Leave USB Cable Hooked Up After Setup My Wireless?

Mar 6, 2012

My printer is hooked up wireless. Can i connect my usb cable to my printer and my computer?

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Setup A Wired Network Between Computers But Leave The Wifi On Them?

May 5, 2011

I'm sort of new to networks so I'm not sure if this is even possible but what I'm trying to do is set up a wired network between computers but leave the wifi on the computer as how it connects to the internet. I'm using two computers connected through a lynksys router(not connected to the internet) and ethernet cable, and one of the computers has a wireless card that connects to another router that is connected to the internet. i can set up a network between the two computers but then the one can't connect to the internet(even though it says it is connected the network with internet),

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Cable Tv Went Out (Fuzzy) Once Internet Was Hooked Up

Mar 28, 2011

My cable tv was working great until we just hooked up the wireless internet & it went out,well basically out,its all fuzzy now w barely a picture & no sound,All the wires inside & out seem to be tight & secure,i was trying to figure this out before calling the cable company,i just cant figure it out.

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D-Link DIR-825 :: Internet Does Not Work On Computer Hooked Up To Cable

Aug 20, 2012

I just bought a DIR-835 Router. the wireless works good-the problem however is the PC I have hooked up to the cable box, now the internet works only occasionally. I have tried disabling the firewall ,etc. The only time I can get the internet on the cable box connected PC to work is when I reset the router. I have a Gateway PC with Windows XP, I use Google Chrome. I assume it must be a Router setting that needs correcting. My previous D-Link router worked fine with the cable connected PC.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Using WRT120N Hooked To PC Already On Internet?

Apr 22, 2012

For home use, I have a Windows Vista PC which is hooked up to the Internet via a wireless EV/DO modem that plugs into a USB port. I just bought an iPad and for connectivity, I then bought a WRT120N wireless router. But I cannot attach the EV/DO modem to the WRT120N since the EV/DO only has a USB port. I plugged the PC into one of the 4 ports of the WRT120N and the iPad sees the router, but what I would like is that it also sees the internet when the PC is online via the EV/DO modem. Is there a way to configure this? I realize that the PC would always have to be switched on if I want to have the iPad online, but for the time being I am ok with that.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: L3 - Traffic Between Two Servers Leave Switch And Go Up To Optimizer

May 15, 2013

I have a setup where two servers are on the same network are plugged into a L3 switch.  Off that switch there is a WAN Optimizer device which is inline going to the MPLS cloud.  Also off that switch is an ASA firewall which leads to the Internet for the location.  When the two servers communicate with each other i would think the traffic would only go through the L3 switch between the two servers.  I am seeing traffic between these two servers hitting the WAN optimizer for some reason.  I would think being that these two servers are on the same network the traffic between them would stay at Layer 2.  routing is enabled on the switch because of other vlans on the network. What would cause the traffic between the two servers to leave the switch and go up to the optimizer?  Below is a diagram that shows the basic setup. 

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Cisco Routers :: RV042 - How To Close All Ports And Leave Some Specific Open

Apr 18, 2012

A company with 20 branches in Rio de Janeiro area. The main servers are in a datacenter located in downtown.Each branch has a RV042 router with firmware version (Feb 13 2009 13:03:21) installed.All users in this network have a proxy configuration pointing to proxy.[blah].com.br port 3128.the HTTP/HTTPS traffic should go through proxy only. [code] Some "smart" users were caught using Ultrasurf application, which changes the proxy settings to go through port 9666 or even 443.In other machines, we've found some black proxies [for example: port 8080].
My objective:

- To close all ports in Firewall -> Access Rules section and grant permission only to some selected and specified ports.

- To redirect all HTTP/HTTPS connections to go to proxy's IP address only.
Which Access Rules can I set in these RV042s in order to block and prevent these users to continue abusing this network?The users who were caught using Ultrasurf were fired.

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Linksys WRT110 Wireless Router Hooked Up To Zoom Modem - Phone Lines Quit Working

May 4, 2011

I hooked up with a Linksys WRT110 wireless router to a Zoom modem and my DSL on my desktop and laptop are both working fine. My problem is my phone lines quit working. I plugged a phone into the box outside and I had a dial tone. When you try to call my house it just keeps ringing.

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Setup Two Wireless Networks Using One Cable Modem?

Mar 1, 2011

How to establish two different routers with seperate networks to a single cable modem?

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My Second Computer Is Hooked Up Wirelessly To PC

Mar 15, 2011

My second computer was enabled to be brought up on my PC, but after I took it back to factory settings I lost it .Can you tell me how to get it back on my PC?

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D-Link DIR-615 :: Setup Two Wireless Networks On One Comcast Cable Modem?

Apr 7, 2013

We have kids in the house and I'd like to limit their internet access to certain times of the day but because of the great amount of devices they use (phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) the only way I could think of doing that easily was to set up two wireless networks: one that the adults could use 24/7 and the other that the kids could access during certain set hours.

