings.  One went south on us & we placed it.  Before the bad one went down, we were able to manage both remotely & could see them from the next device via CDP.  Now, we can't connect or even ping either AP.  And the weird part is that the switches that connected to each can see each other via CDP, but not the access points between them.  I'm attaching the configuration.  Before I make the 2.5 hour drive back to the site, what I may have misconfigured on either or both access points?

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Cisco Wireless :: IOS Image For Aironet 1310?

Apr 5, 2012

Any IOS image for the Aironet 1310? May I have a copy of it. I cant access to Cisco support today.

- C1310-k9w7-tar.124-25d.JA1.tar
- C1310-k9w7-tar.124-21a.JY.tar

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Cisco Wireless :: Convert Aironet 1310 Autonomous To LAP?

Apr 22, 2012

Is it possible to also upgrade the 1310 series cisco ap's from  autonomous to lwap without using the upgrade tool, if so what procedure  do I follow? The upgrade tool required to have telnet enable on the controller which I can't break the policy

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Cisco Wireless :: Can The Aironet 1310 Setup As A Repeater

Jul 10, 2012

Can the Aironet 1310 setup as a repeater? I could not make the AP as the repeater associated to another 1310 ap. This AP is running LADAP.

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Cisco Wireless :: Aironet 1310 - Password Reset With Previous Settings

Feb 11, 2009

I got 4 aironet 1310 Πbut i don't have password into Enable mode!. I follow this document "Password Recovery Procedure for the Cisco Aironet Equipment.pdf" to recovery password. It succeed reset password to default Πbut it also reset Previous setting to default.
Can I reset aironet 1310 password and keep Previous setting?

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Cisco Wireless :: Aironet 1310 Bridge High Retries One Direction

Aug 15, 2011

We are experiencing a high amount of retries in one direction between two 1310 bridges with external yagi antennas.  What would this indicate?  Here is a copy of the linktest:
POOR (102% retries)  Time   Strength(dBm)   SNR      SNR          Retries
msec      In     Out    In      Out         In   Out
Sent :5000, Avg   5    - 66    - 64    31       45   Tot:  56  10149


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Cisco Infrastructure :: Multicast For Aironet 1310 WGB And 1242 AP?

Mar 15, 2011

I have configured a Aironet 1310 bridge as a WGB and is connected to a Aironet 1242AG AP wirelessly!A sensor(IP device) is wired into the 1310WGB. The sensor needs MULTICAST to operate!I checked the DETAILED STATUS of the RADIO and both the 1310 and 1242 are blocking multicast!The RELIABLE MULTICAST TO WGB option is enabled on the 1242AP already!

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D-Link WBR-1310 Limited Access At Random Intervals

Jan 18, 2012

I have a WBR-1310 router that for the past few weeks has been giving me 'limited access' issues at psuedo-random intervals. The router functioned perfectly for a long time, I dug it out of storage about 8 months ago, and up until Christmas it was working fine, then both my roommate and I got tablets. Now our router is supporting 6 devices (PS3, 360, lappy, 2 tablets, smartphone) and occasionally more (other peoples phones, roommates laptop once he gets it repaired). However my research online has led me to believe that I should be able to support near unlimited wireless devices on the network (though effectively only around 30). Still, these extra two tablets are the ONLY change to the network that happened immediatly prior to this problem starting.Now I find that when I'm home alone I can go for the whole day with no network issues, but as soon as my roomy gets home and starts to use his devices the network craps out. unplugging the router and modem for 30 seconds fixes the problem temporarily, though the time before it craps out again ranges from hours to minutes.

I CAN plug my lappy into the modem directly when the router is not functioning and still have internet access, so it's definitely the router with the issue.All devices except for the PS3 are using wireless. I've done a hard reset to the router and set it back to factory settings on two occasions, I've changed the SSID and passphrase to get others off the network, I've changed the security type twice, I've tried some suggestions for similiar problems online such as enabling 'gaming mode' on my routers homepage, and setting a custom IP address (I used the last 72 hours or so (the problem has existed for a few weeks) I've also received a few messages about my laptop having an IP address conflict; unsure if that is related, but I'm still able to access the internet when I get that message (albeit slower than average) [code] I will update this with another ipconfig the next time my internet dies; which I'm sure will be sometime today.

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D-Link WBR 1310 - Setting Up Router / No Access To Modem

Dec 12, 2012

The wireless is just beyond my computer's ability to detect. I have a D-Link WBR 1310 Router hooked up to a high gain wireless antenna-yes, clear line of sight. I have no direct access to our community modem or ISP.