Here's the equipment I'm working with:

DLink DIR 615 wireless router
DLink DIR 515 wireless router
Motorola Surfboard cable modem S85101U

I plugged the DLink 615 in, set it up for DHCP client and plugged it into the cable modem. I lef the default IP address for the device. On that router, I also reserved the IP address and assigned it to the DLink 515.I also gave the DLink 515 device the IP so I could administer it.I set the DLink 515 to static IP and made the IP and the default gateway plugged the DLink 515 into one of the LAN ports in the DLink 615.I set a schedule on the DLink 615 to shut down internet access to the DLink 515 at a certain hour and turn it back on at another time.Everything seems to work ok, but at least once a day we have to unplug and plug the routers to reset them.

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Set Up New Asus Laptop To Already Hooked Up Router?

Feb 16, 2011

i have an asus laptop that had a rogue virus...i brought it back to zero to the manufacturers settings...now i cant use wireless i lose connection when i take the cord out of the (phone jack looking like thingy) to my router (netgear) how do i use the wireless or find a connection?

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New Modem Hooked Up But Still Not Receiving Wifi

Mar 1, 2012

I received a new modem with wifi and I'm still not receiving wifi even though I've hooked it up. I think that it's not hooked up properly.

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Cisco VPN :: ASA 5505 Setup As Firewall Connected To Cox Cable Modem And Wireless AP

Aug 27, 2011

I have two ASA 5505's.  One is currently setup as my firewall connected to the Cox Cable modem and wireless AP.  I have another ASA that I would like to use, I have an idea that I could set that one up as a VPN unit, but not sure how I could do that.  If that is not an option, can you provide the command line instructions on how to setup the VPN via the console cable. [code]

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Cisco Wireless :: Setup To 2921 Router Connected To Cable Modem

Apr 21, 2013

I have one interface setup to a Cisco 2921 router connected to a Cable modem.DHCP is on the 2921.when I connect to the ssid for my guest i'm redirected to the authentification portal .i'm putting valide credential and when pressing the submit button .. it just go anywhere.
I have setup another SSID with a psk and it's working fine.. getting ip and able to browse internet.From what i have read... it's apparently DNS issue on my router.. but what should I check.

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Can't Get Brother MFC-J410w Hooked Up To Dell Computer

Dec 16, 2011

I can't get my Brother MFC-J410w hooked up to my Dell Computer. I am running Windows 7. I ourchased this printer 8/2/2011 and have yet to print.

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Linksys Router Not Recognizing LAN Lines Hooked Up To It

Feb 19, 2011

My linksys router all of a sudden stopped recognizing the 3 LAN lines that are hooked up to it, we are only able to access the internet via wireless. any suggestions on why the router would all of a sudden stop recognizing the LAN lines?

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Multiple PCs Hooked Up To A LAN - Internet Disconnects Constantly

May 31, 2011

So i have 2 laptops and various phones and iPods hooked up to my network via the wireless and have 3 computers, 2 PS3s, 2 XBox 360s hooked up via LAN cable (These are not always running all at the same time). From time to time (it varies on time of day) the internet disconnects from all the computers in the house but the LAN stays connected. It will sometimes come back online if you wait anywhere from 30 seconds to half an hour at times. Manually restarting the modem by unplugging it for a while and plugging it back in sometimes works, at other times it does not. We replaced the switch and the router so far trying to eliminate them as the problem to no avail. We have not replaced the modem yet. My ipconfig info is below:

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6002]
Copyright (c) 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
C:UsersMike>ipconfig /all


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Linksys Wireless Router :: E2000 Setup With Motorola Surfboard Cable Modem

Jun 10, 2011

I recently switched from dsl to cable. I have a e2000 router that I would still like to use. The modem I have is a Motorola Surfboard SB6121. It has no options that I can modify. The modem has a built in DHCP server. However, I can't modify it and I don't like the ip configuration it uses. For the time being I have the modem connected to a switch which is working fine. What I would like to know is how to configure the e2000 to use the modems connection. I used PPPoE for DSL and had login information.

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Modem / Router Hooked-up But No Internet Access For Wired

May 7, 2012

Some background on a scale of 1-to-10 with 10 being Sheldon Cooper and 1 being a computer less grandparent, I'm about a 6. I'm home from school for the summer and trying to access my parent's DSL by adding my router as a middleman. I tried the basic hookup (wall->modem-->router-->computer) using a Motorola MSTATEA modem and a Cisco E1000 linksys router

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Use Cross Cable For Setup Domain Controller?

Aug 11, 2011

I have only one PC. I use cross cable for setup Domain controller. Than network icon show available network but it is just only send and can't received.