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Cisco Wireless :: Cannot Get Access To New Aironet 1142n

Apr 16, 2013

I just purchased an Aironet 1142n and need to configure/set it on one subnet in our WAN and ship it to another subnet on the WAN.
I have not been able to access the unit using a network cable from a pc direct connected to the Aironet.  The pc's ip address is set to I can not get to the access point thru the web interface using
When I attempted to access it using a Hyper terminal connected to serial port and console port it loaded a list of software and updates and then reported that it shut down and I could not do any thing with it.
What must I do to be able to configuer a static IP and assign it an SSID and Security settings? How can I access the web interface? I have reset it by uplugging the power cord and holding down the Mode button while I plugged back in the power cord and holding it until the light turned amber/orange.  Currently the light is solid green with the ethernet port direct connected to the nic card on a desktop.

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Cisco Wireless :: Lost Web Access On Aironet 1250

Dec 29, 2012

I can no longer open a http or https connection to the AP. I do have ssh access and I can log in with full privileges.
I was using the Web interface a few days ago and it did something strange during an update. The display of the web page became corrupted and no longer responded to my input.
I restarted it from an ssh session and I have also power cycled it via the power injector. Neither method has worked.
What should I do next or what additional info can I provide from an ssh shell?
Physical access is very difficult. It requires a 30' ladder after 10 p.m. So, I would like to avoid that if possible.

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Aironet AIR-AP1252G-A-K9 - Wireless Access Point

Mar 19, 2011

I just picked up a Cisco Aironet AIR-AP1252G-A-K9 Wireless Access Point to mess around with at home and learn IOS.

The unit didn't come with a power adapter or any accessories. Just the bare AP. Does this AP need a controller to work? Can I use it as a standalone AP?

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Cisco Wireless :: Aironet 1130AG - Login To Wi-Fi Access Point?

Oct 13, 2010

I am trying to find a way to login to our wirless access point. I have a Aironet 1130AG series wireless router. I have the ip address. It is a POE device so i dont have a power supply for this device. When it is on I can see the Wireless Network but the passcode has been lost and no one knows it. Is there a default IP address for this equipment? There is an Ethernet port for a console but without the power supply i cannot access it.

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Cisco Wireless :: Aironet 1040 Access Point Managing

May 22, 2012

We are currently using several AP's in our organization. And in this one AP i want to give a user the power to change the password of the wireless network to prevent miss use. I was wondering if it was possible to create an account who only has the privilege to change the WPA key?? I want to prevent that he will accidently change other settings.

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Cisco Wireless :: Aironet 1040 How To Configure Access Points

May 21, 2012

I have a Cisco aironet 1040.
On my Accespoint i have 2 vlans: 1 for my wifi phones and 1 for my network.Wifi Lan has the SSID LAN with WPA enterprise authentication to a radius server(ms server 2008).Wifi Phone has SSID PHONE and vlan 50 with local radius authentication.This Works all fine, Except when i enable AP for my wifi phones. When AP is enabled the authentication for my lan doesn’t go to my server but local.How do I configure my accesspoints so that the cisco phones use the local radius server with AP and my windows computers connect using the ms radius server?

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Cisco Wireless :: Setting Up Aironet 1040 Access Point

Mar 13, 2013

I'm working on setting up an Aironet 1040 Wireless Access Point for my company.  It's my first time setting up something like this, and I've run into a bit of trouble.
I created my first SSID easily enough, following the manual and guides online.  I set up VLAN 1 as my native VLAN and linked it to my SSID with the encryption and security that I was told to use and it works great.  However, my boss asked me to set up a second connection as well for guests at the office, and this is where my trouble starts.
I created VLAN 2, and then another SSID which I linked here.  I set up encryption and security the same way, and I can see the network when I open up my network and sharing manager.  I can connect to the network as well, but I either get a spinning blue icon where my signal strength indicator is or a few bars with a yellow caution sign, and Windows says 'Identifying...'.  I've compared the two SSIDs using the console and the GUI and I can't seem to spot any obvious differences between them.