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How To Disable Router In Cable Modem Setup

Jun 13, 2011

I've been having problems with the router portion of my cable modem router. I have a brand new router that I would like to use rather than the crappy router that is part of the cable modem.The problem is that I'm not able to get online no matter how I set the settings. I have disabled DHCP in the cable modem router and am connecting this to the router thru the internet port of the router.

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Linksys Cable / DSL :: Wag320N Usb No Storage Tab In Setup

Jan 14, 2012

I do not have a "storage" tab in my setup screen. I have Setup, Security, Wireless, etc. According to its manual there must be a Storage tab between security and wireless. Mine doesn't have it. USB drive is connected and I see "mywag320n" on the network but I can't access it because it requires login and password (which I guess I must set up from Storage tab )

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Linksys Cable / DSL :: WAG120N No Access To Setup

Oct 3, 2011

1) I dis abled the DHCP services on modem router as i was connecting it to a belkin router and after that i cannot accesss the setup of the WAG 120N.
2)If I acces the WAG120N by Lan the internet works fine but if i acces through wirless it does not.
3)Also when ever i connect the LAN cable from BELKIN router to WAG 120N the wirless services stop as well on the BElkin router and i cant figure it out why.

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Linksys Cable / DSL :: How To Setup Password WCG200

Jan 31, 2008

How do I set up a password to secure my home wireless network. Gate is on a XP desktop. Just have my Vista notebook on network. Use WCG200 gateway which was given to me by relative who has upgraded.

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Linksys Cable / DSL :: WAG120 With E4200 Setup

Jun 28, 2011

I have just purchased a WAG120N and E4200 Router.I would like to use the WAG as modem only and leave all network activity to be managed by the E4200.i have an ADSL2+ service through iiNet.All of my home harware is wireless.Has anyone completed this setup, or know how this might be achieved.Full Bridge mode on the WAG is my obvious thought but the specifics have me a bit confused.

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Linksys Cable / DSL :: Can't Seem To Setup WAG120N Modem

Nov 27, 2011

I can't seem to setup my WAG120N modem.I kept on getting the error "your ethernet cable does not appear to be connected properly" even though I have connected all the cables correctly. I can access the modem through the browser via though.I thought the setup is supposed to be simple but I have wasted few hours.

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Linksys Cable / Dsl :: How To Setup Wag120n As Wifi Repeater

Mar 11, 2012

I have a existing WiFi ADSL router and I have a WAG120N lying spare in my closet. I recently shifted to my room a floor above. I wanted to amplify signals as the current router is not able to beam signals that far. Hence I wanted to set this up as a WiFi repeater to have a complete coverage. I tried N number of ways but could not succeed.

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Linksys Cable / DSL :: How To Setup WAG54G ADSL Router Without CD

Jan 26, 2007

I lost my CD that I used to do to setup the internet for the router.

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Linksys Cable / DSL :: Setup Port Forwarding On X300?

Mar 2, 2012

I need to setup some port forwarding on my X3000 to pass through the firewall to my server but cannot find the relevant page in the setup GUI.

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Linksys Cable / DSL :: WAG200G - Home Gateway Setup

Jun 25, 2012

I have a Linksys WAG200G wireless ADSL router. So it has one ADSL(phone) line input port , 4 Ethernet ports and wireless router. My router is fine and works well on ADSL connections. But as I have switched to Comcast DOCSIS modem based internet connection now, I want to to setup this router as "Home Gateway" only and not the modem. My intention is to use- use 1 of the 4 ethernet ports at the back of router as an INPUT . I want to put the ethernet output of the DOCSIS modem into this INPUT- and then i want to use the remaining 3 Ethernet ports as OUTPUT ports from the router.- I also want to work my router as Wireless router.

My query is- Is this possible ? Basically use 1 port as an input and 3 as output.- I have tried different things - Using Bridge mode only. DHCP disabled but sometimes only wireless works and other times only LAN bridge setup works but both do not work together.- Also at times, one Ethernet port will work as an INPUT and 1 as an OUTPUT but other two remain disabled.

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Linksys Cable / DSL :: Setup A Vpn Tunnel On AG241 Router?

Dec 8, 2006

I am trying to setup a vpn tunnel on my AG241 router but not having too much luck. I am not on a static ip, i sort of get the feeling that as long as i know the current external ip address i should be able to get through to my xp machine with the shares on it.

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Setup Cable Modem / Router With Printer Attached To One Of LAN Ports?

Jan 25, 2012

Im trying to setup a cable modem which is also a router that has a printer attached to one of its lan ports. From there it connects to another router which connects to other clients from there i have another router with a VPN connection with other clients. I would like to be able to see everyone on the network. How do I setup the routers in particular the router with the vpn which is the last router. Also the vpn router is connected through its WAN port to the router ahead of it at its lan port so it can use its VPN connection.If it makes it easier lets ignore the cable modem as router and ill find the printer another way of connecting but essentially i need the two other routers for two ip addresses. One for the first router with my regular IP and then the other is for VPN IP.

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