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Cisco :: AiroNet 1142N Wireless Client Isolation / Peers Cannot Access

Apr 3, 2013

A Cisco RV220W router/firewall connects the local LAN to the internet.  The router is connected to a new Cisco SG300-28P switch configured in Layer 2 mode.  There are two new AIR-1142N wireless access points running in autonomous mode connected to 2 ports on the SG300 powered through PoE. The AIR-1142N access points are running the latest firmware version 15.2(2)JB.  There are two VLANs defined: VLAN1 is the native on all devices, and VLAN2 is for wireless guest traffic to provide access to the internet only.Internal/staff traffic is on 192.168.100.x, and the wireless SSID is MYNetS.Guest traffic is on 192.168.200.x and the wireless SSID is MyNetG.IP addresses are being assigned by the RV220W.
All works well with one exception.  Wireless clients on the internal SSID are able to ping/access the switch, router, and other clients on wired ports on the switch.  The router, switch, and wired clients can ping wireless clients.  However, wireless clients, on the same SSID and the same 1142N cannot ping/access one another.  They are being isolated from each other.  We absolutely need to have this capability.The SG300 does not have port security enabled on any port.  none of the workstations/laptops have a firewall enabled.  These laptops are all Macs btw.  I have checked that neither of the 1142N access points have Public Secure Packet Forwarding enabled on either of the VLANs.I am at a loss as to why the wireless clients are being isolated.

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Cisco Wireless :: Aironet 1262N - Access Point Behind Non-Root Bridge?

Apr 9, 2012

I want to connect two buildings. Let's call them Building A (main) and Building B.
 „A“ is the main building and provides a wired LAN to an AAA server ( and the WAN gateway ( There I placed a 1262N with the IP connected to the wired LAN and configured it as Root-Bridge. Let's call it AP01.
„B“ is a pretty large building and has a wired LAN from one end to the other end.
So I placed two 1262N there, each at one end.
The first 1262N is configured as non-root Bridge (AP02) and connects to the Root Bridge (AP01). The IP address of AP02 is
The second 1262N is configured as Access Point (AP03) and connects to the non-root Bridge (AP02) via the wired LAN. The IP adress of AP03 is
My Questions:
1. Do I need tell AP02 about the AAA Server in Building A or acts AP01 like a AAA Proxy for AP02 because of it Root Bridge functionality?

2. How Do I tell AP03 that it should use AP02 as a gateway to building A?

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Cisco Wireless :: 1242AG / Maximum Associations In Aironet Access Point?

Feb 12, 2011

I have a very special application where I need to connect as much as possible end devices to a single access point.The required data throughput per end device is very small - around 1 to 5 kbit/sec.I am using the Access Point Aironet 1242AG.

Questions :

1.    What is the maximum number of simultaneous users that can be connected to a Cisco Access point, is it 255 or can be more ?

2.       If I define multiple SSID’s, what if the total numbers of users that can be connected to a Cisco Access point

3.       I there a simulator tool that can be used to simulate multiple wireless connections to an AP

4.       Have anyone tested so many users connected to 1 Access point ?

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Cisco Wireless :: Aironet 1231G - Cannot Access Default Username And Password

Jan 3, 2013

I am resetting my Aironet 1231-G access points and cannot access the default username and password.  Here is the information I am getting on the Console.  I reset getting the amber light.  Attempt to use Cisco as the Username and Password.  It replies that authentication fails with the below log information.

*Mar  1 00:00:04.591: %SOAP_FIPS-2-SELF_TEST_IOS_SUCCESS: IOS crypto FIPS self test passed*Mar  1 00:00:05.868: %SOAP_FIPS-2-SELF_TEST_RAD_SUCCESS: RADIO crypto FIPS self test passed on interface Dot11Radio 0*Mar  1 00:00:05.969: %LWAPP-3-CLIENTEVENTLOG: Read and initialized AP event log (contains, 1025 messages)
*Mar  1 00:00:06.104:  status of voice_diag_test from WLC is false*Mar  1 00:00:07.156:  STUB Called : crypto_ssl_init*Mar  1 00:00:08.198: %LINK-3-UPDOWN: Interface FastEthernet0, changed state to up*Mar  1 00:00:08.244: %SYS-5-RESTART: System restarted --Cisco IOS Software, C1200 Software (C1200-K9W8-M), Version 12.4(23c)JA2, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc3)Technical [URL] Copyright (c) 1986-2011 by Cisco Systems, Inc.Compiled Wed 13-Apr-11 12:55 by


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Cisco Wireless :: Multiple Aironet 1131AG Access Points And Same SSID?

Dec 22, 2009

We have multiple Cisco Aironet 1131AG devices, all wired on one Cisco L2 switch(2560)  who is connected to L3 switch (3550). We assigned one VLAN for access point in L3 switch who acts as vtp server (L2 switch is vtp client). All ap's will have static ip address and all will have same SSID and no security and they will be using multiple channels (ex. 1,6,11).  They will operate in 3 floor building for roaming wireless client. We won't using any wireless controller.

How to configure APs-all the same with different ip's, can we use L3 switch to create dhcp server for access points VLAN (pool for clients, and the rest for static ip for ap's)?

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Cisco Wireless :: Aironet 1100 Series / IOS Upgrade For Access Points?

Sep 25, 2012

I have some Cisco Aironet 1100-series, 1040 series, 1240 series, 1130 series and 1200series and i would like to upgrade them to the newest ios software.
The IOS that are present in my access points are 12.3(8)AJ and 12.3(11)JX.

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Cisco Wireless :: Aironet 1260 Access Point Work Without Controller??

Dec 1, 2010

I would like to buy Cisco  Aironet 1260 Access Points, i just want to use them independantly so   i want to know do they work without the Wireless LAN Controller? or i  have to have the controller for them to work? they will be in different locations so i cant have a controller per each location.

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Cisco Wireless :: 2504 Controller With 3 Aironet 1142 Access Points

Mar 16, 2013

I have installed/setup a cisco 2504 wireless controller and 3 aironet 1142 access points using the basic config on a windows sbs 2008 domain, the problem is that the clients that are connected to the 2504 aint getting the there ip addr from the AD but from the wireless controller, and there cant reach the clients on wifi from the clients that are connected to lan, is there anyway that i cant change this so that a client on lan can see the client on wlan and vice versa.

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Cisco Wireless :: Aironet 2602e Configuration As Standalone Access Point

Mar 19, 2013

I must configure an Aironet 2602e Access Point, as a standalone access point (without WLC), but I can not find Configuration Guides for that. I have only found the "getting started guide" but there is described an installation combined with a WLC, which I have not. Is it provided no real guidance from Cisco? I did something never done before.

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Cisco Wireless :: Change IP Address Of Aironet 1200 Series Access Point

Dec 30, 2012

we have 6 access points in production and we want to chnage the IP addresses of them. So what would be the procedure for that.

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Cisco Wireless :: Aironet 1140s - How To Connect Repeater To Specific Access Point

Feb 12, 2013

In our office, we have 3 Cisco Aironet 1140s and they are configured as follows: 

* Access Point A (
* Access Point B (
* Repeater (
* SSID : 101
how to have the Repeater connect to Access Point A only?

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Cisco Wireless :: Aironet 1041N Standalone Access Points Setup Information

Jul 19, 2012

I recently bought 6 airo net 1041N standalone access points for a customer of mine. It's an academy of barely 200 students. I'll be installing an access point in every room, to ensure better signal, since they use video for there classes. The reason why i decided to install an access point in every room is because the walls are armed concrete and they had a terrible experience with a past company in which they spend a lot of money for a antenna system that didn't work.These access points will be connected to a switch, which I have to buy also.Every student is going to bring there own laptops in order to connect to the network.

The reason why I'm writing is because I have a few questions to clarify.  
1) What is the best position for better signal, top side wall or corner ceiling?
2) How many client mac address filtering  can i do per access point?
3)I plan on doing ESSID but can I mac filter clients to a particular access point or should I mac address filter all permitted devices in all access points. The problem is that students come with iPods and phones and as you know on windows they will be able to see the wpa2 key and enter it on the particular UN-authorized device.

4) Any graphic user interface for configuring these access points or do i have to use Cisco IOS(kind of familiar with it)? (I'm used to GUI)

5)How can I configure these access points, through Ethernet browser or do I have to use console port cable?

6)Do I have to use POE injector or can I connect the access points directly to the switch with PoE and QoS?

7)I was planning on buying a small business switch sg100 d-8 but they recommended me that I should use the catalyst 2960 series, which would be best for handling video data? don't have to be much features, just QoS.

8) Can CCp software be used in these access points?

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Cisco Wireless :: Perform Site Survey With Aironet 1041N Access Point?

Jul 15, 2012

We are in need to perform a site survey with the Aironet 1041N Access Point.
Upon reviewing the site survey software, it seems you need to use an Aironet adapter. However from what i can tell, all the Aironet adapters are PCMICA cards, which most modern laptops do not have, and the PCMICA cards that do exist don't have drivers for windows 7.
Are there USB adapters w/ Windows 7 drivers that can be used to perform a site survey?

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Cisco Wireless :: Aironet 1262 - Add Additional Guest Network For Internet Access?

May 6, 2013

I have setup an aironet 1262 with my ASA 5512 and configured it as an access point. I would like to add an additonal network to the ap for guests to use but I would like to segregate the traffic and only allow it to the internet. I am not sure how to start this and go about setting the routes, security and address scope.

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